What to give to his wife for his birthday: gift ideas

When spouses are married, they already know each other’s preferences. But the long years of living together make men excel in a new way, being in search of interesting and unexpected gifts for his wife. There are several options that can be presented to the woman he loves. This list includes surprise gifts, practical greetings and romantic events. Let's talk about everything in more detail.

Practical gifts for the wife

Such gifts are accessories, home appliances or other devices that are useful in everyday life and will not get dusty.

Kits and accessories for body care
Every woman, regardless of age and gender, likes to care for herself. Why not turn it into a gift and not give your beloved everything that she has long wanted.

There are many options that will help a lady look better and maintain beauty without a strong supply of time from the outside. These are the following types of devices:

  • professional manicure set;
  • foot massage bath (pedicure or not);
  • electric epilator;
  • iron or hair curler;
  • hair dryer, etc.

It should be said in advance that professional-oriented devices cost about 2-6 thousand rubles (for the above samples). But every penny justifies itself with interest.

Your wife will no longer have to spend time and money on trips to the beauty salon. She can make a manicure or pedicure at home by herself.

When choosing, do not hesitate to contact the consultants. Be sure to verify that you are buying a gift for a spouse. Also, do not be superfluous to consult with his wife regarding her preferences (secretly, not giving out trumps).

Dishwashing Machine
If the head of the family is looking for a practical device for the keeper of the hearth, it makes sense to look at the dishwasher. It should be understood that women do not like to wash the dishes, even if she claims otherwise.

In the process of washing the nails deteriorate, the skin of the hands becomes dry, it takes a lot of time. The situation is complicated if you need to wash the plates with spoons after a large feast or a normal dinner with a large family.

When buying a dishwasher, the wife will save her time, this is especially important for busy and large families. It is enough to place all the tableware in the appliance, set the function and wait for completion.

When choosing it is worth paying attention to how much dishes accumulate in the sink every day. In cases when small children live in the family, there will be plenty of devices.

Do not regret money, because a standard dishwasher will last more than a dozen years with proper use. If you are experiencing a shortage of funds, all major appliance stores offer their customers interest-free installment plans for selected goods.

In addition to such a serious unit for washing dishes, you can consider other options. These include a microwave, blender or mixer, juicer, yogurt maker, washing machine, multi-cooker, toaster, coffee maker, etc.

Analyze what you really lack in your house? Start from this. The main task in this matter is to choose a practical gift that will serve the family for many years and make life easier for the wife.

Electronic gadgets
If a lady enjoys reading, but does not always have the opportunity to carry a book with her, give her an electronic gadget. This book works simply, just download your favorite work and read it anywhere, anytime.

A very handy thing is a tablet. If it is available in the house, there is no need to constantly hold a laptop or sit on an uncomfortable chair near a stationary PC. The tablet can be used at bedtime or in the morning after waking up, in transportation, at work. All this is extremely convenient.

If your wife often buys the same magazine, get her a one-year subscription to it. Also a good option.

For a girl who spends a lot of time on social networks, keeps her online magazine or post photos on Instagram, it’s important that you have a good phone with a multi-pixel camera on hand. Consider such a gift if you have enough money.

Also in this category can be attributed to other types of gifts, whether it is a compact player that can be listened to while running, or a navigator in the car (for female drivers).

In cases where it is necessary to choose a gift for a smoking wife, you can simultaneously please her and encourage her to give up the harmful habit. Get an electronic cigarette (for example, "Kuboyd"), order liquids, spirals, cotton wool. Teach your wife to a healthy lifestyle.

Perfumes and cosmetics
Such gifts always remain in fashion and are distinguished by their practicality. If you are aware of the taste preferences of the wife in terms of perfume, it makes sense to choose a quality French perfume. As an example, buy Chanel "Chance", Gyor "Zhador", Gyor "Sherry", Dolce & Gabbana "Light Blue", Paco Raban "Van Million", etc.

Of the cosmetics is always useful set of shadows from a variety of shades, mascara, gloss or lipstick of high quality, various shower gels and body creams, anti-aging facial serums with hyaluronic acid. Consult a consultant, collect the perfect set.

Gift certificates
We got to the most important thing - gift certificates for certain types of services, products, clothing. If your spouse is a regular customer of a fashionable lingerie boutique, visit the salon and purchase a gift certificate from them (choose the amount yourself). But this money should be enough not only for stockings, but also something more worthwhile.

Almost every self-respecting store has gift certificates. Visit "Letual", this is a store of cosmetics, perfumes and trifles. In it, any girl will find an option for themselves. Similar to the previous method, do not be stingy.

If in your head now flashed the thought "Why does she need a certificate, I'd rather give the money!". Remember, this is a mistake. If your spouse is distinguished by decency, saves the family budget and cares about the welfare of the household in every possible way, she will buy food, tablecloths, curtains, etc. for the money received from you.

Unique gifts for his wife

Then you can find a list of interesting ideas for gifts. Such options do not quite relate to romance, but still it is worth considering them. Check out the ideas and find the best for you.

Balloon Flight
Balloon flight can be attributed to a romantic theme. The wife of such a gift just will not remain indifferent. Imagine how you will rise above the city. Fresh air, beautiful views and appropriate furnishings. What could be better.

Such an act is better to organize at dawn or dusk. Try to choose a warm and windless pagoda. Such a beautiful view and the whole situation will long remain in your memory. Believe me, nothing more romantic to imagine.

