Chokeberry in pregnancy - the benefits and harm

During pregnancy, in addition to the basic nutrition, doctors advise including some plants in the diet, which contain many substances useful to the human body and have a healing effect. Despite advances in medicine, folk remedies also help people maintain health.

Chokeberry, or chokeberry is very useful thanks to vitamins P, E and C, reserpinopodobnymi substances. Brought it from North America as an ornamental plant. Then Aronia was a small inconspicuous shrub, while the famous scientist I. Michurin did not pay attention to it. As a result of breeding, a tree appeared, and it was resistant to frost, and black small berries with a special sweet-sour and tart taste, which ripened at the end of September, turned out to be very useful.

Aronia, the name of which comes from the Greek word for "helper," is very symbolic for pregnant women, as it will bring invaluable benefits to both them and the developing small organism.

Assistant for the future mother: the use of chokeberry

  1. During pregnancy, a woman needs a high rate of nutrients, and above all, for the proper development of the fetus. And for this you need the participation of vitamins B and ascorbic acid. Chokeberry contains them in the right quantity for the developing organism, preventing disturbances of the nervous system and various congenital defects. And for a woman, especially if she is experiencing severe toxicosis, aronia will significantly reduce this unpleasant process.
  2. Investigating the chokeberry, scientists have found natural antioxidants in it. So, by including these black berries in the diet, you can save the body at the cellular level. Cell growth and their work will be protected. Moreover, antioxidant substances have the unique ability to restore any damage in the DNA structure, at the same time, enhancing the protective capabilities of the cells.
  3. The presence of carotenoids, together with ascorbic acid, increase the protective properties of the immune system of the woman who is carrying the child, and, therefore, the infection and viruses are most often unable to penetrate the body.
  4. Many useful components contained in chokeberry, namely, manganese and fluorine, iron and molybdenum, boron and copper, will replace multivitamin preparations during pregnancy. This is especially important for those women who may experience allergic reactions after using a pharmaceutical agent.

Recommendations for use

But allergy in pregnant women may occur unexpectedly on those products that the body perceived earlier without negative consequences. And during this period, it is quite difficult to opt for hypoallergenic products. Choose a certain diet in some cases problematic. After consulting with your doctor, and under his supervision, it is permissible to include fresh chokeberry berries in the menu about three times a week. Then the body will receive the necessary dose of all important vitamins and essential elements.

There will be no negative consequences after eating berries, and due to the fact that the black chokeberry does not require treatment with chemicals that are used against various pests that have chosen many plants used by humans for food. The tree in this regard is so stable that treatment with pesticides is not required. This fact greatly enhances the beneficial properties of chokeberry, and many housewives are actively preparing for the winter period jams and compotes of these berries.

The secret of the black healing shell of berries

No wonder that this kind of mountain ash was called black-fruited. Dark color berries must pigment anthocyanin. With it, intense black color gets its juiciness. Anthocyanins cannot be produced by themselves in the body, but they must be present in it, and the daily rate is about 200 mg. And, since these substances are excreted too quickly, they should again be included in the diet.

Why are these substances so necessary, especially during pregnancy? It turns out they have:

  1. Bactericidal effect. A detrimental effect on many types of bacteria. They found this out, noting that it was the red grapes turned into wine that helped the drink to keep fresh for a long time.
  2. Anti-inflammatory properties. Because anthocyanins include therapy aimed at the treatment of colds.
  3. Useful qualities that strengthen the walls of capillaries.
  4. The ability to remove the swelling that creates a lot of problems in pregnant women.
  5. A positive effect on the retina, strengthen its blood vessels, restore eye pressure, having the ability to accumulate in the tissues of the retina.
  6. Antioxidant properties that prevent cell membranes from being damaged.

Useful properties of chokeberry

In the berries of the plant there is sugar, which is only about 10 percent. Basically, it is glucose and fructose, that is, those substances that are absorbed by the body most easily. For women who have a tendency to diabetes, this combination is most acceptable. Drinking juice or eating black chokeberry jam, at the same time, it is possible to regulate the level of sugar in the blood due to such substances as berries, such as malvidin and epicatechin. They can activate insulin production.

During pregnancy, a violation of hemoglobin levels is a common pathology. To reach the required level, doctors are forced to prescribe medications that are unsafe for the fetus. Therefore it is worth trying to first replace the chemical medicine with natural. Aronia can play its role. In its composition there are copper and iron, which do not allow anemia to develop. In this case, it is desirable to prepare mashed potatoes, rubbing berries with sugar.

A pressing issue during pregnancy is hypertension. The female body is too stressed and pressure surges can occur at any time. In medical practice, aronia berries are used even during the treatment of hypertension of I and II degrees. The impact of the plant is that if within 10 days half an hour before a meal, eat a certain rate agreed with the doctor, the walls of blood vessels begin to expand, and the blood pressure drops.

The berries in large quantities contain tannins and pectins. This means that all the accumulated toxic and carcinogenic substances, heavy metals, berries successfully removed, cleansing the body.

Aronia affects the work of the intestines, in time suppressing the possibility of the inflammatory process.


Black tart berries most often benefit. But not all pregnant women can include them in the menu.

Exceptions will be for those who:

  • has peptic ulcer or hyperacid gastritis;
  • has a high blood clotting;
  • suffers from constipation, as the berries have a "fixing" ability;
  • has pronounced hypotension;
  • subject to frequent urination, berries have diuretic properties.

Before including chokeberry in the menu during pregnancy, be sure to notify the attending physician.

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