Tomato Affectionate Bear - description and characteristics of the variety

Hybrid Tender Misha has several advantages over other tomatoes. One of the advantages of this culture is resistance to fusarium, tobacco mosaic, apical rot. Fruits have a long shelf life, resistance to transportation over long distances.


The plant belongs to the determinant species. Shrub, as a rule, does not exceed 75 cm. Tomato does not require special care. In order to get the maximum yield, it is enough to follow certain recommendations exactly.

  1. The plant does not like abundant watering, as this can lead to decay of the roots. Shrubs are watered no more than once a week, drip irrigation is preferred, without the use of hoses and watering cans.
  2. Although this plant belongs to the determinant variety, it is desirable to tie it to a vertical support. Tying up will help reduce the pressure on the stem, which will allow all the energy of the plant to be directed to the development of the fruit. The garter also makes spraying more effective, the plant will receive more light, the risk of rotting and fungal diseases will be significantly reduced.
  3. This is a relatively early hybrid. Harvesting is done 95 days after planting the seedlings in open ground. The fruits have a rounded, slightly ribbed shape. When ripe, they acquire a bright red hue. The tomato has a high taste, the flesh is fleshy, of moderate hardness. The fruits have six chambers and a small amount of seeds.

The bush is covered with dark green leaves. As a rule, the fruits do not lose all their qualities for two months after harvest. If tomatoes are grown for commercial purposes and will be transported, the fruits are harvested in a state of technical maturity.

Cultivation and care

It is best to start planting seeds in the second half of March. The following components are used as primer:

  • Coconut substrate - 4.5 liters.
  • Soil mixture - 10 liters.
  • Half a liter of biohumus.
  • One handful of vermiculite.

Sowing seeds
When planting seeds, it is necessary to evenly spread the soil surface, then sprinkle with a five-millimeter layer of loose soil. In irrigation is not necessary, if desired, you can occasionally spray a little water. Then the container is covered with foil and left in a warm place until the first shoots. As a rule, the first shoots are formed on the 7-10 day.

Planting seedlings in open ground
Planted in open ground in the first half of June. The seedling at this point should reach 25-30 cm.

  1. Transplant wells are dug in advance. They should not be too deep. If desired, organic fertilizers can be added to the wells, this will accelerate the development of the root system. At least two liters of water are poured into each hole. Water the bush three days after planting.
  2. Low air temperature and soil adversely affect crop yields. Plants mulch with straw or cover with foil. Planted tomatoes in open ground in early June.
  3. The fruits of tomatoes Tender Misha have a pleasant sweetish taste. The dense skin allows to preserve this variety with success. Also made from tomatoes refueling, ketchups, sauces, juice.
  4. Bushes are recommended to be fed regularly with complex fertilizers. To improve the quality of tomato bushes spud. Hilling provokes root growth, which in turn increases the number of ovaries on the plant.

Shrub formation
In tomatoes in all the axils of the leaves, starting with the first true leaf, shoots may appear that are fragments of the central shoot and have the same type of growth. On such additional shoots, leaves and fruit brushes also develop - these are stepchildren. If you do not control their number, the bush thickens greatly.

  1. The important point is the pinching bush. The stepson is a process that lies between the stem of the plant and the leaf.
  2. If the stepsons are not removed, some nutrients will be spent on their development, which will significantly slow down the development of the fruit.
  3. Tomatoes from the axils of the leaves usually grow additional shoots - stepchildren. As a result, plantings become excessively thickened, resistance to diseases decreases — tomatoes are little ventilated and excess moisture creates an excellent environment for the development of phytophthora and other diseases, and the yield also decreases.
  4. To regulate the growth of shoots, it is necessary to apply the pasynkovanie tomatoes.
  5. Hands of the stepsons give an ovary, and the plants are heavily overloaded. Because of this, the fruits become smaller in size.
  6. It happens that the stepson begins to grow more actively than others and becomes the leading escape. Such stepchildren are better left.

It should also be remembered that excessive coining is also dangerous: plants lose their regenerative abilities, which is dangerous if damaged by pests. Tomatoes Affectionate Misha are distinguished by stable yields under all weather conditions.

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