How to get out of depression yourself: advice from a psychologist

A person falls into a prolonged depression for certain reasons, such a state makes it difficult to focus on the main thing. Negative thoughts overshadow the work, the family, your own "I". Constant stress caused by depression suppresses the desire to live and be happy. You can solve the problem yourself, without asking for help from psychologists. Consider the important aspects in order and give step by step instructions.

Step number 1. Identify the true cause of depression

As practice shows, this state can not appear out of nowhere. Of course, everything is individual, but prolonged depression is in the psycho-emotional state of internal or external stimuli. These can be global problems (death of loved ones, severe divorce, illness, etc.) or minor troubles that recur daily.

Remove the problem from consciousness. Do not try to push your own thoughts into a corner, thereby running away from them. Get the truth out, look her in the face. Otherwise, you will not be able to let go of the situation that has arisen, soon she will remind herself at the most inappropriate moment.

Difficult life difficulties, such as dismissal from a prestigious position, the divorce process, the death of a loved one, leave their mark on the human psyche, poisoning it from the inside. If you do not find the strength to face them face-to-face, sort out the pressing issues and fully understand what is happening, the difficulties will begin to follow on the heels.

Arrange everything that happens, think about how best to act in this situation. Do not close your friends and family, spend more time in an interesting company. Look for the light in everything that happens that will move you to new achievements.

Step number 2. Reconsider petty hardships.

There is a certain category of people who are experiencing on every occasion, even if the difficulties are insignificant. This is not to say that such behavior is unacceptable, but it interferes with a full life. If you are of this type, review the look at everyday things.

Every time, thinking about the bad or "steaming over trifles," beat the palm on the shoulder of the opposite hand. In this case, the blow must be biting, so that the mind switches to the pain that has arisen.

It is important to understand that with your help, minor pressing difficulties accumulate in a lump, forming a full-fledged depression. The negative state, in turn, draws strength, contributes to constant fatigue and chronic sleep deprivation.

Difficulties in your personal life? Sit at the negotiating table and speak outright, hiding nothing. Give all the accusations, do not save up anger in yourself.

Tormenting lack of money? Look for additional ways to make money. Climb on the cabinets and find what you can sell. A dress or jacket, worn 2 times, is fine. Untouched perfume, old TV or phone also partially help.

Problems at work? Take a week off, rest, tidy yourself up. Do not try to please all colleagues, keep your personality and humanity,

Step number 3. Shift attention to another direction.

At this stage, it is necessary to transfer attention to something else, it may be a career or personal life. For example, if you are depressed due to the nature of the service, step back and go headlong into a relationship. Arrange romantic evenings, walk, take pictures, go to the cinema or entertainment events.

In cases where difficulties arise with the opposite sex, immerse yourself in work. Achieve promotion, stay up late, go to advanced training. When you come home, you should fall off your feet so that there is no time for disturbing thoughts.

If the depressive state has arisen due to the death of one of the relatives, everything is much more complicated. Do not try to forget a person, live every minute spent with him in your memory. After a certain period of time, you will notice that you are no longer experiencing pain, thinking about it. There will be a slight sadness and sadness, which should be present in the heart, from this you cannot get anywhere.

Those who cannot find a place for themselves due to a coma of minor problems, it is recommended to switch attention to something grandiose. This may be a hike in nature with an overnight stay, apartment renovation or furniture relocation. It also helps to move from one place to another, if there is such an opportunity.

Step number 4. Take time to sleep

Insomnia is a consequence of the depressive state in many people. Surely you cannot fall asleep for several hours; you wake up from the slightest rustle in the middle of the night, after which you count the sheep until the morning. It is important to understand that chronic lack of sleep contributes to even more nervous tension, it is necessary to get rid of it.

Create yourself a cozy nest, get new bedding, equip the bedside area with dim lights and aromatic lamps. At bedtime, take a bath with foam and sea salt, which relaxes the body and causes drowsiness.

Find 8-9 hours a day for a good sleep, if necessary, drink valerian or a soothing local purpose. It is not uncommon when light medication does not help. In such situations, the only solution is to visit the psychologist's office.

