How often can I wash my hair: useful tips

It is difficult to imagine a woman who would not like to have beautiful and healthy hair. But the state of the mop is influenced by many factors that are quite difficult to take into account. However, it is within your power to keep your head in order and wash it as needed. Some wonder how often water treatments are necessary. As in any other case, there are subtleties here. Consider them.

How often to wash hair of mixed type

  1. Mixed-type hair is also called combined. The heap is characterized by dry and lifeless tips, fat content at the root section. As a result, it is difficult to understand for sure how often to conduct hygiene.
  2. A normal type of hair often becomes mixed with non-compliance with the rules of care. If you misuse styling styling, thermal devices and coloring, the hair will be combined.
  3. A pile of this type is best washed every three days, you can 1 time in 2 days. Use a good brand of shampoo for your type or normal hair. As a supplement, apply serum to the tips and regularly visit the master.

How often to wash hair oily type

  1. If the hair is classified as fat, you probably face a lot of problems. Hair looks greasy at the roots literally 3 hours after washing.
  2. Oily hair becomes due to excessive sebum production and gland activity. Complicate the situation can be constant stress, poor nutrition, bad habits, lack of basic care.
  3. A head of hair of this type is characterized by unhealthy luster, the absence of basal volume and glued individual strands. From frequent washing, a mop comes to an even more deplorable state. What to do?
  4. It is possible to remove untidy, weaning the head from the daily water procedures. Wash 1 time in 2 days, if possible less often. Gradually increase the interval from the time of the last procedure until you reach the frequency of washing every 3 days.
  5. Try not to carry out hygiene every day, even if, in your opinion, the situation requires it. Haircut to hide greasy roots. Choose the right shampoo without the effect of weighting. All cosmetics that you use should be free of oils, silicone, parabens, sulfates.
  6. If, in parallel with the oily hair type, seborrhea is detected, buy medicinal shampoo (Skip Kap, Nizoral, Keto +, Friderm Tar, etc.). Duration depends on the degree of the disease, but is usually 30 days with a frequency of washing 2-3 times a week.

How often to wash the hair of a normal type

  1. This type of hair - a rarity, but it still has a place to be. The normal type of hair is characterized by the right balance of fat and water under the skin. The tips do not suffer from dryness, the strands shine pleasantly, the roots do not look greasy.
  2. To understand for sure, you have normal hair or not, remember the former cosmetic procedures. If dyeing, perming, bleaching was carried out, the hair cannot be of the normal type.
  3. As for the washing procedure, the head should be subjected to hygienic procedures no more than 1 time in 4 days. All detergents should be directed to the appropriate type of mop.
  4. If you can not imagine your life without daily washing, choose the appropriate formulations marked "Suitable for washing hair every day."

How often to wash dry hair type

  1. The hair becomes dry because of the incorrect, that is slow, work of the sebaceous glands. Hair does not have enough nutrition, they begin to dry from the roots to the tips.
  2. This type is characterized by cross-section, fragility, dullness, porosity. Strands lack natural lubrication, as a result of which they become light and rigid.
  3. Often, hair is dry due to dyeing, use of thermal devices, improperly selected shampoo and balm.
  4. It is necessary to wash this type of hair once in 6 days, not more often. In this case, the main focus is on the funds with the marks "Deep Moisturizing", "Moistening and nutrition throughout the length."

Hair Washing Technique

  1. On the one hand, one might think that such actions are too simple to do something wrong. On the other hand, it is important to understand that washing your head also has its own algorithm of actions. If you do not comply with it, the hair will quickly become dirty.
  2. In order to avoid banal errors, you need to follow simple recommendations. Distribute the detergent should be at least 2 times during the adoption of water procedures. In the first case, the curls are completely cleaned of dirt and dust. Repeated application allows the hair to receive proper nutrition and hydration. Hair cease to split.
  3. It is equally important to observe the temperature of the water, it should be about 35-38 degrees. Detergent before applying to the hair is recommended to pre-rub on the palms. Start the peeling procedure from the roots. Do a short massage. Spread the rest of the shampoo to the ends.
  4. Thoroughly rinse the cosmetic off the shag. You should feel the hair creak. Otherwise, chemical residues will destroy the healthy structure of the curls. Always use a balm conditioner. The composition is applied from the tips to the roots. Air conditioning is recommended to rub in the palms.
  5. Balm should not fall on the roots themselves. It is important to remember. Otherwise, the hair will also quickly become dirty. After water procedures, hair is allowed only to get wet with a towel. It is strictly forbidden to squeeze and twist curls. Depending on the type of hair, the frequency of washing varies.
  6. In most cases, the fair sex has a mixed type of hair. As a rule, the roots are greasy, and the tips are dry. In this case, it is recommended to wash the curls no more than 3 times a week. Dry or too oily strands may be prone to seborrhea. Use a special detergent with medicinal ingredients.

Rules rinsing hair

  1. As a conditioner for the hair, it is recommended to use natural infusions that are prepared on the basis of medicinal herbs. These products and birch sap stimulate hair follicles and prevent dandruff.
  2. To completely wash the soap with hair products, it is recommended to rinse your head with a solution based on lemon juice, vinegar and wheat beer. In addition, these products increase the keratin layer and give a silkiness to the curl.
  3. To maximize shine, rinse the hair with acidified water. For light curls recommended chamomile infusion. For dark hair it is better to use rinse with vinegar.

Any self-respecting lady should know how to wash your hair. If you follow simple instructions, soon you will be able to give the head of hair a pristine look. Try to use the most natural detergents and rinses. Avoid frequent staining and the use of various devices.

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