How to cook apple jam: 8 recipes

Jam is considered one of the methods of canning apples for the winter. Technology cooking delicacies was bred about 200 years ago on the Hungarian plum. People have learned to boil it down to a pasty mass. Later, experienced housewives began experimenting with different fruits, combining them with each other. Previously, cooking jam took more than three days, today cooking is done in a matter of hours. Consider the important aspects in order, select the most delicious recipes.

Features cooking jam

  1. Make a careful selection of apples. Make sure that all fruits are of the same degree of ripeness. Avoid rotten and over-ripe specimens.
  2. Before starting the procedure, wash and dry the apples, chop them with "orange" slices. Extract seeds without fail. As for the peel, it can not be removed, it all depends on personal preferences.
  3. Jam is made from crushed apples. To achieve this consistency, you can use a combine, kitchen grater, blender. Experienced housewives first prefer to extinguish the apples, and then grind them through a sieve.
  4. It is difficult to prepare a delicacy, without having at hand suitable dishes. The cooking pot should be thick-walled. Do not use copper or aluminum containers to prevent oxidation.
  5. The most suitable dishes for cooking apple jam is considered to be a stainless steel pan. If you use an enameled container, there is a probability of sticking to the walls and bottom.

Apple jam: a classic of the genre

  • apple - 2.3 kg.
  • granulated sugar (brown is better) - 1.2 kg.
  • drinking water - the amount in fact

  1. Select apples, excluding inappropriate specimens. Wash fruits, remove stalks and hearts. If there are damaged areas, cut them off.
  2. Prepare a deep and wide pan. Chop the apples into cubes (can be sliced), send to the container. It is not recommended to cook the jam from apples, the number of which exceeds 2.5 kg. in one go.
  3. After preparation, fill the fruit with filtered water so that it covers the slices completely. Per 1 kg Apples account for about 900 ml. clean water. After all the manipulations put the dishes on the stove.
  4. Turn on the power to the mark between the middle and minimum level. Boil for 25-35 minutes until the fruits are completely softened. You should not stew the apples before the final stage of cooking, they should remain undercooked by 20%.
  5. After a predetermined time, knead the fruit with a pestle, meat grinder, blender, or even a fork (not recommended) until the mashed potatoes are obtained. Powdered porridge sprinkle with sugar, an average of 1 kg. apples relies 500-600 gr. sand.
  6. After the powder, boil the apples on low heat for 1 hour. Periodically shake the contents of the pan so that it does not stick to the walls. You can also stir the composition with a wooden spatula. When the mash is thick, remove the pan from the hob.
  7. If you doubt the readiness of jam, do a test. Take a flat dry saucer, drip on it 1 oz. composition. If the mixture does not spread, keeping its shape, the delicacy is ready for further manipulations.
  8. Sterilize the twist pack, do the same with the caps. In hot cans pour jam and cork. Turn the container upside down, wrap it with a jersey and let it cool down (about 10-14 hours).

Apple jam in the crock-pot

  • sugar - 650 gr.
  • apples - 1.4-1.5 kg.
  • lemon - 0.5 pcs.
  1. Wash the fruit under the tap, dry it. Cut off the peel and remove the core, chop the fruit very thin plates. Prepare a bowl of multicooker, send apples to it.
  2. Add 90 ml. drinking water, set the program "Baking". Bring the mass to a soft state by draining the apples under the lid. Periodically check the readiness with a toothpick or fork.
  3. When the fruit slices begin to fall apart, turn off the slow cooker. Mash the contents with a blender, pestle, or combine to a puree consistency.
  4. Mix sugar with lemon juice, mix it with crushed apples. Close the multicooker again, set the function "Baking" or "Stewing", cook for 1 hour.
  5. When the set time expires, evaluate the readiness. If the mass has become thick and homogeneous, pour it into hot sterile containers and seal.

Apple jam in the oven

  • granulated sugar - 650-670 gr.
  • pure water - 250 ml.
  • apples - 1.8-2 kg.
  1. For the jam, only apples of the same grade and of equal maturity are used. Loop through the fruit, removing all the rotten copies. Remove the cores, cut the stalk and peel.
  2. Chop the fruit into cubes or slices, stew in a saucepan with water until softened. Prepare a sieve or colander, fold the pulp into the cavity. Drain the liquid, chop the fruit in the porridge.
  3. With two kilograms of apples, you get about 1.2 kg. mashed potatoes. Transfer the mass to a saucepan or heat-resistant form that is suitable for cooking in the oven.
  4. Add granulated sugar, mix until smooth. Preheat oven to 190-200 degrees, send applesauce to prepare. When the first bubbles appear, reduce power to 60 degrees.
  5. Boil jam for 3 hours. On the readiness of delicacy will tell you the color. Mass should get a bright orange shade. At this very moment it is possible to sterilize the jars and pour jam on them.

