Hazelnut nut paste at home

For the modern person it is extremely important to adhere to the correct diet, including in it only products that are valuable from the point of view of the chemical list of substances. Nuts are such, they are valued by the concentration of fatty acids in a large volume, which improve the work of the whole organism.

Product value

  1. A special influence is observed on the immune system, it is much stronger, it is easier for a person to tolerate seasonal attacks of viruses. Minerals improve brain function and support the action of fatty acids.
  2. For people who suffer from high cholesterol, this product will undoubtedly be a plus. It's all about his ability to remove deposits, cleansing and condensing blood channels. Along with this, the composition of the blood is improved, its circulation is greatly enhanced, the cells are fully enriched with oxygen and nutrients. Reduced pressure, which is appreciated by hypertensive patients, improves heartbeat.
  3. Vessels acquire elasticity and density, do not burst. The presented product is extremely useful for those who suffer from thrombophlebitis and other similar diseases. We are talking about varicose veins. The composition contains substances endowed with antioxidant characteristics. They are responsible for removing toxins from the blood channels, eliminating and binding free radicals.
  4. Few people know that the raw material under discussion is introduced as an auxiliary component into the diet of people with diagnosed cancer ailments. Of course, you can not take a nut for a panacea, but it has a certain healing effect. Due to the ability to block the rush of blood to the tumor, it resolves.
  5. Due to the concentration of potassium improves the activity of the nervous system. If a person is regularly exposed to negative circumstances, this product is extremely important to him. Raw materials improve the state of the psycho-emotional environment, inhibit fatigue and the first symptoms of depressive disorders.
  6. Due to the inclusion of fatty acids in a decent amount of work improves the brain. When a nut enters the body, it stimulates neurons, thereby improving mental functions and other equally important cognitive abilities. A handful of nuts a day need to consume the fact that the head works.
  7. Very often, the composition is used by people who are engaged in physical labor, attend a gym or other sports sections. Due to the concentration of protein compounds in a large volume, it is possible to quickly replenish energy reserves, rather to increase the mass and say goodbye to the hated kilograms.

Chocolate and Nuts

  1. Such a variation of pasta will definitely please the sweet tooth. Thanks to cocoa, the flavor of the treat is filled with interesting notes. The basis of this composition also includes almonds. Therefore, the taste of the finished pasta simply can not fail to please.
  2. Put on a baking sheet 120 gr. almond and 350 gr. hazelnut tree Send to the oven at a temperature of 160 degrees to dry. After some time, place the raw material in the bowl of the blender. Turn products into a smooth paste. Stir in the mush 100 gr. liquid honey.
  3. If necessary, melt the bee product on the steam bath. Pour in 15 ml. extra virgin olive oil. Beat the ingredients for a few minutes with a blender. Sprinkle 120 gr. cocoa powder and pour 60 ml. boiled milk.
  4. Beat the ingredients for some time. Transfer the mass to a suitable container. Store in a fridge overnight to infuse. The next day you can enjoy the treat. Pasta goes well with warm toast.

Classic pasta

  1. For the preparation of classic paste of hazel, you need only 300 grams. nuts. As a result, you get a natural urbatch. In the process of preparation, the raw materials are ground practically to dust. Consider no additional components required.
  2. In order not to face the bitterness of the final product, it is imperative to calcine the nuts in the oven or in a frying pan. Only after that completely remove the brown shell from them. Do not forget that if you chop nuts too long, you will get butter. The consistency of it will turn out to be more liquid.
  3. Grilled and peeled nuts crush through a blender or food processor. The procedure takes only a few minutes. Store the finished treat in a glass container with an airtight lid.

This product is useful in any form of consumption, whether it is whole nuts or crushed form, like pasta. We are interested in the second option, we have disassembled it in detail and covered other aspects.

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