Pasalimo Cucumber F1 - description and characteristics of the variety

Variety of cucumbers Pasalimo refers to the early ripe hybrids such as gherkin. It was bred by a Dutch breeding company. The purpose of the creators was to create a variety that is optimal for growing in any conditions, whether film shelters or open ground, and also - preserving the performance of fruiting. More recently, he entered the Russian market and was officially approved for use in all regions of the country.

Characteristic variety

Pasalimo f1 is a hybrid, which is characterized by reproduction by bundling. On the main branch, it is possible to form 8 or more fruits, the ripening of which may occur synchronously.

Pasalimo is a very productive variety that can produce more than 15 kg of fruit. In addition, it has a feature of early ripening, high yields. Variety refers to self-pollinating. Also, this type of cucumber is very light-requiring and has a need for access to the sun's rays. Therefore, when choosing a place for planting, it is necessary to give preference to areas of large area and under the sun.

Experts recommend growing this variety of cucumbers in heat. This will ensure their constant and synchronous flowering. Palisimo cucumbers can be consumed fresh and can be used for making blanks for the winter through conservation. Hybrid fruits are ideal for picking gherkins and pickles from 2 to 9 cm in length.

Plant characteristic

Hybrid with the dominant type of female flowering and sredneroslymi bushes. The main branch can have very intensive growth and reach large sizes.

The foliage of the plant is characterized by small leaves of a light green shade. In one sinus can be formed up to 6 ovaries, subsequently having the same rate of development. It is extremely important to timely process and plant them in the springtime, but at the same time, upon the completion of frosts.

Characteristics of the fetus

For all the fruits of the cucumber variety Pasalimo, the following parameters are characteristic:

  • same size;
  • tuberous peel with white spikes;
  • frequent pubescence;
  • moderate skin spotting;
  • cylindrical shape;
  • length - up to 9 cm;
  • weight - up to 100 grams.

Farmers marked the high taste qualities of cucumbers, the flesh does not have a bitter aftertaste and is quite crispy. Fruits are universal in use in food, can be used for preparation of various salads and be exposed to preservation and a zalivaniye.

Harvest from 1 square. m is up to 15 kg. The final yield after the harvest reaches 97%.

The strengths and weaknesses of the variety

Due to the fact that the hybrid is derived as a result of mixing several different varieties at once, Palisimo cucumbers have many positive characteristics. The advantages of this variety include the following:

  • high taste qualities;
  • universality in use;
  • the variety is fast moving;
  • excellent product quality;
  • good tolerance for long shipments;
  • shelf life when stored in appropriate conditions reaches 5 months;
  • resistance to many diseases and attacks of pests;
  • at late harvest, the fruit will not spoil in taste.

Growing up

The variety is suitable for cultivation in garden plots. For cultivation, it is necessary to plant the plant in open soil and cover with a film, regardless of the further method of germination: greenhouse or open ground.

From the moment of seed planting to the first harvest, it takes a little time, as a rule, this period is about 40 days. The hybrid continues to bear fruit before the onset of cold weather. It is only necessary to collect the fruit, and after some time, others grow. Thanks to these unique features of the Pasalimo F1 variety, these cucumbers are so popular among gardeners and have a lot of positive reviews.

Landing in open ground

The most common method for planting varieties Pasalimo - in a film greenhouse or greenhouse. Such conditions for growth will avoid possible problems with the fruit.

It is possible to plant seeds of a hybrid both in a dry form, and a method of seedling which will be the most optimum for this grade and will provide high rates of productivity.

At the stage of growing seedlings, these cucumbers are extremely susceptible to the temperature of the soil, so the soil in which the planting is carried out must be preheated and retain heat. It is equally important to take into account the indicators of air temperature. Favorable is the temperature at +25 C.

How is the sowing of seeds?

To obtain seedlings, the process should begin in April, and the landing in the ground to produce in May. Before this, you must make sure that the soil is properly moistened. A hybrid is planted to a depth of about 3 cm.

The beds require regular maintenance, consisting in weeding, fertilizing with organic matter and minerals, as well as weed control. The number of dressings conducted during the year must be at least 5.

The appearance of dry and painful leaves cannot be ignored. Their removal will avoid plant contamination. Cucumbers need regular watering, in particular - during the fruiting period. It is necessary to water a bush in the evening after picking.

Possible diseases and their prevention

The variety has good immunity to common diseases, including - powdery mildew, spotting and mosaic. An effective measure of prevention will be spraying the fruit with a solution of milk with the addition of honey. In addition, this tool is an additional source of vitamins.

Palasimo f1 will please gardeners with a wonderful harvest. At the same time, without creating problems during cultivation. It should only follow simple rules for care.

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