Why does a cat or cat bury food?

Everyone knows that cats have a rather complex character. But this does not prevent them from being the favorites of millions of people. Even scientists sometimes can not unravel the reasons for this or that behavior of these pets. One of the cat's incomprehensible and curious actions is burying food. Such a pet action puzzles many owners. What could be the reasons?

Everything that cats do can be explained either by their instincts or habits. There is nothing to worry about if a cat digs in its bowl of food in the same way as it does with a toilet. Such action may be caused by the intuition of the animal. Let us consider in more detail what the reasons for this behavior may be.

Unconditioned reflexes

Practically all animals possess a certain set of unconditioned reflexes. It is these skills that help them survive. One of these instincts for cats is hunting. In addition, such reflexes in cats are: stamping, rubbing the muzzle of the hand and others. This is for them a kind of communication.

Consider what basic reflexes will allow animals to survive.

  1. First of all, it is breathing and coughing.
  2. Chewing, vomiting, sucking.
  3. The desire to ensure their safety. These instincts include cleanliness. Cats in this way provide themselves with the absence of any smell that other animals can smell.
  4. Striving for styenia.
  5. Maternal instinct and sexual hunting.

To solve the true cause of burying food is very difficult. Such an action may be associated with any of the reflexes. Having observed the animal, we can only guess the reason, and try to eliminate it.


Experts believe that among all pets, cats have retained their instincts since ancient times. Though cats have long been domesticated by humans, cats can often show their wild behavior. One of these manifestations is the instillation of food.

The first reason that comes to mind when we see a cat digging in its food is the desire to hide it from other animals in order to ensure further satisfaction of hunger. In the wild, not every animal hunt ends successfully, which is why digging up of reserves plays such an important role. With their help, you can hold out until, until the hunt is crowned with success, and not weaken.

Another possible reason is the love of purity and the desire to hide the smell. A predator, in order to hunt successfully, must smell absolutely nothing. Otherwise, the prey will smell and disappear. In addition, the smell can feel a larger predator who wants to eat a cat. In addition to wanting to eliminate the smell of his body, the cat wants the smell of her food to attract no one.

If the animal does not eat enough, it can start digging the floor either after it has eaten, or even earlier. The pet wants to dig up the reserves that were allegedly buried in front of it. The reason for this action is the desire for a feeling of satiety. Having noticed such actions, you need to feed your pet according to the usual schedule, but gradually increase the portion.

Bury food pet can only periodically. For example, during off-season periods. When an animal suffers from avitaminosis. As a result, his appetite increases. In addition, hunger can be caused by the presence of parasites in the body.

It is known that these pets consider the house and its surroundings their possessions. Cats and cats leave their smell in the territory. By burying food, a cat may simply strive for order. Maybe the smell of feed is unpleasant for her, and she tries to eliminate it, as she does with the contents of the tray.

Can a cat feel that its food smells very bad? Based on the experience of many owners, this happens. For example, it is unacceptable for a cat to smell some dry food. Cheap low-quality food has a too sharp smell with a sourish hue. In addition, even high-quality food can deteriorate if stored in the wrong conditions. This, too, can make your pet's desire to get rid of a terrible smell.

Sometimes a cat can bury even very good fresh food. The reason for this may simply be unwillingness to eat it. This is due to the personal tastes of the animal. Perhaps the taste and smell of this particular dry food causes a cat dislike.

The desire to bury food can appear if there are several pets living in the house that can encroach on cat food. Even if such cases have never occurred, the pet feels such a probability. This is because in the wild, cats live in prides. In such groups, clear rules are followed. When the cat lives in an apartment with people and other different pets, these rules do not. The desire to bury food is also often manifested in those pets who have experienced hunger. The cat is trying to make as many stocks as possible in this case.


Habits appear due to some experience. It can be not only positive, but also negative.

Sometimes burying food is due to the fact that the cat is trying to bury the splashing water with it, because it is afraid that the owners will scold her for a puddle on the floor. This is due to the fact that the animal remembers how it was scolded for a puddle, when they could not accustom to the toilet.

Another possible reason - the pet does not like the place where it is fed. Do I need to eliminate this habit? If it is caused by the fact that for some reason the cat is uncomfortable, then you need it. Try to change the place of feeding, lay a mat there. Try not to disturb the animal during the meal. The main thing is that it does not interfere with various stimuli and possible competitors.

Providing quality food, eliminating all the irritants and possible causes for concern, you are likely to save the pet from this habit.

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