How to speed up the monthly to start faster

The desire to slightly adjust your menstrual cycle and speed up the onset of critical days may occur with each woman. And the reasons for this desire can be a lot - from a planned trip to warm countries to participate in sports competitions. But the most common cause is a suspicion of an unplanned pregnancy. At the same time, not everyone knows that the intervention in the mechanism debugged by nature can lead to many consequences. Therefore, before deciding on such a crucial step, experts strongly recommend that all the risks in this case be assessed.

Causes of menstrual failure

The first thought that arises during a delay is pregnancy. Only one question remains - is it desirable or not? But, if there is interest in this material, then, most likely, motherhood is not included in the plans. The easiest way to confirm or deny a suspicion is to conduct a pregnancy test.

With unwanted pregnancy, a positive test result brings most women to panic and other fears and concerns. Someone is afraid of medical abortion, someone does not want others to know, and someone simply does not have money for paid medical services. There can be many reasons, therefore women act according to the principle: the main thing is the necessary result. Much to the disappointment, such experiments with health entail extremely negative consequences.

There are many examples in medical practice when “abortion at home” completely deprived a woman of the opportunity to feel the joy of motherhood in the future. Bleeding is the minimum consequence of such experiments, and maximum is a lethal outcome. It is necessary to make a decision in this case, thinking with your head, and, not relying on emotions. Reception at the doctor - the safest and careful method. And to think about the possibility of having a baby is still worth it.

If pregnancy is excluded, then the trip to the doctor also should not be put on the back burner, since there are a number of reasons for delaying menstruation. And before typing in the browser search bar "how to cause monthly", it is necessary to understand the reasons for their absence.

Common Causes:

  • ovarian cyst. Additional symptoms: nagging pain and aching pain in the navel;
  • inflammation in the fallopian tubes;
  • pathology in the structure of the reproductive organs;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • disruption of the hormonal system;
  • benign or malignant tumor.

But the reasons for the delay are not always associated with any disease.

Other reasons:

  1. Prolonged stressful situations or lack of rest.
  2. Changes in weather conditions or climate. A flight to other countries can provoke both a delay in the cycle and also serve to accelerate it. In the same way and affect sudden changes in temperature in the offseason.
  3. Diet. Sharp weight loss provokes the failure of the hormonal system.
  4. Little weight. Achieving critical body weight will lead to disruption of the menstrual cycle.
  5. Medication. Quite a few medications among the side effects have an "effect on the menstrual cycle."

If there is no obvious reason, you should listen to the accompanying symptoms: pain, unusual discharge, burning sensation and itching. In this case, the primary task is to determine the causes of the delay for their timely elimination, and not the menstruation challenge. The gynecologist will take all the necessary tests, and also write out a referral for an ultrasound. The results obtained will determine the diagnosis and prescribe an effective treatment.

Medical ways to cause menstruation

The menstrual cycle is the time interval between the beginning of one period and the beginning of the next. Female hormonal system regulates the whole process. All women cycle is different and varies from about 25 to 30 days. And the blood discharge itself lasts on average about four days.

Any intervention in this streamlined system is unlikely to give something good. A self-confident opinion would be that a couple of “adjustments” would remain without consequences. It is necessary to take into account when studying how to accelerate the monthly for a couple of days.

It happens that critical days coincide with a holiday trip or a planned celebration. The idea of ​​transferring "these" days can be realized with the help of medicines. Hormonal drugs (contraceptives) are an effective, but not safe way to cause premature menses. But to engage in self-designation is strictly prohibited! The gynecologist must carry out an examination, prescribe the necessary tests and only after that select the optimal drug, prescribe the scheme of actions and the schedule of administration.

