Tomato Viking - description and characteristics of the variety

A huge number of varieties of tomatoes are bred every year. One of the wonderful and tasty varieties that will suit the breeders of these crops is the Viking. Due to his size and juiciness of the fruit, he is very loved by many gardeners. A good and big harvest will become a calling card on the site. Show such a miracle tomato will be an occasion to meet friends and neighbors. You can also take part in annual local exhibitions of the farm. We will talk about this amazing variety in the article.


Viking is a mid-season vegetable ripening in the middle of summer. He was withdrawn primarily for use in fresh salads due to its bright taste characteristics. It grows well in the open field on the gardens.

The plant itself is small, and the fruit has a large size. The grade is recognized as one of the best for cultivation on personal plots.

Tomato perfectly tolerates temperature extremes, is not afraid of cold and heat. In height grows to 70 centimeters. This is a low bush, characteristic of determinant varieties. Planted at 7 - 9 shoots per square meter.


On the branch ripens up to 6 tomatoes. The weight of one fruit varies from 80 to 170 grams. This is a large enough vegetable for such a low bush. On average, from one plant can be collected from 5 to 6 kilograms of the crop.

The taste of each tomato is sweet, has a juicy inner consistency. The color of ripe tomatoes is bright orange. Maturation from the onset of spitting averages 120 days. Form rounded slightly flattened. It has characteristic ribs for this species. Favorite variety of Tambov agronomists.

The fruit is not subject to cracking, so it is stored for a long time and tolerates transportation over long distances. Almost all ripe tomatoes are marketable. Perfect for sale in grocery stores and on the market.

Viking is usually not used in salting because of the size of the fetus. But it is suitable for all kinds of salads, as well as for the preparation of hot dishes. It will make excellent sauces, ketchups, pastes and lecho. It will be a great addition to cooking meat. And also quench thirst on any hot summer day.

Growing up

Seeding takes place in mid-March. Each seed is placed in the ground at a distance of one and a half centimeters, then sprinkled with earth. As long as the plant does not incline, it can be watered with warm water from the sprayer. After the container is covered with a film to create a greenhouse effect. When the sprout has proclaimed, containers with earth are placed on the window sill and additional lighting is made with a hanging or desk fluorescent lamp.

Variety Viking must dive and place each sprout in a separate peat pot or plastic container. Thus, with the further transplanting of a plant into the open ground, its roots will not be confused with their relative, but will be in their capacity.

Note! Viking loves black soil and in growing this variety it is necessary to constantly add good and fresh loose soil.

It grows both in open ground and in greenhouses. The yield of the bush depends on the time of sowing and planting seedlings in the ground, on the conditions of the region, the frequency of planted bushes per square meter, processing from weeds, loosening the soil and feeding. The timeliness of watering and the number of warm and sunny days also affect the size of the crop.

Tomato will grow well in warm regions. In colder places, it will need a greenhouse and additional lighting.


  1. When planting seedlings in the ground should adhere to the following scheme for the placement of sprouts 50 * 40 centimeters. Such remoteness makes it possible to arrange from 7 to 9 bushes on one square meter.
  2. Tomatoes should be planted on the renewed and rested soil from tomatoes. Good soil after cucumbers, carrots, cauliflower, dill and parsley. Do not plant plants after growing zucchini, peppers and potatoes.
  3. It is necessary to feed the plant in a timely manner, adding pellets containing nitrogen and potassium. It should constantly make ash. That it will help avoid the invasion of harmful insects. Airing tomatoes also helps to avoid a number of common diseases.

Observing all the rules of processing, feeding and watering, you can grow a truly excellent and tasty harvest.

Viking is one of the favorite varieties of agronomists. It has an excellent taste, low bush size. It is enough just to care for him and he bears fruit in the middle of summer. Its size is the pride of any gardener.

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