Basil - beneficial properties and contraindications

Basil is the basis of many culinary masterpieces, and it is not surprising. Cooks from all over the world fell in love with the plant for its pleasant taste notes and a lot of nutrients in the composition. Basil acts as a spice, as well as the basis for cosmetic masks and perfumery products. With its help, cure and prevent many diseases. Let's look at the main characteristics of this green.

Useful properties of basil

  1. The composition concentrates a lot of ascorbic acid, which acts as a natural immunostimulant. The systematic use of spices increases the protective function when it comes to beriberi, changing seasons or the height of a flu epidemic.
  2. Basil is famous for its bactericidal properties, so it is often used to treat stomatitis, bleeding gums, and other diseases of the oral cavity. The plant quickly removes unpleasant odor, reduces inflammation and disinfects.
  3. In the field of ophthalmology appreciated the action of basil. It is concentrated beta-carotene, necessary to strengthen the vision and increase its sharpness. It is necessary to eat greenfinch everything to prevent cataracts and glaucoma.
  4. Systematic eating greens affects the whole body in a favorable way. This is manifested in the complex purification of internal organs and systems from slags, salts of heavy metals, toxic substances and other poisons.
  5. As part of the spice there are many vitamins from group B, which are responsible for the activity of the central nervous system. Eating basil or means based on it normalizes sleep, relieves stress (mental, physical, emotional).
  6. The main value of the plant lies in its ability to remove excess urea, because of which, in fact, there are stones in the kidneys, bladder. Greens splits small neoplasms up to 5 mm in size. and removes sand, facilitating the course of the disease.
  7. Often the plant is included in the daily food of the categories of persons who want to lose weight. It's all about basil's ability to improve motility and intestinal motility, relieve stomach discomfort and speed up all metabolic processes in general.
  8. Recent research experiments have proven the connection between basil and its ability to fight cancer. When ingested, the green prevents the development of new capillaries in the tumor area, thereby forcing it to dissolve.
  9. If there are no restrictions with regards to the reception, you can use greenfinch to remove mucus from the airway cavity. Also, basil is able to reduce body temperature due to the fact that it accelerates sweating and has a diuretic effect.
  10. The composition contains natural antioxidants that are responsible for thickening the walls of the blood channels and bringing cholesterol plaques out of their cavity. Against this background, carried out preventive measures of atherosclerosis, varicose veins, thrombosis.

Basil in cosmetology

The value of greens does not bypass the sphere of cosmetology. On the basis of basil they prepare masks and lotions that tighten the skin, form the oval of the face, eliminate pigmentation, restore the water balance. Basil is also used for the treatment and rehabilitation of the stacks, the fight against dandruff, fat, dullness, cross-section and other problems.

  1. Face lotion The tool refreshes, tightens, evens skin tone. To make it, wash a handful of fresh plant, dry it, immerse it in a blender and make porridge. Move to a glass jar, pour hot water (about 85 degrees), leave for an hour. After the allotted time, spend straining, pour into a closed bottle and clean in the cold. Use every morning, keep in the fridge.
  2. Mask for the face. Natural remedies are good because they are universal. Systematic use of this mask (at least 2 times a week) will relieve you forever of dirty and clogged pores, flabbiness, and dehydration of the skin. A tablespoon of fresh basil gruel mix with cold beaten egg white. Add some honey and mix. Apply a dense layer, take a horizontal position and relax your muscles. Wait half an hour.
  3. Hair tonic. Every girl has hair problems, even if they are minor. Tonic helps to cope with the loss of color, porosity, cross section, electrification, fat, loss. Mix basil and rosemary in equal proportion. Fill with hot water, leave to infuse. Strain, apply the tool after each usual shampooing, but at least 2 times a week.

Basil for women

  1. The grass brings value to female representatives who suffer from a painful menstrual cycle or survive a climatic period. Basil regulates the abundance of secretions, increases hemoglobin due to the iron content in the composition.
  2. The plant must be included in the daily menu of those who seek to get rid of extra pounds. Due to the acceleration of metabolic processes basil contributes to the breakdown of fat.
  3. Women more often than men suffer varicose veins on their legs. Since the plant thins blood and removes cholesterol plaques, treatment and prevention of pathology is carried out.
  4. The use of the plant is invaluable for beautiful ladies who suffer from heavy legs syndrome, puffiness. Due to the normalization of blood flow and the diuretic effect comes relief.

Basil for pregnant women

  1. Girls who are in an “interesting” position may not limit themselves to receiving greenery. Basil has tonic and firming properties. If the baby in the womb is too active, the spice will calm him down a little.
  2. Pregnant women often suffer from constipation, heartburn and other problems with digestion. Due to the ability of plants to increase metabolism, respectively, accelerates the absorption of food and its passage through the esophagus. All unpleasant symptoms go away, stool gets better.
  3. Meals that include fresh greens have beneficial properties for the heart muscle, circulatory system, and thyroid gland. Especially useful to combine grass with fish, poultry, lean meat, legumes.
  4. But it is necessary to understand what is harmless, at first glance, the plant can harm. Contraindications include hypertension, poor blood clotting, increased uterine tone.

Basil for nursing mothers

  1. Most often, newly-made moms include both green and purple basil in their diet. But first grade prevails. It concentrates all substances that positively affect the heart muscle and the musculoskeletal system of the infant.
  2. When a woman is taken in, the woman improves the work of the digestive system, reduces the risk of developing intestinal bacteria.
  3. Basil has bactericidal properties, it naturally sterilizes the body. Therefore, mothers need to consume greenfinch to cure poisoning or colic in a baby.
  4. The value of spices is also enclosed in chemical composition. If a woman eats basil, she will make the milk more nutritious and fat, eliminate the possible bitterness.
  5. Contraindications to the reception of spices include only individual intolerance and allergic reaction in the mother or infant to the constituent substances of the plant.

