How to quickly get rid of laziness once and for all

With the state of laziness there is absolutely every person. All of us, sooner or later, want to be lazy, lie on the couch, do what we love and not work. But someone can overcome their laziness and know how to negotiate with it. But others can not do it, and they turn into sofa drones.

What is laziness

Laziness is a state of the body in which a person cannot and does not want to carry out the planned and planned affairs. After a lost time, he is tormented by guilt and feels that he has betrayed himself. Why it happens? For example, he decided to lose weight and planned to start going to the gym. So Monday came and the time for the visit came, but he suddenly stung in his side, he began to feel dizzy and he confidently said to himself: "Not today, I feel bad today." In fact, this subconscious plays with this evil joke. It anticipates an unpleasant activity, a change of activity from interesting to boring and opposes it with all its might. You probably noticed that when you need to break away from watching an interesting movie and do lessons, it is very, very difficult to do.

But to live without laziness is absolutely impossible. After all, did nature give us this feeling for something? In fact, laziness performs in life a very important and necessary function. She makes the person rest when he is overworked. Without laziness, many hardworking people would have long worked for wear. How to recognize this line? On the one hand, you do not have to fight with laziness, you need to give in to its full authority from time to time. And on the other hand, laziness can incend and turn us into a limp lazy, and we need it?

In order not to blame yourself for laziness, you need to soberly and realistically assess your capabilities at work. By the way, true workaholics often blame themselves for laziness. For example, a person completed 3 orders in a day, and planned all 5, therefore he blames himself for laziness. Assess realistically how much you can do today. Set not a high bar, but an average one. So that plans seemed feasible and they wanted to be done as soon as possible. And then for laziness there will be no place.

Motivation first

Very often, we don’t want to do something, because we feel disgust or dislike for this action. We have thoughts in our head - “And what is it for?”, “For whom am I doing this work?”, “What will happen if I do not do it?”. This means that a person lacks motivation. Remember why you need to perform an action. If you do not want to go to work, remember that your financial situation depends on it. Better yet, remember how you dreamed about a car or your own apartment. Every order, every customer served, every day at work brings your dream closer. And if you do not want to go for a run, think about the desired figure - you still want to become a slim and beautiful person?

Very well motivate the success of others. When a friend successfully climbs the career ladder, when a neighbor does gymnastics in a nearby park every day, you want to become better and fit. Are you worse? Are you not capable of overcoming yourself and your own laziness? You are the master of the situation and only you can decide what you can achieve.

How to get rid of laziness

  1. Think consistently. If you are having dinner, think about the work ahead while eating. Scroll through the thoughts of all the details of what and how you will do. And then after eating you do not want to lie down and rest, because in my head there are already clear plans for work. You will want to get to it as soon as possible.
  2. Visualize the result of your activity. If you do not want to work, imagine how you get money for your work, how you can afford those boots that you have been looking at for a long time. Or imagine how the director publicly compliments you for a high-quality order. Visualize what you really enjoy.
  3. Music is a great incentive to work. Enough to listen to a few energetic and fun tracks to regain courage and good performance.
  4. Get organized in your workplace. It enhances the mood and desire to work. Remove from the desktop magazines that may distract you. This also applies to food - it takes a lot of time to consume nuts, chips, candies and seeds. Place your order not only on the table, but also in your head. Take a sheet of paper and write on it a list of your planned projects. Divide each into subtasks and make a plan of action. Solve the problem consistently, and then you will see the result of each completed task. And when you see the result, it becomes more pleasant to work, laziness recedes.
  5. Think of a setup that will help you cope with laziness and apathy. When you once again do not want to do the planned things, tell yourself that you are an active, goal-oriented person who is achieving the desired. Tell yourself that you like to make money yourself, that you enjoy improving your figure.
  6. Another way to make yourself act is to study the biographies of successful people. Read how they spent their time. Often they were successful in everything - in school, sports, in various hobbies. When you read how a person achieves much with the help of perseverance and skill, I want to repeat his feat only in my own field. Believe me, you are no worse than these people. Only in order to achieve similar results, you need to overcome your laziness.
  7. Heroes of films and books are very inspiring to accomplish great things. They make you live in a new way, change your view on what is happening.
  8. There is another effective psychological method to cope with laziness. It so happens that the work does not want to perform, even kill. In this case, you need to arouse interest in her. To do this, turn off the phone, radio, TV and stand in the middle of the room just like that. You can not lie or sit. Eyes can not be closed too. Just stand till you get bored. The only thing you can change such an activity is to start work. Usually enough - 5-15 minutes, for which a person gets bored. He mentally begins to look for the best solution to do the work and will try to take it as soon as possible.
  9. It helps to cope with laziness word or argument. Tell your boss that the work will be completed in a couple of days - and there will be no time for laziness, you will try to complete the work as soon as possible. Or argue with a friend that you can lose 15 kilograms of excess weight in a month - and you will have nothing left to do, how to fulfill the set condition. Even better, the disputes will be secured financially. Tell your family members that from today you will be squeezed out every evening. And then they will not miss the opportunity to remind you of your promise. Self-esteem and the value of this word will not allow you to shirk from the task. Here, no laziness can turn you off the intended path.

Do I have to fight with laziness

To fight laziness all the time is dangerous - she can defeat you completely. If she overpowers you very often, perhaps you are engaged in an unloved affair? Perhaps the profession you have chosen is not to your liking? Constantly fighting with spiritual impulses is impossible, so it is worth reconsidering the type of its activities.

With laziness do not need to fight. With it you need to be able to negotiate. Go to a compromise with your laziness - you work for a couple of hours, and then you take a break of 20 minutes. One more example - you work all week, and you devote one day to your beloved laziness - you do only what you really want. Think of such rules for yourself and allow yourself to be lazy in the moments reserved for this. And if laziness wants to overcome you at an unspecified time for this, click on her nose and do not allow yourself to relax.

To get rid of laziness, you just need to start acting. Stop looking for ways to overcome this shortcoming. Just take and start to work, study, train. Challenge yourself. Do you allow your laziness to rule you? I think no. After all, you are a strong and purposeful person. Just prove it to yourself.

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