It is possible that the spouse is afraid to take such an extreme step. Many women are simply afraid of heights. Romantic setting can turn into a real stressful situation for both spouses. Such a flight will definitely be remembered for a long time.

If you decide to take this step, you should know your wife well. Try to hint or ask how she would react to a balloon flight. Do not give out their ideas. You can also hope for yourself and predict the answer in advance.

Such a surprise is no less extreme and surprising. The jump can be organized with an instructor, this kind of pastime will bring you closer together. Emotions will be inexpressible and will be remembered for a long time. Prepare a surprise in advance and arrange with the organizer.

Arrange a sudden trip and go to the landfill. The specialist will instruct, and you will take a helicopter into the air. Each spouse is fastened to the instructors and a jump is made. You do not need to do anything, there will be a lot of emotions.

In the process of soaring in the air also offers a stunning view. Think of this kind of gift. If you do not want to jump together, you can meet your wife at the bottom with flowers. Do not worry about security. Experts are confident in their actions to the smallest detail.

Intimate gift
If you do not want to give banal gifts, of which both spouses are already tired, you can contact the sex shop. Products can be viewed on the Internet. Take a closer look at interesting adult toys that you might like. Believe, any girl will be glad to such a surprise.

Home striptease
This gift also applies to non-standard ideas. You, in turn, should be sufficiently liberated and unsighted. Invite girlfriends of the wife to a celebration. Organize an interesting dinner and in the end call the stripper to the house.

You can leave the room for a while so that the ladies fully hang themselves. Such a gift will definitely be shocking. If you decide on such actions, you need to restrain yourself in your hands. Your jealousy can go beyond. It would not be superfluous to discuss the details with the performer. Just do not try to send a spouse in a similar bar.

Professional photo shoot
All the fair sex always want to look irresistible. Here, the wife can arrange a photo session with a professional photographer. It is not necessary that the spouse independently participate in such a process.

Photos may well be family and interesting. Cards can be placed in an album or printed on a large canvas in the form of a portrait. This picture perfectly decorate the walls of the house. Beautiful photos can fit well in the social. network. Let your friends be jealous of what a wonderful husband she is.

Consider, such a process must be approached responsibly. Pick a professional photographer carefully. In the future, you will not have problems with the final result. In a good way, it is recommended to find a photographer through acquaintances with an excellent portfolio.

If your married couple is young and quite liberated, your wife can be persuaded to nude photos. Any man will always want to admire his naked companion. Try to hint your wife unobtrusively on such a shooting. Do not go too far, a scandal may develop.

Romantic gifts for his wife

This category includes romantic surprises. It can be dinner at your favorite restaurant, traveling together and other benefits. Let's talk about them.

A pet
If you often stay at work, and children have already grown up and require a pet, you should consider this option. For ladies who love animals and dream of a kitten / puppy for a long time, such a surprise is more precious than any money.

Imagine her jubilation when you go home with a basket decorated with a bow. A cute fluffy little ball, lying on an air cushion, peeps out of the bast-basket.

But if you decide to stop at such a surprise for your wife, approach the choice responsibly. First, identify the preferences of the spouse: who does she want to see in the house - a dog or a cat? Find out the breed, gender, color and other characteristics.

It should be understood that the animal is a responsibility. It is necessary to follow him, bring up, feed him, bestow attention and caress, constantly walk, drive on vaccinations. In general, almost everything that is characteristic of the child. Therefore, if your family does not have free time, you should not bring into the house a defenseless creature that does not take care of itself.

No holiday that affects the female half of the population should not go without flowers. Well, if it will be a huge bouquet, tailored to your wishes. If you do not have the strength and money to bother with the choice of other gifts, give your beloved 101 roses. Believe me, she will be in seventh heaven!

You can make a bouquet of 100 roses on a long leg, and in the center place one artificial flower of the same shade. Present the bouquet to the lady with the words "I will love you until the last rose withers!" And artificial flowers do not have features wither. Surprise secured!

Gift delivery by courier to work
This option is more suitable as a supplement to the main presentation. Purchase in a specialized store or order fruits from different countries via the Internet. This may include feijoa, pineapple, pomelo and other delights that do not grow in the open spaces of our country.

Put all the items in a beautiful basket or box, pack with a bow and call the courier. Let him deliver a gift to a lady at work, she will be delighted with this.

Accompany the greeting card and hint that you are waiting for your wife at home for a joint celebration. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, in advance make sure that the spouse is not allergic to exotic.

Joint vacation
Expensive pleasure that not every modern man will allow himself. It is not only about financial status, but also free time. If you are preparing for the spouse's birthday in advance, consider a gift in the form of a romantic trip for two.

Especially successful this option will be in the cold season, when there is a lack of soft sunlight and ocean breeze. Agree with your family that they will take responsibility for the children during your absence.

Visit a travel agency, choose a trip to the wallet and free time for the desired dates. It is not necessary to go on vacation for a month, buy a tour for the weekend, then there definitely won't be any problems.

If the wife is working, negotiate with her superiors or arrange a fake medical insurance at the time of departure. All means are good, if with their help you arrange your wife an unforgettable holiday.

Selecting a gift for the beloved one, it is worthwhile to dream up. Weigh all the details and preferences of the spouse. Be original. A good gift may not always be expensive. If money is not a problem for you, consider gifts of a more extreme nature. Organize a worthy holiday. Fun should be absolutely everything. Remember the birthday of your companion, not you. Do everything at a high level. The celebration should be remembered for a long time.

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