How to clean the pomelo: useful tips

It’s time to lack and lack of money in Russia has sunk into oblivion. Now, if you wish, you can buy everything in stores - the counters are filled with a variety of goods. In vegetable departments there are a lot of fruits for every taste, some of which are completely unfamiliar, therefore some buyers do not pay attention to them. And in vain! For example, an exotic fruit pomelo is just a storehouse of vitamins and metals. Only many people do not know how to peel this overseas fruit - people are repelled by its large size and thick, thick skin. Therefore, few people know the taste of this exotic citrus. And few can choose the fruit of proper ripeness, pleasing the taste buds.

Correct fetus selection

To enjoy the pleasure of eating pomelo was full, you need to choose the right - ripe fruit. How to do it:

  1. The ripe fruit smells very tasty, even from a distance. In case there is no smell from the pomelo - no need to buy it.
  2. Good pomelo, of good quality, painted in a uniform yellow color. There may be greenish blotches, but no more. Big specks or, God forbid - stripes - say that the fruit was stale or was stored incorrectly.
  3. When buying, you need to push the top of the fruit. If the peel is easily yielded to pressure, and then there are dents left, then the fruit is already rotting.
  4. Peel should in all places have the same density. If it turns out that in some places there are nodules, then the conclusion is simple - the fruit was kept in inappropriate conditions.

Acquired fruit should not be stored for a long time. Especially in the fridge. There he should be removed if he had been lying in the kitchen for a couple of days and began to deteriorate.

Quick and proper broom cleaning

Holders of long, healthy nails may attempt to peel off without using any tools. And all the rest is recommended to take a sharp knife. So, first you need to pour the fruit with boiling water. This will kill all bacteria and soften the skin, simplifying the process.

There are two cleaning methods - vertical and spiral.

Vertical way

  1. Tops of a fruit are cut off. Longitudinal cuts are made on the peel.
  2. Then the skin is removed from the top. In a ripe fruit, it will easily come off. Pomelo pulp is covered on top with white sandpaper - usually it is removed along with the peel.

Spiral way
Using this method, you need to incise in the form of a spiral peel - from the very top to the bottom. Then the skin peels from the bottom and comes off. The skin will come off the mature fruit without any problems.

Experts in conjunction with experienced housewives are advised to use deep dishes for cleaning. Then from this juicy fruit not a single drop of flavored juice will be lost.

Fruit without peel is similar to orange or grapefruit - the same slices. If the film covering them is not removed along with the skin, then you should not try to remove it with nails. It is easier to cut the top or bottom at the junction of the lobules, and remove. Otherwise, the fruit will be very bitter. When eating a fruit film and stones are recommended to send in the trash.

When eating pomelo do not need to pour sugar on it or pour honey - the fruit is extremely sweet without them. If there is bitterness or sour - then the fruit is spoiled, it should be thrown away.

Citrus pulp is pleasant not only in the form of a dessert. Many connoisseurs like to add fruit to different salads (at the same time they may not be fruit at all), they make sauces from the pulp, prepare dressings for meat, fish or poultry dishes. The main thing is to use as little spices as possible so that they do not overwhelm the smell of pomelo with the smell.

Fruit properties

Unlike other citrus fruits, there are many important and useful substances in the pomelo: vitamins of group B, a lot of metals - from potassium to iron, ascorbic acid, glycoside and pectin necessary for the body, carbohydrates, essential oils giving a unique flavor. All these substances help:

  1. Strengthen immunity and contribute to the prevention of vitamin deficiency.
  2. Preserve youthful skin.
  3. They help the blood circulate better in the arteries, which helps the heart work better, improves digestion and strengthens the eyesight.
  4. Helps to avoid headaches, prevents the increase in pressure, helps with anemia.
  5. Allows you to lose weight and is included in many diets.
  6. It is recommended for diabetics because it removes sugar.
  7. Helps fight pneumonia and bronchitis, bronchial asthma, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, relieves fatigue and improves the sleep process.
  8. Normalizes brain activity.
  9. Eaten after the first breakfast pomelo removes slags from the body.

Pomelo is a fruit, similar to which it is impossible to find. It has a lot of substances that benefit the body.

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