Do not try to suppress depression with alcohol. When you go to bed, you will begin to catch helicopters that cause nausea, and in the morning you will wake up with even more headache and apathy.

To normalize sleep, ask a loved one to have a relaxing massage, drink hot tea or milk with honey. Choose the optimal time for rest when the body needs it most (from 21.00 to 07.00). If possible, go to bed daily on a schedule.

Refuse to watch horror films, thrillers or action movies before bedtime. Prefer light entertainment programs like the Comedy Club.

Step number 5. Choose your hobby

Get rid of depression will help fascinating hobby. Choose a hobby that has not been resolved for many months. Start going to the gym or aerobic room, pump up the press / buttocks / back. Set a goal to lose weight and achieve it. Girls should look at popular dance styles or stretching (stretching). The undeniable advantage of sports is considered to be the fact that it takes negative thoughts out of my head, forces to focus.

Extreme will help you to heal. Have you ever dreamed of jumping with a parachute? Dare! Do you dream to drive a motorcycle? Next to the training in the motorcycle school! Immerse yourself in a lesson so that it takes up all your free time. Go to the courses "Photoshop" or "1C", master the technique of woodcarving or molding.

The daily pastime with friends will help you to get out of depression. It is necessary to give preference to a truly male occupation, such as car repair, playing "Poker", sitting down for an interesting movie with beer and pizza.

Step number 6. Take care of yourself

Bring into life positive emotions will help self-realization. Women are advised to go shopping with friends and buy beautiful underwear, dress and high heels for themselves. Men should pay attention to the relevant kind of shopping. Visit a fishing or car shop, buy spare parts or accessories for an iron horse.

Engage in self-realization, start learning a foreign language or enroll in personal growth courses. Change the image, hairstyle, style. If necessary, change jobs, achieve heights in material and spiritual terms.

Attend social events, concerts, go to your favorite restaurants and cafes. Invite your friends to the water park, cinema, bowling, dolphinarium, etc. Doing yourself - does not mean constantly monitor your appearance or wardrobe. The main thing is to have a good time, at your pleasure.

Step number 7. Chat with interesting people

A person cannot fully exist without social intercourse. In your situation, this is not required, on the contrary, find yourself a fun company. Chat with interesting people, agree to suggestions for a good time.

Phoned to those who have not been heard for a long time, invite old friends to visit. Refuse to communicate with people who are constantly depressed or negative mood.

If possible, do not be alone, so that thoughts do not overwhelmed with his head. Try to communicate with unfamiliar people, such a move will help to avoid awkward conversations about your state of mind.

Prefer pastime, which will push the depression into the background. Have fun, visit interesting places, take photos and post pictures on social networks. Enjoy the comments, stay positive!

Step number 8. Look to the future

Stop grieving about the past, live the present and look forward to a happy future. Get a pet, it can be a dog, cat, parrot or hamster. Give the animal time, play with it, take care. Give the new pet your care, affection and attention. Before you buy a pet, make sure that you do not begin to disrupt his anger and resentment. Make sure you have enough time to care, feed and walk (if necessary).

Travel is an excellent cure for depression. Get the money deposited on a rainy day, get a trip to the sea. What could be better than sandy beaches, gentle sun and crystal clear water? Lovers of excursion holidays fit weekend tours to Europe or Greece.

Low cost are considered trips to Egypt and Turkey. See on financial opportunities. If there are none, go to a nearby town to meet friends or visit relatives who have not been seen for a long time. Changing the situation - the best antidepressant.

Lonely persons are recommended to communicate more with the opposite sex. It is not necessary to build relationships, fairly easy talk heart to heart, cozy gatherings and comfortable pastime in a pleasant circle.

To survive a depression, first discover the true reasons why it appeared. After that, take care of yourself, spend more time in an interesting circle. Find a hobby, go on a trip, change your place of residence or have a pet. Switch attention to a different course, find time for a good sleep. The main thing is to gather your will power and patience into a fist, tune in to a positive wave, otherwise you will delay the healing process.

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