How to impress a girl: 8 ways

Men are conquerors by nature, as a result of which they often wish to make a good impression on the beautiful half of humanity. Before proceeding with a full-scale operation, you need to get rid of possible complexes. You should not feel awkward and nervous when dealing with a girl. If you do not exclude these factors, they will pull you back. Confident men lead women behind them, and ladies are happy about this turn of events.

Step number 1. Become a positive hero

Stay confident. Become one whom the girl wants to see as a partner in life. Keep a positive dialogue, tell interesting stories from life. Do not create a vulgar subtext, such actions strongly repel, especially in the first days of communication.

Be kind, well mannered, gallant and sociable. Let the girl see the future boyfriend in you. In cases where you consider yourself unworthy of attention, start working on personal growth. Pessimists are encouraged to become optimists at least a quarter.

Instead of complaining about the difficult fate of friends and family, look for positives. Excellent mood increases self-esteem, you will become a good interlocutor and begin to accept life in a positive way. It is these guys like girls: funny, resourceful, cheerful.

Step number 2. Show talents

Think what you can do? Maybe you play the guitar well or understand cars? Do you drive a motorcycle or love karting? Can you play volleyball, basketball or football?

Fine! Choose the occupation in which you have succeeded. Invite a girl to watch your live gig or game between teams. You can ride together on a motorcycle (a win-win).

Perhaps the lady will not appreciate the talents, but you must give her the opportunity to decide on their own. This is a sign of trust, not of boasting: you let a girl into your world, without demanding anything in return.

Step number 3. Show individuality

No need to adapt to it, you are an individual, with your own views, opinions and priorities. Nobody likes mumbled men. Exhaust individuality in actions, words, reasonably answer questions. If you indulge a girl, she will quickly lose interest.

Poke her and joke, do what you like. Talk about hobbies, pets, interesting movies and TV shows. The main thing is not to be silent. At this stage, you can already create sexual overtones. From time to time, touch the girl's hand and lean closer to hear her words.

Step number 4. Watch yourself

You can not win the attention of the ladies, if you do not follow the appearance, behavior, speech. Visit a hairdresser and make a creative haircut that will set you apart from the crowd.

Go shopping, buy a few branded shirts, good jeans and shoes. Watch and French perfume will not be redundant. Choose high-quality perfumes that do not begin to give off with alcohol in a couple of hours. If a girl does not remember what you are wearing, she will definitely catch a nice sexy scent coming from you.

Sign up at the gym or kickboxing section, bring the body into shape. Everyone knows that ladies drool on the pumped guys. Who says the opposite, arrogant liars.

Step number 5. Write a message

Take her phone number under a specious excuse. For example, show that you need it in terms of study or agree to repair the car. When she gives the number, write a message. Greet and introduce yourself, ask about business, past day or pets. Anything, most importantly express thoughts that need to be answered.

Do not write a monotonous "clear", "understandable", such message cut the connection at the root. Try to stretch the conversation, do not limit yourself to two messages. If you notice that the girl has stopped responding, put her 100 rubles. on the phone. Maybe she just does not want to talk, but your move will oblige her to answer.

Many will say "You do not need to force the lady to communicate," this opinion is wrong. A woman must be conquered, they do not like guys who come to all ready-made. Show patience and perseverance. Try to insert emoticons in moderation, do not overdo it, but do not write in dry language.

Step number 6. Be interested in her life

Ask more personal questions, but be careful. If a girl has problems in the family, she will give it to understand. In this case, the conversation needs to be changed.

Avoid sensitive issues such as ex-boyfriends, conflicts with friends and differences in the religious sphere. Focus on pets, this is a win-win.

Try to find points of contact. Learn about musical preferences, ask what genre of films she likes, ask about dreams and plans.

Talk a little about school / work, hobbies and free time. Try to remember everything that was heard so that with the subsequent conversation you can say with confidence: "Yes, I remember that this is your favorite color."

Step number 7. Communicate in a common company

Attract the attention of the girl, being among friends. Well, if you can organize everything so that you find yourself in one company. Behave politely, do not swear, care for her, but not intrusive. In cases where there is no such opportunity, join the circle of her friends.

Go to their company during a break in school, say hello cheerfully and start a topic for conversation (by any means). Avoid awkward pauses in communication, fill them with events and other interesting things. No need to linger for a long time, 10-15 minutes of daily conversations is enough.

By your actions you will attract her attention, especially if you behave a little boldly (not to be confused with rudeness). Try to call a lady for an open dialogue, the method will work, because the girl will not expect such a turn of events.

Step number 8. Invite her on a date

Do not pull the cat's tail, act with confidence. During the next meeting, chat for a while, then pretend to be in a hurry. In the meantime, mention "Shouldn't we go somewhere together? A nice cafe opened on the corner." The girl just does not have time to figure out what's what, therefore, subconsciously will respond by consent.

If she begins to refer to employment, coming up with ridiculous excuses, blushing and nervous, say directly, "I'll come after you at eight! Tell me the address." Such a move can be done only when you are sure of mutual sympathy.

Show yourself from the good side, show good breeding, kindness and openness. Do not put your hands on your chest during a conversation, hold on confidently. Invite her to watch a football game, offer to invite her friends for the company. Start a conversation by SMS, interest the girl's life, join her company. Do not touch sensitive topics, be individual, do not hesitate to express an opinion.

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