How to part with a guy: 4 ways

Love inspires, but only if it is fed regularly. Relationships require constant work, otherwise the relationship is doomed to failure. When a girl ceases to feel sympathy for a guy, absolutely everything begins to annoy her. Unprecedented shortcomings burst out, as a result of which the thought of parting visits more and more often. The lady daily thinks about how to quit a guy. Psychologists are advised to stick to important aspects. Let us analyze all the methods in order.

What can be parting

  1. Parting in the stage of uncertainty. Partners can not part, although on a subconscious level, they want it. Their mutual sympathy faded away, there is no tenderness, attachment crumbles. The guy with the girl do nothing to strengthen the bond, but still cling to each other. This feature is achieved because young people have invented an "ideal relationship" for themselves. Communication is reinforced by illusions, but, in fact, the girl and the boy no longer need each other. For the most part in such marriages, people do not remain faithful, getting a man on the side.
  2. Positive separation. Love passes, this fact has been proven repeatedly. When a man and a woman can admit this, then a gap occurs. Both partners are aware of all the senselessness of their relationship or marriage, as a result of which they make the wise decision to part. In this case, the gap occurs on a positive note. As a rule, in the future the failed couple maintains contact, help each other if necessary. This is the best scenario. With a positive parting, people are free from emotional boundaries, they do not hold on to illusions and look at things with a sober look.
  3. Painful parting. This type of gap often occurs not by mutual agreement, but by the decision of one of the partners. The separation takes place with violations of psycho-emotional background, one side is not ready to let go of his soul mate. Such behavior is characterized by possessive instincts, when a non-admitting person does not wish to grant freedom. As a rule, the separation of this kind is difficult to survive, often requires the help of a psychologist. If you drop a guy, he must overcome psychosomatic problems, and then return to a full-fledged existence.

How to part with a guy: effective ways

Depending on the nature of the relationship, psychologists identify 4 effective methods of breaking. Consider each of them in order, we give practical recommendations.

Method number 1. Electronic break

  1. In the age of technical progress, parting via SMS or social networks is gaining special popularity. No matter how ridiculous the idea may seem, it is effective. The method is suitable for girls who have met with a young man not for long. If after the time you realize that the young man does not fit, write a message to him.
  2. Use the social network "VKontakte" or "Odnoklassniki", also suitable for communication by phone. Make a big text, correctly and clearly state your own thoughts. Highlight the main reason why you want to leave.
  3. It is important to understand that after a sentimental message, you cannot turn back the clock. So decide for yourself if you want to break the link. If yes, proceed to the manipulation.
  4. Since the young man is far away, he will not be able to keep the passion with kisses or hugs. We can say that the gap through technology will smooth the corners. You will not see emotion, with the result that regret will not prevail.
  5. Try to be specific. Consider in advance the answers that may arise from the guy in the process of reading. Explain in one message, thus you eliminate the unpleasant moments associated with the protracted correspondence "what and why?".
  6. Do not be limited to two phrases. The guy has the right to know for what reason the passion has thrown him. Make it clear that you do not blame him for all mortal sins. Avoid veiled phrases, be firm and confident. The recommendation is relevant for girls who can not look into the eyes of a young man and give a serious speech (it is easier to break off relationships electronically).

Method number 2. Part-to-one parting

  1. Break through one-on-one dialogue is rightfully considered one of the most popular. Take a closer look at this method if you have been dating a guy long enough. People who lived together, it is important to understand that breaking the connection by SMS is not suitable here.
  2. The technique is not fraught with special tricks. Contact the guy on the phone, tell me that you have a serious conversation. Perform manipulations 1 or 2 days before the intended break. Such a move will give the young man extra time to mentally prepare.
  3. When the day comes "X", say that you want to leave. Make it clear that you have cooled to your half, so there is no point in tormenting each other. Do not go on the reproaches, do not respond to insults (if they are), do not behave arrogantly.
  4. It is not necessary to focus on the negative qualities of the young man's character, his temperament is no longer correct. Otherwise, you risk running into the phrases "I will correct!", "Let's start all over again!" and so on.
  5. Do not utter the popular saying "May we remain friends?". The guy will take the situation differently, saying: "I don’t fit her as a life partner, but I can be a friend." For a man, such a position is demeaning.
  6. Do not make false promises. If you have already begun to meet with another young man, in no case do not devote to this "injured party." Be persistent and polite, do not show feelings of regret, sadness or attraction.
  7. No need to hug the guy as a sign of farewell, so as not to aggravate the situation. When you make sure that he does not begin to drink alcohol or drive a car at a breakneck pace, end the conversation. Agree in advance that after the break you will not keep in touch.

