Tomato Bif pink brandy F1 - description and characteristics of the variety

Tomato Bif pink brandy F1 - a tall hybrid of medium ripening, with large fruits of rich pink color. Under the conditions of cultivation it is possible to obtain fruits weighing up to 1 kg. Plants dimensional, razlohie, grow to two meters. Bushes require a garter, pasynkovaniya.

Form a tomato in one or two stalks. The flesh of these hybrids is fleshy, sweet. The fruits are round, flattened, sometimes ribbed. Hybrid Beef pink is designed for fresh use, for canning, juicing, feasting, tomato paste. Tomatoes are distinguished by a high content of solids and carotenoid lycopene, have a pleasant aroma and taste, fantastic yield.

Cultivation and care

Caring for tomatoes, start with planting seedlings. Planted seedlings, only with the following criteria. The color of the shoots and leaves is dark green, the height of the tomato bush should be 25-35 cm, the root system should have only white live roots.

  1. Plants are planted in the soil with a depth of 3-5 cm. If the seedlings are overgrown, then there is a way out of this position. The stem is laid in the soil, while digging a ditch. Stem easily give roots.
  2. Not only depends on the quality of seedlings, whether there will be a good harvest, but also on the soil. In winter, the soil in the greenhouse is dug up and fertilized with nitroammophotic. Give the earth to breathe, absorb oxygen, make manure or peat. Planting seedlings in warm soil +15 degrees.
  3. When grown in greenhouses, it is necessary to withstand temperatures of + 22-25 degrees. Temperatures above +35 degrees are destructive for tomatoes - they turn yellow and die. In this case, tomatoes are plentifully watered.
  4. With special attention to monitor the temperature of the air in the greenhouse of polycarbonate, regularly ventilated, preventing overheating.
  5. Watering the seedlings can not be immediately planted after two days. The first watering is plentiful, with a depth of 15-20 cm. Later, the plants are watered when the topsoil dries. It is recommended to air the greenhouse after each watering. In cool time watering is carried out in 3-4 days. After watering the land is required to loosen, giving oxygen to the roots.

When the tomato bushes become larger, the bushes are snapped. Each tomato bush is tied to a support. They treat diseased tomato bushes by spraying with biological preparations and stimulants.

Tips for growing tomato seedlings
It is known that aloe juice is a good biostimulant and perfectly disinfects seeds from many diseases. The leaves of this plant need to grind in a blender, strain through cheesecloth. Miracle drug is ready. Tomato seeds are soaked in it for 12 hours at room temperature. Excess juice is drained. This treatment has a great effect on the growth properties of seeds. As a result, they give friendly, fast and viable shoots. This has a positive effect on the yield of tomatoes.

During the period of bud formation, an extract from pine shoots stimulates the formation of ovaries and contributes to a more rapid ripening of fruits. The extract of pine shoots prepared as follows. Young pine shoots are kept in a refrigerator or cellar for 6–8 days, why are they ground, poured with water (1 part of shoots is in 2 parts of water), brought to a boil, boiled for 10 minutes over low heat, cooled, filtered, diluted with water (1: 3 ) and sprayed tomato tops. Do not water under the root. Pine needles can be used to control pests.

Care during flowering
Top-dressing during this period is carried out in the folk way: milk solution with iodine: 1 liter of milk, 15 drops of iodine per 10 liters of water.

In clear, warm weather help the bush to self-pollinate, slightly shake the plant. And it is better to provide this work to insects, bees, bumblebees. Pollinating flowers increases the yield, sticking of fruits. Before flowering and during flowering, the stepchildren are cut off so that they do not take nutrients from the bush. Sprayed during flowering special means, for example: zircon.

Care at the time of fruiting
Feed and water this way. Watering is carried out every 2-3 days. In hot, dry weather, watering tomatoes daily in the evening. Depth irrigation is 25-30 cm. Fertilize tomatoes only under the root. Feed the solution prepared from mullein, add complex fertilizers (1 tablespoon), potassium permanganate 1 g.

With a big harvest, you can cut off unripe large tomatoes, put them in a dark box. Green tomatoes are placed in a box with red. Do not allow the light into the box. In such conditions, tomatoes quickly ripen.

Tomato Bif pink is one of the leaders of the 2018 season in terms of yield, appearance, resistance to hot weather conditions, tolerance to sunburn and good taste.

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