A soft-boiled egg - the benefits and harm to the health of the body

It has long been a dispute between doctors and nutritionists - whether soft boiled eggs are useful. But while they are trying to prove their case, lovers of this simple, but very appetizing dish will gladly eat eggs during the day, enjoying the taste.

Effect on the body

All products are useful only if used within reasonable limits, combining with others. In this regard, chicken eggs can be called the most popular, as they are a separate dish. But also without them, tasty baking or savory salad and many other dishes of a very simple recipe or very complex ones will not work.

The danger for many supporters of a healthy diet is seen in the fact that egg yolks contain a large amount of such a harmful component as cholesterol. Therefore, they argue, the diet should include only protein, which performs a cleansing function, once in the human body, and besides, it contains a vitamin group and amino acids. And for those who are afraid to gain extra pounds, protein can be safely included in the menu, as it is low-calorie.

However, in defense of yolks, you can also say a lot:

  1. Indeed, there is cholesterol in it, but unlike cholesterol, which animal fats contain, it affects positively on the body. In addition, its effect is mitigated by the presence of lecithin, and its amount exceeds the amount of cholesterol. This substance helps the normal functioning of human cell membranes.
  2. Many people believe that the presence of cholesterol in the body is a dangerous symptom, but it is necessary for a person as both “bad” and “good”. The main thing is to keep the right balance between them. After all, this substance is actively involved in the vital processes of the body, and if necessary, it can take on the functions that other substances are required to perform. For example, replace the work of calcium, if it was too little.
  3. The cholesterol contained in the yolk splits very quickly, and due to the presence of phospholipids in the yellow mass, excess cholesterol dissolves, bringing invaluable benefits if there is damage to the skin: tissue regeneration is faster.

The value of the golden yolk composition

Unlike protein, the yolk is quite high in calories. Nutritionists found that 100 gr. this product falls about 355 kcal. It also contains proteins, fats and:

Vitamins such as:

  • And, which helps to maintain vision and strengthens the immune system.
  • B1 - participates in carbohydrate metabolism.
  • B2 - forms antibodies involved in cellular respiration.
  • B5 - relieves depression, without it carbohydrate, protein processes are not complete.
  • B6 improves the absorption of fats and proteins, produces hydrochloric acid.
  • B12 - improves digestion, reduces the risk of anemia.
  • D - active in calcium-phosphorus metabolism, saves from osteoporosis.
  • H - allows the nervous system and the endocrine glands to work without failures and disorders.
  • PP - normalizes gastric secretion, prevents the development of dermatitis.


  • phosphorus, which is indispensable in metabolic processes, stimulates nervous activity;
  • Calcium - supports bone structure;
  • sulfur is important for the formation of proteins;
  • iodine - helps the formation of thyroid hormone;
  • iron - is involved in the production of hemoglobin, transports oxygen.
  • Contained in the yolk also zinc, chromium, molybdenum, etc.

Of course, raw yolk, which was not subjected to heat treatment, is most useful, since all the nutrients in it are not destroyed and remain alive and active. But the fear of putting dangerous Salmonella parasites into the body causes the eggs to be cooked. They live exactly on the shell, not penetrating inside, if the surface is not broken. Because soft-boiled eggs are the perfect solution. Such a dish will avoid salmonellosis and at the same time preserve all the useful ingredients contained in the product. Soft-boiled eggs are good, and those that are digested quickly - in less than an hour, but the raw protein is absorbed by the stomach hard.

Useful recommendations

Before you boil an egg, you need to wash it under warm running water, rubbing with a brush, as salmonella get inside, even if there was a small chip of shell. For this reason, it is advisable not to buy eggs from which the shell is damaged, or traces of litter are left on them. If such eggs are at home, they should be subjected to prolonged heat treatment.

Buying eggs from regular sellers and making sure that their product has a quality certificate, you can minimize the risk of salmonellosis.

Soft boiled eggs: features and benefits for the body

What is so attracted to many such a simple dish, like a soft-boiled egg. First of all, the fact that:

  1. The combination of delicate protein and semi-liquid yellow mass, seasoned with salt and spices, very tasty dish.
  2. Thermal short-term treatment does not have time to destroy the nutrients that have a positive effect on the body.
  3. Such an egg is quickly absorbed by the body without causing digestive problems.
  4. Dish can be included in the diet. Especially, according to nutritionists, it is useful to combine a soft-boiled egg with citrus products, so there is a rapid fat burning. But there is a small condition: it is believed that these products are incompatible, therefore you should first eat citrus fruit, and after 15-20 minutes - one or two boiled eggs.

Dangerous properties of soft-boiled eggs

It must be admitted that boiled eggs that are not longer than 3 minutes are not subjected to thorough heat treatment, because the risk to bring Salmonella into the body still exists.

The increased cholesterol content suggests that, if you include more than 5 eggs per day, you should not be surprised that its level will still rise. If there is a need to eat eggs, you will have to eat one protein.

People with recognized diabetes need to limit egg intake.

Some people, especially in childhood, may begin an allergic reaction after eating an egg. In this case, it is possible to replace a chicken egg with a quail. If the reaction remains the same, it means that this product is completely rejected by the body.

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