Method number 3. Parting with a friend

  1. If you want to leave the guy without offending him, use the matchmaker method. Find an attractive friend who agrees to cheat on your boyfriend. Make a plan, create a new page in social networks, start a correspondence.
  2. The main task of a friend is to bring the guy into a frank dialogue, then make an appointment and kiss. Remember, everything must be natural. In the end, a friend and a young man may form a pair (for you this will be the best option).
  3. Choose a cute candidate that your guy likes. Well, if she has a sense of humor, self-irony, charm and trusting (sweet) appearance. At this time, become a terrible companion: roll up tantrums, swear on trifles, constantly be unhappy.
  4. Such a contrast will create an excellent ground for parting, the guy himself will carry his feet. The young man with all the fibers of the soul is sure that the future with his girlfriend is waiting for him. In this way, you will conduct a separation without resentment, since the young man will make the choice himself.
  5. What happens next is not so important. A friend may withdraw or decide to continue the relationship. Your mission is complete. Even if they eventually break up, the male ego will not be touched slightly, because the guy is familiar with the new passion for just a couple of weeks.

Method number 4. Positive gap

  1. Parting in a similar way is not suitable for everyone, but is extremely effective. Girls who have brought a short-term romance, often resort to tricks of this kind. Meet the young man, express sincere regret and confess that you are drawn to the girls.
  2. Be sure to mention that you were trying to be with a man, but the essence is breaking out. You will not be able to meet him and fight with the attraction to the female sex. Do not try to justify false actions, otherwise the situation will get out of control.
  3. If the guy is smart enough, he will try to take you to "weakly" with a trick. Do not fall for the tricks of kissing a girl or having sex in three. Despite the absurdity, the technique is effective. The main thing in the process of conversation do not laugh. You have to believe what you say yourself.
  4. If your couple lives in a small town, you should not use it. Most often in small settlements, people know a lot about each other, your trick will quickly be revealed. This method well ends resort short-term romance or a minor connection, which struck up "nothing better to do."

Practical advice

  1. Do not rush to start a relationship with another young man. If this does happen, do not put a new connection on public display. Remember, happiness loves silence. You can enjoy each other without a joint photo on the avatar in "VKontakte".
  2. If the separation is held in private, choose a suitable place for a serious conversation. It should not be familiar to both of you; stick to neutral territory. One option is considered to be a park or a restaurant in which you have not been before.
  3. Try to be sensible, but not insensitive. No need to talk about a break in the moments of psycho-emotional failure of a guy. Wait until he sleeps and copes with other (serious) problems.
  4. Scroll through the conversation in your head, think over the answers to possible questions in advance. Do not speak in continuous monotonous text, but do not delay the conversation for several hours. Focus on the fact that you have cooled, feelings will not be able to return.
  5. Do not try to reassure a young man with a possible reunion, save him from a sense of uncertainty. Give a friendly farewell, which says that it is time for him to move on.
  6. Avoid a sharp influx of emotions, in any case, do not start crying. When talking with a nervous man, do not reciprocate insults, do not talk nonsense, better turn around in silence and leave.
  7. If you decide to leave not because of betrayal, keep respect for the satellite. Do not tell your friends about his secrets, do not expose the young man in a bad light. Conduct a one-on-one conversation, not in the company of friends.
  8. Do not pass the message to part through your friends, have courage and tell about everything yourself. Otherwise, your actions will be regarded as cowardice and disrespect.
  9. Don't keep in touch with the guy after the break. Delete its number, send all gifts and joint photos to the far box. Avoid common companies to make the gap less painful for the young man.

If you are clearly determined that you want to leave, do not delay action for a long time. In this way, you will make not only yourself suffer, but also a young man. The young man will see that the relationship does not bring joy, so he will constantly feel humiliated.

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