Tomato Funtik - description and characteristics of the variety

Most gardeners and farmers prefer to grow hybrid varieties of tomatoes. The variety of tomatoes Funtik entered in the State Register, characterized by the presence of large fruits. Tomatoes have excellent taste, they can be consumed fresh, suitable for all types of processing. In open ground, the Funtik variety is cultivated mainly in the southern regions, in other areas it is recommended to use greenhouses.

Variety description

This hybrid of average terms of maturing. Bushes grow from 1.5 to 2.3 meters. The leaves are dark green in color and look like potato leaves. The first ovary appears above the 9-11 leaf. Bushes must be tied to the installed support. The inflorescences are formed by brushes, 4-6 tomatoes in each. Fruits differ in various forms: from flat-rounded to slightly ribbed. The weight of one tomato varies from 180 to 230 grams.

Tomatoes are well transported over long distances without loss of product appearance. Due to the dense skin, tomatoes can be stored fresh for a long time. On one square meter have no more than 4 plants. The variety has a high yield, with one bush can collect up to 10 kg of ripe fruit. For a richer harvest, the formation of a bush in 1 stem is recommended.

Features of growing

Sowing seeds should be carried out in late February. From the appearance of the first shoots to harvest, 118 - 126 days should pass. Tomatoes love fertile, loose soil. It is recommended to mix the land with peat and sand, then place it in a box. Seeds are laid to a depth of 1-2 cm. After watering, the boxes are covered with film or glass, and put in a warm sunny place before germination. After the appearance of the eyelets, the shelter is removed. As soon as sprouts form 1-2 leaves, the seedlings swoop into separate containers. It is recommended to combine the pick with the addition of mineral fertilizers.

Diseases and pests

Funtik variety is sufficiently resistant to lesions of tobacco mosaic and fusarium. However, for prophylactic purposes it is possible to treat the bushes with special preparations. Fungi can infect plants for the following reasons:

  1. Use when sowing infected seeds.
  2. The dangerous virus was in the soil for sowing and diving.

Before sowing it is recommended to carry out soil disinfection. To do this, the soil is calcined at a high temperature in the oven or on the stove for 2-3 hours. You can fill the ground with boiling water or a solution of potassium permanganate. Seeds are also recommended to stand in a solution of manganese. A good way to get rid of pathogens and pest larvae loosening the soil after planting and timely removal of weeds. Experts advise to regularly inspect the bushes for the presence of lesions and invasions of harmful insects. After detecting the signs, it is necessary to spray chemicals.

Care rules

In order to get the highest yield of tomato, it is recommended to follow the rules of care. Watering the bushes should be warm settled water in the evening. Re-moisten the soil should not, otherwise they may begin to rot roots. Several times over the summer it is necessary to make complex organic and mineral fertilizers. Shrubs should definitely be beaded, timely cut off the lower leaves. If plants are grown in a greenhouse, it should be aired regularly.

If you properly care for tomatoes throughout the season, you can get a remarkable result in harvesting.

Reviews gardeners

  1. Efim Danilovich, 61: Very good grade Funtik. I surprised all the neighbors in the country with the resulting harvest. From one bush I collected more than 10 kg. Tomatoes are very tasty, meaty. Pulp juicy, thanks to a strong skin, fruits can be stored for a long time in a fresh look. My family ate healthy salads from tomatoes until the cold. Bushes care is not difficult. It is enough to form a stalk, tear off stepchildren and tie the bushes. Then you need to water, loosen the soil and apply fertilizer. The result obtained fully justifies the time spent.
  2. Angelina V., 51 years old: Cultivated cultivar Funtik in his country house in the greenhouse. Got a good harvest. Made sauce, juice and lecho. For canning the whole tomato is not suitable because too large fruits have grown. Fresh vegetable salads are very tasty, thanks to the very fragrant tomatoes. I will definitely grow this variety. It is important to remove the weeds in time and make nutrients. This has a positive effect on the development of the tomato.

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