Thick apple jam

  • Apple - 1.4 kg.
  • granulated sugar - 160 gr.
  1. Wash the fruit and dry with towels. Chop in half, remove the bones. Make a fine mixture out of apples using a blender, combine, meat grinder or plain grater.
  2. Move the apple mass together with the released juice into the stainless steel pot, do not add water. Send the dishes to a fire, slowly heat and stir.
  3. Bring the composition to a puree state. When you see that the apples have become translucent, chop them with a blender again. Immediately pour in the sugar and reduce the burner to the minimum.
  4. Cook for about 45 minutes until browning. The finished mass should be very thick. When this happens, sterilize the container, dry it and package the finished product.

Apple jam without sugar

  • drinking water - 230 ml.
  • apples - 1.4 kg.
  1. Rinse the fruit well, dry and chop into cubes / slices. Be sure to remove the seeds, peel off at will. Send the fruit to the pot, add water, put on a slow fire.
  2. Boil down the mass for a quarter of an hour, constantly stir with a wooden spatula. After the specified time has elapsed, cool the fruit and grind it through a sieve.
  3. Send the resulting porridge to the stove, stew until thickening. When the jam has found the necessary consistency, move it into a sterile container. Place clean covers on top, leaving a small gap.
  4. Take a wide saucepan, cover the bottom with a towel, put jars of dainty inside. Fill with hot water so that it reaches the hangers of the containers with jam.
  5. Turn on the stove, start the pasteurization. When the water starts to boil, simmer the banks for another third of the hour. After that, tighten the containers with a special key, make sure there are no leaks, cool.

Jam of apples and pears

  • apple - 2.3 kg.
  • pear - 1.2 kg.
  • granulated sugar - 1.4 kg.
  1. Carefully wash the pears and apples, dry with towels. Chop each fruit in half, clean from the core. If desired, remove the peel, chop into thin strips.
  2. Sprinkle apples with sugar, send to the stove and simmer for 20 minutes. The fruits should be soft, at this moment pears are added to them.
  3. Boil the mass for another third of the hour on low heat. After that, cool the mixture to an acceptable temperature and send it to the blender. If not all the fruits are softened, protome jam for another 10 minutes.
  4. When cooking comes to an end, scald the container for twisting with boiling water, dry. Prepack the finished product in cans, seal it and allow to cool.

Apple jam with cocoa

  • butter - 75 gr.
  • granulated sugar - 260 gr.
  • cocoa powder - 55 g.
  • Apple - 1.2 kg.
  1. If desired, you can substitute cocoa powder with dry chocolate (bitter) without sugar or cream. Rinse and clean the fruit, cut the hearts and stalks. Do not remove the peel, immediately chop the apples with a blender, meat grinder or grater.
  2. Send the apple composition to the pan, set a slow fire, cook for half an hour. After the allotted time limit, add sifted cocoa powder (chocolate) and melted butter.
  3. Stir the jam until smooth, add granulated sugar. Put the dishes on the stove, stew for another 25 minutes. When the mass darkens, pour it into clean containers and seal it.

Apple and melon jam

  • granulated sugar - 650 gr.
  • melon - 700 gr.
  • Apple - 1.3 kg.
  • citric acid - 4 gr.

  1. To prepare the jam for this recipe is taken only ripe juicy melon. If possible, choose a slightly overripe fruit. Apples fit any, you can combine sweet with sour.
  2. Rinse the melon under the tap, use a brush for better cleaning. Using a sharp knife, remove the peel, chop the fruit into 4 sections. Remove the fibers and seeds with a tablespoon, chop the flesh itself into cubes.
  3. Prepare a deep saucepan, pour 130 ml into it. drinking water. Send the slices of melon inside, put the dishes on the hob. Boil a third of the hour, the fruit should soften well. Constantly stir the product, excluding burning.
  4. Prepare a sieve, fold hot melon on it, wipe the pulp in a separate bowl. In order not to burn your hands, use a wooden spatula. Proceed to the processing of the following fruits.
  5. Wash the apples and chop into pieces, remove the seeds and peel. Pour 160 ml into a clean pan. water, place the slices in the cavity. Cook the mass until softened for about 20 minutes.
  6. Pass the apples through a sieve after they are cooked. Next, pour into a saucepan and stew for a quarter of an hour. Now mix the applesauce with a mass of melon, again send to the fire.
  7. Begin slowly injecting sugar in one tablespoon, until you pour out half the volume. Stir delicacy and cook for half an hour.
  8. After this time, add the remaining sugar, simmer the jam for another 15 minutes. Do not allow the appearance of a strong dark shade. When jam cooked, pack it in banks.

Cook apple jam in a slow cooker or oven. Add crushed and cooked mashed melon or pear, vary the proportions of sugar to your liking. Do not neglect the classic technology.

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