Basil for men

  1. Spice got a different name, it is called the royal grass. For a long time, basil in any form was used to increase potency. This is possible due to the fact that the plant increases blood flow to the groin area.
  2. In addition, basil accumulates a variety of acids, minerals (in particular zinc), vitamins, which have a positive effect on the psycho-emotional environment of a person and his reproductive system.
  3. Zelenushku recommended to include in the daily food of the categories of persons who plan to conceive a child. It is all about the ability of plants to accelerate the production of sperm and increase the chances of fertilization.

Basil for weight loss

  1. In the world of nutrition, plant seeds are in great demand for weight loss. Raw material copes with the task and allows you to keep the figure at the proper level. A positive result does not affect the variety of the plant.
  2. The unique components in the basil have a general positive effect on the entire body. This effect allows you to keep your health and shape at the proper level. Keep in mind, the diet should include seed directional, and not on seedlings.
  3. Such raw materials can be collected independently and procured. The plant and seeds are mixed into almost any dish. To achieve the maximum benefit from the seeds, it is recommended to take them for breakfast in combination with a fruit drink or a light dessert.

Basil application

Kidney disease

  1. If you suffer from a chronic pathology of the genitourinary system, you need to drink a healing infusion. The tool effectively helps and restores the activity of the kidneys. To prepare the composition will need 12 grams. dried basil leaves.
  2. Crush raw materials and pour 250 ml. boiling water. Cap the container and leave for about 1 hour.
  3. Strain the product and take 80 ml. three times a day after meals 40 minutes later. To get rid of kidney stones, the same broth should be drunk before bedtime with 120 ml.

With a weakened immunity

  1. In folk medicine, there are many different components to strengthen and strengthen the immune system. In the task, a tool based on basil showed itself well. The composition is prepared quite simply.
  2. This will require chinaware. Place in a jar 20 gr. dried leaves, pour 500 ml. boiling water. Insist on the components of the order of half an hour. Strain the finished product and consume during the day before the meal. The course lasts at least 2 weeks.

When respiratory organs ailments

  1. If you suffer from severe coughing, bronchitis and inflammatory processes in the respiratory system, you should resort to using plant juice. The composition can be obtained by pressing the leaves and stems. The procedure is recommended before flowering basil.
  2. Juice, regardless of the variety, must be combined in equal amounts with honey and purified water. If you take the raw material in its pure form, you can face irritation of the mucous of the internal organs. Take 30 ml. in the morning and evening for 10 days after the meal. Next comes an equivalent break. The course consists of 3 such procedures.
  3. You can resort to an alternative no less effective way. Basil-based tea perfectly suppresses all symptoms of a cold. The drink is famous for its strong antibacterial effects. The main thing is to prepare the composition correctly. Connect 5 gr. dry raw materials and 300 ml. boiling water. Insist 10 minutes. To brighten the taste, add lemon juice and honey.

In diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system

  1. Basil helps to cope with heart pathologies and neurasthenic condition. To strengthen the cardiovascular system and get rid of all sorts of diseases, you need to resort to recipes of traditional medicine.
  2. To prepare the composition, you need to connect 6 gr. dry raw materials and 0.5 liters. boiling water. Insist on the components of about a third of an hour. Take the drug in 250 ml. twice a day. You can also resort to an alternative method.
  3. The recipe implies the greatest concentration. To do this, the portion of the product must be increased by 3 times. Pour 300 ml ingredients. boiling water. Insist 1 hour, strain. Take an infusion of 50 ml. 4 times a day.

Contraindications Basil

  1. Like any natural product, basil has a number of contraindications, in addition to invaluable benefits. It is worth getting acquainted with this before you include raw materials in the daily diet. It is forbidden to take the plant in any quantity and type in violation of blood circulation in the brain. Implied stroke.
  2. If you have chronic pathologies of a neurological nature, completely eliminate basil from your own menu. Among these are epilepsy episodes and a predisposition to seizures.
  3. Basil is categorically contraindicated in diseases of the vascular system in the form of thrombophlebitis. Also, do not consume raw materials with ischemia of the heart and a predisposition to a heart attack.
  4. The plant is forbidden to take in case of poor blood clotting. Contraindications also include chronic or acute hypotension.
  5. Basil is not always recommended to take while carrying a fetus or during the feeding period. The abundance of essential oils can adversely affect the health of the mother and baby. However, do not completely exclude the plant from the diet. A small amount will provide invaluable benefits. Consult with a specialist in advance.
  6. Consider, children can be given a plant from 4 years. The fact is that the leaves contain mercury, so you can not abuse the raw materials. Eating green in large quantities can lead to the development of serious pathologies.

Basil Collection and Storage Rules

  1. The plant can be harvested throughout the summer. After this, the raw materials can be prepared for the winter or until the next season. Try to prevent the flowering of greenery, cut the tops in time.
  2. For long-term storage, basil should be dried and placed in a sealed glass container. Keep the plant in a dark room.
  3. Also, before removing the grass for storage, carefully inspect the product for the presence of insects and living organisms. Try to grow a bush away from pests, select a separate flower bed.
  4. If you prefer fresher raw materials, the leaves may well be subjected to freezing. To do this, it is recommended to spread the greens on a tray. As soon as the leaves freeze, transfer them to the bag.

Basil is not for nothing called the "royal herb" because of its extensive beneficial qualities for the human body. But it should be understood that the uncontrolled reception of the plant will lead to sad consequences. Before the first acquaintance with basil, make sure that you have no restrictions for its consumption.

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