Kalmyk tea - the benefits and harm to health

Modern man shows more and more interest in the culture of tea drinking, choosing for himself the most delicious and healthy options for tea leaves. One of the most obvious representatives of the raw materials is Kalmyk tea, which belongs to the dairy varieties. From its use are only pleasant sensations. But let's not be unfounded, consider the characteristics of the drink in detail.

The composition and benefits of Kalmyk tea

  1. Raw materials of this type are a true treasury of mineral substances and other equally valuable compounds. A special place is given to zinc, this element is needed for immunity, the reproductive system of men and women, increasing the elasticity of the blood channels.
  2. The second most important mineral is silicon. It is needed to cleanse the blood vessels of cholesterol plaques, seal their walls, regulate the composition of the blood and increase the production of red blood cells.
  3. Not without the participation of phosphorus, which strengthens the musculoskeletal system, makes the bones dense, reduces the likelihood of fractures. There is more phosphorus in tea than in fish and sea cocktails. Mineral is needed for the strength of teeth and nails, skin elasticity.
  4. The Kalmyk beverage contains manganese, which is necessary for humans to stimulate brain neurons. The systematic reception of tea improves memory and perception, leads to the removal of chronic fatigue.
  5. Sodium is needed to maintain water-salt balance in the body. This substance is responsible for the activity of the kidneys and liver, and also controls the amount of blood in the arteries.
  6. Not without the participation of the valuable amino acid tannin, which is a natural antioxidant. Tannin prevents hemorrhage, has regenerating and wound-healing properties.
  7. Catechin - an amino acid and at the same time an antioxidant, necessary for better absorption of vitamin C and maintain fluid balance in the body.
  8. Due to the accumulation of iodine drink facilitates the work of the thyroid gland and has a positive effect on the endocrine system as a whole. Incoming fluoride prophylaxis of diseases of the oral cavity, strengthens tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay.
  9. Potassium in combination with magnesium has a positive effect on the heart muscle. These mineral compounds are needed by people who have a tendency to stroke, heart attack, ischemia.
  10. Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, is required to raise the protective functions and cleanse the body of toxic substances. Ascorbink increases metabolic processes, promotes weight loss.
  11. B vitamins that are not deprived of tea are required by the central nervous system. Thiamine stimulates the activity of brain neurons, affecting favorably memory and general mental activity.
  12. Riboflavin facilitates the absorption of amino acids, vitamin K enhances blood clotting, and vitamin PP is responsible for protein and carbohydrate metabolism. In the aggregate, all the valuable substances of Kalmyk tea normalize the activity of vital human organs and systems.

Features of Kalmyk tea

The incoming beneficial elements and their effects on the human body are discussed above. It is time to talk about the ingredients that form the basis of Kalmyk tea.

Raw materials are obtained from Chinese fermented green tea leaves. As milk drink, it, respectively, includes milk or a substitute.

Initially, mutton fat was introduced into the composition of the drink, but modern production does without it. Fat was replaced by butter, which gives the drink even more useful properties.

Tea has an unforgettable aroma and special flavor, which is achieved due to the content of ground black or white pepper, bay leaf, chopped nutmeg and cloves.

Some types of products are mixed medicinal herbs, which are especially effective for viral infections and vitamin deficiency. Among them are dagil, calamus, Badan root, horse sorrel, marjoram and others.

Salt is also added, it improves the digestive processes. The nomadic peoples supplied the drink with roasted fat tail, but later this component was removed from the recipe. However, tea to this day can be compared in nutritional value with rich chicken soup.

Properties of Kalmyk tea

  • restores deficiency of vitamins and minerals;
  • controls water-salt balance;
  • responsible for the transformation of sugar into energy, not fat;
  • regulates protein metabolism;
  • invigorates and gives strength due to incoming caffeine;
  • compensates for the lack of calcium and helps it to digest better;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • used for colds, sore throats;
  • relieves bronchi from mucus;
  • relieves inflammation in pneumonia;
  • speeds up metabolism;
  • used for weight loss;
  • improves heart muscle function;
  • removes cholesterol from the blood channels;
  • useful in diarrhea, does not allow useful substances to leave the body.

Despite all these valuable properties, it should be understood that the brew is made by steaming a green tea leaf. In this case, the drink refers to the milk. If you have lactose intolerance and kidney problems, you will have to give up the use of the drug.

Kalmyk tea making recipes

Traditional recipe

  1. To make a delicious tea, you need to learn the classic ways. To get an aromatic drink, warm whole milk on an average power of the burner. Keep in mind that the composition should not boil.
  2. Add the required amount of brewing to the hot milk. Green tea leaves should be preferred over fermented tea. The finished composition should be brought to a boil over low heat.
  3. Mix various spices (nutmeg, salt, pepper) to taste. Boil the components at a minimum power of about a quarter of an hour. Remove the hot drink from the stove and strain into batch containers. Add a piece of butter.

Classic recipe

  1. There is another equally popular way to make a hot drink. Pour the required amount of dry tea in a french press. Pour in boiling water and leave the raw material for a few minutes.
  2. After that, strained tea must be combined with hot milk. You also need to add a small amount of butter. Add spices to taste. In this case, the tea will be less saturated than in the first.


  1. To get the maximum pleasure from the use, experts recommend to prefer the extruded products in the tile. The composition can be purchased at any specialized tea shop.
  2. In any case, you will have to break up the tea leaves to make a classic drink. The bottom line is that the tile contains coarse, non-fermented ingredients. These leaves will be the ideal raw material for making classic tea.
  3. If you prefer black tea, there is a similar recipe. A must-have ingredient is nutmeg. This tea contains all the ingredients, but with black leaves. As a result, you get a drink with a tart and velvety taste.

How to brew pressed Kalmyk tea

  1. Experts recommend making tea from pressed braces. Before brewing raw materials, it must be thoroughly crushed. Keep in mind that for a quality drink it is important to weigh the amount of brewing.
  2. On one glass of 200 ml. It is customary to take about 12 grams. product. On 1 liter of filtered water accounts for 50 grams. welding. Pour boiling water on crushed raw materials. Wait for the composition to boil, stir in the milk.
  3. The amount of animal composition taken taken on a par with water. Sprinkle spices based on your taste. Tom the ingredients for 10 minutes. Remove the drink from the heat, let it brew. Strain the tea before the ceremony.

Subtleties cooking Kalmyk tea

  1. If you make a drink for the first time, the procedure initially resembles the preparation of the first dish. Tea includes some pretty interesting ingredients such as butter and spicy spices.
  2. The classic drink recipe is not very different for different nations. The original method includes green tea in tiles, pepper, salt, milk and butter. Sometimes experts add melted milk, it gives the drink a sweetish note.
  3. Every nation includes its secrets in making tea. Some prefer to feel the notes of bay leaf. Some people like to add dried bread. The result is a creamy soup rather than a classic tea.

Kalmyk tea harm

  1. In addition to the impressive list of useful properties, there are negative properties of a hot drink. Tea is strictly contraindicated if you have a lactose intolerance.
  2. Kalmyk tea can not be drunk when the stage of gallstone disease is neglected. Strong composition provokes the movement of sand and stones. This can lead to channel blockage.
  3. Special contraindications no longer exist. The composition is useful enough for humans. Do not forget that any product needs a daily dosage. Abuse of the composition can lead to certain problems.

Kalmyk tea is considered to be a unique drink. The composition can rather be attributed to the first dish due to the incoming components. Follow the practical recommendations, and you will be able to enjoy a unique drink. Remember about contraindications. Do not abuse tea.

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