How to get rid of bronchitis folk remedies

Bronchitis is an insidious disease that is especially dangerous for young children. It can develop from seemingly safe colds, and in the most difficult cases requires immediate hospitalization.

Although the disease is quite serious, it can and should be fought at home, but only in cases where the disease is mild, does not cause a debilitating cough and does not cause high fever for more than three days. Let's talk about this in more detail.

What is bronchitis: know the enemy in person

Bronchitis is a disease localized in the bronchi, which is clear from the name itself. The first symptom is a dry cough, it irritates the respiratory tract, it can be very painful and does not become wet over time, but, on the contrary, increases. By the way, this is the main difference between the disease and the common cold or ARVI. In acute infections, dry cough lasts only a short period, after a couple of days it becomes wet and quickly disappears.

With bronchitis is different. Relief does not occur, the chest is constantly strained and begins to hurt. The symptom is caused by another reason: inflammation in the bronchi. Unlike a cold, the process is localized deeper and leads to aching chest pains.

Another warning sign is temperature. With bronchitis, it is higher than 38.5 and lasts for a long time, often without even stumbling. Add to the whole picture the general feeling of ill health, lack of appetite, aching bones and muscles - and you will get typical bronchitis. Let's list all the symptoms:

  • Long dry cough, characterized by frequent, painful attacks;
  • Aching pain in the upper chest;
  • High temperature, which is difficult to bring down and which lasts not a couple of days, but much longer;
  • General malaise, depression, poor appetite.

However, even if you or your loved ones have all the signs on the face, it is not recommended to make the diagnosis yourself. In advanced forms of bronchitis can give complications to the internal organs, in addition, the disease is very exhausting. That is why you should still consult a doctor and, if necessary, undergo comprehensive treatment, and sometimes even lie in a hospital. Especially if you first encountered ailment and even more so if a child is sick.

But it happens that the disease comes more than once, and a person can recognize it by the very first symptoms. Bronchitis is also dangerous because it is developing rapidly, so it is necessary to treat it as soon as it is suspected. Now we will tell you what tools can help, but the most important action is to call a doctor.

Fighting bronchitis without leaving home

The main thing in the treatment of bronchitis - to help cope with dry cough. After all, this is not the same as wet. The essence and mechanism are different.

With a wet cough, the body gets rid of sputum - a waste product of harmful bacteria and our immune response to them. In the fight against the disease, phagocytes are dying - human blood cells that absorb foreign organisms, and mucus appears, which comes out with a cough. This is normal, as it should be.

But a completely different picture with a dry cough. The work of the lungs is disturbed here, and expectoration of sputum does not occur. That is why we make barking, jerky sounds, and the chest is irritated. But the relief does not come, it irritates even more - here and the attack of suffocating, heavy, dry cough.

That is why the first task is to alleviate the symptom. Well-known proven recipes help:

  1. Radish with honey. Take a medium black radish, make a hole in it and pour a teaspoon of honey into it. Let it brew, and then scoop the mixture with a teaspoon. You can apply at least constantly, cough significantly soften.
  2. Onions and honey. Chop a small onion in a blender to a slurry state, add a couple of tablespoons of honey to it (can be replaced with sugar), wait until a peculiar syrup is formed. Use as often as you remember, a teaspoon. Be sure to help, especially the child.
  3. Prepare a decoction of mother and stepmother, let it brew. It should be taken approximately 5 times a day. There is a certain scheme: drink half a cup at a time, shortly before eating.
  4. Of course, everyone knows licorice, more precisely, its root. An excellent cough softener. There are several options for admission. The first and easiest is to simply carefully chew a small piece of dried root. The second is to make a decoction, insist on it for about half an hour, and then drink a tablespoon all day (no more than 5 times a day). If there is no licorice, replace it with marshmallow using the same recipe and pattern.
  5. In the very early stages of the development of the disease, plantain will help. He, too, brew, insist, drink throughout the day. But it is only effective at the beginning.
  6. Carrot juice is a remedy that the Russian people have long known. This root is also rich in vitamins, so it has a complex effect on all systems, helping to actively resist the ailment. If you add honey to the juice, you get a first-class cure for dry cough.

It is very effective to combine herbs, infusions and decoctions with inhalations. Previously, people boiled potatoes and breathed over it, inhaling warm steam and thereby relieving their condition. But now you can act differently. In many homes there are household inhalers - devices that produce special wet steam, which facilitates the course of the disease. So, in the case of bronchitis, one of the best recipes for the solution for inhalation: Borjomi mineral water, from which you must first release the gas.

But do not rush to resort to inhalation. This is an effective way, but it is contraindicated in the acute stage of the disease. Until the cough is relaxed, the effect of the steam will not have a positive effect on it. On the contrary, it will further irritate the already irritated bronchi, which can lead to severe spasms and a long attack.
First, we soften the state with herbs and only then resort to using special devices.

The second task is to cause expectoration of sputum. It is necessary to proceed to its solution only after the cough has been mitigated. Here at this stage the help of an inhaler is simply invaluable. The most effective recipes solutions:

  • On the basis of herbal decoctions (suitable chamomile, licorice, breast fees);
  • Based on combinations of essential oils.

At this stage, you can resort to the most common folk remedies: put a compress on the chest (honey, vodka, etc.), put banks or mustard, steam up the legs or use pepper patch. Remember: all thermal procedures are carried out only if there is no temperature, or it is slightly increased (to 37.0 - 37.5).

Medicines are faithful allies

But besides the popular experience, there are also medications to quickly cope with the disease. Yes there is. But the need to use them can only understand the doctor, as well as prescribe the right medication.

And yet, some general recommendations can be given. First of all, do not rush to immediately grab the pills. Observe the condition of the patient, and most importantly - his sputum. If clear mucus comes off, you may not use tablets at all. There is no danger, and the disease will retreat itself, subject to bed rest and the adoption of folk remedies.

If greens, yellowness appeared in the sputum, it became similar to ordinary snot, then the disease developed due to bacteria. Treat with antibiotic.

Bronchitis is the case when various expectorants are necessary (only for dry cough), and they can be used. But! Not for children under 5 years old. Generally, children's cough is not treated with any expectorant. The child has not so strong lungs, and they are not able to get rid of a large amount of mucus, in the formation of which medications are involved. The result is possible pneumonia.

Kids' cough is treated only with cool and damp air in the apartment, constant warm (but not hot!) Drink, frequent room ventilation (when there is no child in it) - that's all.

Bronchitis, though quite a serious disease, but you can quickly cope with it, recognizing even at the very first stages. Do not be careless about your health and the health of loved ones, pay attention even to a slight cough - and then everything will be in perfect order!

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