How to separate dogs fighting: 9 ways

Dogs can fight each other for a place in the pack or food. Regardless of upbringing and the situation, any owner needs to know how to separate the fighting pets. If we are talking about large individuals, dog trainers recommend to carry out manipulations with extreme caution. In the case of small breeds, it is also necessary to act correctly so as not to harm the pet. Consider the main features in order, we give practical recommendations.

How to avoid hassles

  1. Dog with the owner. If you walk with your pet on the street, you can identify potentially aggressive dogs in advance. Take a closer look at whether the animal has a master or a dog is a yard. If the pet owner is found, explain in accessible language that his four-legged friend is hostile to the other animals. Ask the person to take action to contain his dog, have him resort to using a short leash or a muzzle.
  2. Stray dog. If you see a potential hazard, and skirmishes cannot be avoided, if possible, attach the pet to the leash. Remove the pet for yourself and stand in a half turn to the aggressor. Take the loose end of the leash, try to repel the attack, or use any available means.
  3. Muzzle. Having a breed of dog of medium or large size, always wear a muzzle on it. You can not know for sure that it is your pet that can initiate the attack. A four-legged friend in such ammunition will not harm other animals and people passing by. Also, when uncoupling dogs, you will not suffer from your pet.
  4. Master's courage. If you are a pet of a small breed, and you are a brave person, in times of danger, take the dog in your arms. Thereby you will become an obstacle between a hostile dog and your four-legged friend. Try to hide the pet behind your body, and if possible, hit the attacker with your foot. Consider your physical fitness and agility. Do not forget that such actions are likely to lead to injuries, bites and bruises from an aggressive dog.

Effective ways to prevent fights

Dogs can be separated using a gas canister, stun gun, hand objects, collar, painful techniques, commands and cold water. Consider each option in more detail.

Method number 1. Gas spray

  1. To separate the fighting dogs, use pepper spray. It is not a problem to buy it, the means of protection is freely sold in hunting and weapon stores. Having seen the threat, you can prevent a clash in advance.
  2. Do not panic when you notice the approach of an aggressive dog. Quickly reach the remedy, direct it to the animal and sprinkle it on the face, try to maintain a distance of about 2 m.
  3. If a conflict does occur, use a can at close range. Direct the pepper spray on the initiator, getting straight to the nose. Such a move helps to weaken the dog's grip.
  4. The animal will move away from such a manipulation for a long time and is unlikely to want to repeat its actions. In the meantime, you can easily take your pet to lick wounds in a safe place.

Method number 2. Stun Gun

  1. If you decide to use an electric shock, put a minimum power on the device before the walk. Its action should only frighten the aggressor, and not cause serious damage.
  2. If possible, use a stun gun before the dog attacks. Otherwise, you risk electrocute your pet or get a discharge along with another dissociating person.

Method number 3. Items at hand

  1. In case of visible danger, use available tools, for example, a bag, briefcase, stick, stone, etc. Try to repel the attack before it touches your pet.
  2. Swing the object violently in front of the excited dog. In extreme cases, hit her. With the help of a backpack you can prevent an attack. If the dog is clinging to a friend, use a stick to open the animal's mouth.

Method number 4. Collar

  1. During the attack, you can drag the dogs apart for collars. If not, grab the animals by the neck. Do the manipulations together with the person who came to the rescue.
  2. Move the collar to the nape of the dog, make sure that the accessory does not fall off the head of the animal. Squeeze the ammunition to slightly strangle the animal. Such a move will separate the dogs.
  3. If you encounter a stray animal, use the other end of your leash, do the same stifling manipulation as with the collar. Such actions will help control the head of the initiator, you will avoid pet bites and your own injuries.
  4. If you are faced with a rabid dog that tightly clung to the pet, you need to choke it until the animal releases its mouth. Do not forget with the force to put pressure on the larynx of the dog.

Method number 5. Snatch catch

  1. If the dogs cling to each other, try with an assistant to grab the withers of the animals with all your might.
  2. Start pulling them away, if possible, hold the collar with your second hand. Otherwise, the dog can get out and seriously bite you.

Method number 6. Capture the ears

  1. You can separate the dogs by pulling them by the ears. Do the operation with caution, otherwise you will seriously harm the animals.
  2. During the coupling, grab the dog by the ears and start pulling in the opposite direction. Be careful, the dog may switch to you. After separating the animals, immediately hold them by their collars.

Method number 7. Raise animal

  1. If the dog is torn off the ground during an attack, such a move will disorient the animal and his confidence will immediately disappear. Raise into the air of the pet, who clung to the other.
  2. If you managed to take your pet in your arms before the attack, make sure that you yourself are standing on your feet. An attacking animal can knock you down. You can also raise the front paws of the dog for the collar, if the breed is not small.

Method number 8. Teams

  1. If your pet is potentially attacking another dog, use trained teams.
  2. Your favorite should respect you as a master and follow orders unquestioningly. In case of aggression confidently give the command "Foo!" or "No!"

Method number 9. Cold water

  1. The way is difficult to call effective, but you should not completely abandon it. If there is a fight between the dogs, if possible throw them a bucket of cold water.
  2. The manipulation will bring the animals to their senses and reduce their fervor a little. You will have the opportunity to take pets from each other.

Doing self-breeding fighting dogs is not worth it. Try in the shortest possible time to find the owner of the dog or call for help a person who can help you. Act consistently and confidently, for this, consider common ways how to separate the fighting dogs. If necessary, use pepper spray, stun gun or cold water.

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