Drugs that are usually prescribed:

  1. "Pulsatilla". These homeopathic capsules are prescribed only if pregnancy is excluded. They are able to shorten the cycle. They can also be assigned to normalize the cycle. Daily diet has a strong effect on the effect of the drug. So during a meal, tea, coffee and chocolate should be excluded from the meal.
  2. "Duphaston". These hormonal pills cause excellent menstruation, approximately two to three days after the start of treatment. It is necessary to take the drug only on prescription, especially in the presence of pregnancy. Critical days may not come, but the detrimental consequences for the female organs will not keep them waiting long.
  3. "Marvelon" and "Silest". These drugs accelerate menstruation. Usually they are prescribed to facilitate long and painful periods, but they are also great for receiving a delay in order to force the onset of critical days.
  4. Utrozhestan and Norkolut. Acceptance of these drugs accelerates the maturation of the egg. The selection of dosage and the appointment of the scheme should be done only by a specialist.
  5. "Progesterone". Injections of this natural hormone are prescribed as an emergency measure. Critical days will begin in about 2-4 days. This drug can cause unwanted vegetation, a failure of the menstrual cycle and desensitization of the skin.
  6. "Postinor". The drug belongs to emergency contraception. It contains a large concentration of hormones. Application may cause prolonged and heavy bleeding. Immediately take one pill, and the second - exactly 12 hours. The result will be in three to five days.

What does traditional medicine advise?

There are time-tested methods that are reliable in accelerating the appearance of menstruation. Here the main thing is the measure, otherwise you can consciously harm your body.

  1. Hot bath and good sex. Using this method, it is worth remembering that it is not for everyone. At risk are women suffering from hypertension and bearing the fetus. In very hot water, you need to lie down for about twenty to thirty minutes. This stimulates the flow of blood to the pelvis. After the bath do passionate sex. Sexual intercourse brings menstruation. According to experienced, this is a working method.
  2. Eating dill and parsley on an "industrial" scale. If you do not really want to be like a chewing animal, then you can make a decoction from these plants. This potion should be drunk half a glass three times a day. By the conviction of those who tried the method, the monthly “will please” after about three days.
  3. Steaming feet and ascorbic acid. Steaming your feet requires hot water, but not boiling water. But vitamin C must be taken in food in amounts much higher than the daily rate. This method may not particularly nice impact on the work of the stomach.
  4. Active sports. The method is optimal for active representatives of the fair sex, who have a healthy heart and blood vessels. Any cardio and power loads will provoke menstruations ahead of time. The average load will lead the cycle to normal.

Little Herbal Wisdom

  1. Cornflowers (verbena grass is also suitable). Two - three small spoons of finely chopped flowers pour 200 grams of boiling water and let it brew. Take before eating 1 tablespoon no more than four times a day.
  2. Elecampane. The root of this herb remarkably accelerates the appearance of menstruation. Crushed root pour 200 grams of boiling water and cook on low heat for 30 minutes, then cool. The recommended dose for a single dose - 50 milliliters. It is strictly forbidden to drink the decoction from the root of the virginian to pregnant women - this can provoke intense bleeding and miscarriage.
  3. Bay leaves. The method of preparation is extremely simple: pour 5 bay water of room temperature at 6 bay leaves, bring to a boil and cook for 15 minutes. This decoction is very effective and can cause menstruation the next day after ingestion.
  4. Husk of onions. This simple method was used in ancient times and is suitable for stimulating menstruation in the absence of pregnancy. To prepare the broth, you need 1 tablespoon of husk and 0.5 cups of water. Boil the mixture for 15 minutes. To accept, preliminary having filtered, in the morning on 300 milliliters.
  5. Ginger root. To make one serving of tea, you will need 1 teaspoon of grated root and a glass of boiling water. Monthly come in 3-4 days, if you take 3 cups of this tea per day.

Precautionary measures

Each woman can choose the most suitable methods for herself. But do not forget that the menstrual cycle is a rather complicated process, and the reproductive system is fragile and can not be recovered at all.

Soak up the waves in the sea without menstruation and pay for it with the opportunity to have children is a huge and unjustified risk.

In this sense, not only drugs are dangerous. Irreparable harm to the body can also be caused by "folk remedies". Broths can cause bleeding, which, quite often, can not be stopped. In medicine, a huge number of deaths due to hasty female decisions.

A couple of lines for teens

During puberty, the menstrual cycle is unstable. Therefore, delays are the norm. If a teenager does not live sexually and the pregnancy is completely excluded, then you should not panic, wool the Internet in search of clues or listen to girlfriends. And taking medications that cause menses is strictly forbidden!

It is clear that in this age period it is too early to think about children, but you should not deprive yourself of such an opportunity for the future. If you have any health problems, then it is best to consult a doctor.

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