Kefir mask for lightening hair

Masks on kefir fit natural and artificial blondes. The fermented milk product not only removes yellowness and brightens the hair, but also restores curls damaged by ammonia dyes and chemical perms. Healthy drink is suitable and brown-haired women. Kefir makes the color uniform and adds a healthy sheen. Of course, a fermented milk product will not turn a brunette into a platinum blonde, but it will be a great addition to a lightening hair dye.

Dried and brittle

Curls that have lost their shine after the next experiments will be revived by a mask with natural oils. It is recommended to buy unrefined olive or coconut. But you can do and cheap burdock. If the hair is severely damaged after dyeing at home, castor oil is added to the product.

The basis will be kefir with fat content not lower than 3.2%. If a girl wants to get a visible result in one application, the product is insisted in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. During this period, the concentration of fermented milk acid will increase, so it will be easier for the component to penetrate the hair structure and wash the pigments responsible for the dark shade. Egg yolk will save curls from damage and saturate them with vitamins.

Kefir poured into the pan. The mask rarely burns in tanks with a thick bottom. The billet is sent to a slow fire and wait until it is heated to 40-45 degrees. The base is periodically stirred and simultaneously beat the egg yolk. In warm kefir poured fluffy foam, add 2-3 tbsp. l vegetable oil and 20 ml castorca.

The head before the procedure is not washed, but slightly moistened with ordinary water. The hair is impregnated with a lightening mask and a kerchief from a cellophane bag is tied on top. Roll up a handkerchief so that the kefir means is better absorbed.

Option for hair that quickly get fat

Balsams from fermented milk products perform several functions at once: they lighten, treat, restore the work of the sebaceous glands. The main thing is to add the right ingredients to the kefir base. For example, hair that becomes greasy already a day after washing is treated with a composition containing mustard powder.

In addition to the spice you will need:

  • almond or burdock oil;
  • natural honey;
  • egg yolk.

As a basis, use skimmed fresh kefir. Half a cup of raw material is heated on a slow fire to 37-40 degrees, 1 tbsp is introduced. l dry mustard. Stir so that the powder does not lump in lumps. Large pieces of spice can burn sensitive scalp.

The lightening mask is filled with foam from a whipped egg yolk, 20 ml of vegetable oil and 1 tsp. honey Insist on low heat for 5 minutes so that the components are connected. If the product has a strong, pungent smell, it is interrupted with rosemary or lemon essential oil. Only 3-4 drops.

First, kefir billet rubbed into the roots. After 5 minutes, the tips are impregnated with the brightening compound and the mass is distributed over the entire length of the hair. Put on the head a cocoon of cling film and a terry towel. Heat triggers chemical reactions and allows lactic acid to be absorbed into the curls.

Recipes for the brown-haired

Owners of dark hair rarely achieve a positive result after the first application. They are disappointed and refuse the kefir mask, considering the method ineffective. In vain, because after 4-5 procedures strands really become lighter by 1-2 tones. Although the process can be accelerated with the help of cinnamon. It also belongs to the natural brightening components.

The mask recipe is simple:

  1. While 250 ml of kefir are heated over low heat, 60-100 g of cinnamon and a little water are mixed in a separate glass.
  2. The spice is thoroughly stirred and broken into lumps to form a homogeneous mass. It is poured into a warm fermented milk base.
  3. Mask thicken 30 ml of lime honey and insist 10-15 minutes.

Hair, generously smeared with kefir, wraps food film and a towel for 3-4 hours. Then the insulation is removed, and the brightening composition is left for a short time.
Ideal for owners of dark hair color brandy or brandy. Alcohol is supplemented with chicken eggs, freshly squeezed lemon juice and shampoo, if the curls are healthy and shiny. For dull and broken tips, the detergent is replaced with a nourishing balm.

Girls with long hair will need a glass of kefir and a glass of brandy. If the hairstyle is short or medium length, servings of fermented milk product and alcohol are halved. In a warm basis mix a beaten egg, 50 ml of citrus juice and 20 g of shampoo or balm. Cognac can be replaced by brandy for a more pleasant flavor. To rub means in roots and tips with the massing movements.

If you want to make hair color warmer and more saturated, use a mask with cocoa. On 150 ml of heated kefir 30 g of natural powder and 1 beaten egg. Stir and saturate the curls with a brightening agent.

Quick rescue

Blondes, who after staining in the salon or at home, got yellowness, are advised to have a brandy mask. It is similar to the option to lighten the brown-haired woman, but without eggs and shampoo. It will take only half a cup of kefir, heated to 40 degrees, 60 ml of brandy and 120-150 ml of lemon juice. After 2-3 treatments, the hair will get a pleasant wheat color.

Black bread helps to remove rusty color. The flour product is soaked in warm kefir and kneaded with a fork to obtain a homogeneous slurry. You can grind the mass in a blender. Bread mask is applied with a thick layer on the roots, and the remnants are spread on the hair. Of course, the red tint will not go away after the first use, but will become brighter and more pleasant. To finally get rid of the terrible color, will have to spend from 3 to 6 procedures.

Additional tips

  1. The composition of kefir masks includes only natural products, so do not expect that they will replace the hair dye. Maximum - lightening strands by 1-2 tones.
  2. Dairy products leave on the head for 3-5 hours. And owners of dark hair are recommended to apply a mask before bedtime, and wash off in the morning. Exception - mustard composition. If you hold it too long, burns may occur.
  3. The remains of kefir wash with cool or barely warm water. At high temperatures, the fermented milk component is rolled up and pieces of the product remain in the hair. They will have to comb comb with fine teeth.
  4. Curls after washing rinse chamomile decoction. The plant also has brightening properties and helps fix the result.
  5. After the procedure, do not apply purchased balms and masks on the hair. Chemicals return the original color.
  6. Kefir masks should be used at least twice a week to make your hair lighter. You can not skip the procedure and take long breaks between courses of fermented milk bleaching.
  7. It is better to prepare products from natural kefir. In the home version, more acid washing out the dark pigment.

Fermented milk masks can work wonders. They remove the yellow and red tint, lighten the brown-haired women and care for the hair. Kefir treats damaged curls and stimulates their growth. But for the tool to work, you need to use it regularly and follow all the recommendations.

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