How to wean a dog to crap in the wrong place

The joy of the appearance in the family of the long-awaited four-legged friend can be overshadowed by the fact that the pet is not accustomed to asking to go to the toilet. Instilling good habits into a dog is time consuming. The problem of weaning a pet to relieve the need for inappropriate places can be solved, you just need to be patient and certain skills, which are discussed below.

A few words about the reasons for this behavior.

Before you report on the full program of your pet, it makes sense to find out what this behavior is connected with. Who knows, maybe unpleasant "puddles" on the floor or a sofa are connected with the pathologies of the urogenital system and your pet needs medical attention.

The main reasons why a dog starts to shit anywhere, may be as follows:

  1. Since childhood, no one has instilled in the dog the habit of going to the toilet outside the walls of the house or in places specially designed for these purposes. The animal simply can not understand that this can not be done in the apartment.
  2. The owners purchased the dog as an adult, and it simply did not have time to adapt to the new conditions, still does not know where exactly the toilet is located.
  3. The reason may be the fact that the owner of the pet does not walk as required. For example, the intervals from one to the other are longer walks than they should be. Then the animal simply has no choice but to make a puddle where necessary.
  4. Pet abuse can result in such an unexpected "surprise." Dogs are intelligent creatures and are able to take revenge on the owner for inappropriate treatment.
  5. The presence of the disease in an animal is often the reason that he begins to spoil in the house. Often, if we are talking about the pathology of the urinary tract or kidneys, the animal loses its ability to control urination.
  6. Pets may be stressed or scared. The owner of the dog should watch his favorite and note in what situations he did it in the house. If this happens after a loud noise or scream, then the dog may have experienced stress, was very frightened.

The pet owner must first make sure that his pet is completely healthy and only then begin to fight this unhealthy habit.

How to teach a puppy to his toilet: basic rules

If you follow certain rules, then the puppy can be taught to the toilet quickly and without problems.

  1. In the event that the puppy has received all the necessary vaccinations, it can be safely displayed on the street. It is advisable to walk with him a little longer at first. After the dog has recovered, it should be praised, give him something delicious.
  2. Small pets, like children, go to the toilet more often than adults, almost every time after a meal. Therefore, as soon as the baby has been refreshed, it makes sense to take it to the street and wait. In the case of a positive result, you need to portray the joy, praise the crumbs, scratching him behind the ear, pat on the head.
  3. During the whole day it is recommended to install a pet monitoring. If the dog began to rush around the house, then this is a signal to the fact that he is ready to start reading. In this case, you should spread the newspapers in the corners and put a crumb on one of them. After a bowel movement, the dog must be praised. Another option is to set up a puppy for a walk. As soon as you notice that he is trying to find a place for himself, you need to repeat the word “walk” many times, at the same time grab him and take him outside. At first, "accustoming" does not make sense to scold a dog, poke it with its nose - this is an ineffective method, in addition, a reverse reaction is possible. While the pet is quite small, you will have to clean up the excrement behind it and wipe the puddles more than once.
  4. The culture of toilet training is not limited to a spread newspaper. After the baby has learned to urinate on it, the newspaper is taken out into the yard and pressed down by a pebble. During the walk the dog should be put on that labeled paper. Thus, the puppy will be able to quickly understand where his toilet "place".
  5. As the dog gets older, you can gradually add learning, sentencing in a stern voice: “Shame on you!”, “Such a big dog made a puddle!”. Only should be scolded at the moment when the puppy is caught red-handed at the crime scene. You can even allow a slightly hit on the ass with a folded newspaper.
  6. Every time, going for a walk, you need to sentence "walk, walk!".

Remember that your patience and work will be rewarded.

Algorithm of attaching a puppy to the tray

Teaching a puppy to a tray should be done in accordance with the following algorithm:

  1. It is important to take care of allocating a separate corner where the doggie tray will stand constantly.
  2. If you find a wet spot on the sofa or a puddle on the floor, you need to wipe this place with a cloth or paper piece and place it in a prepared container. Important! The tray is recommended to be placed where the doggy pees most. If the crumb has gotten into the habit of “walking” on a sofa or bed, then this place requires special treatment (vinegar, citrus juice - dogs can not stand these flavors).
  3. After this, it is necessary to fix a place for toilet in the dog’s brain. After eating or taking action, the dog should be placed in a tray. Well, if there will be a cloth or a newspaper soaked with dog urine. This will help the pet to quickly understand what they want from him, and he will gradually begin to run to the place of the tray on his own.

If the puppy does not immediately begin to use its toilet, do not despair. Give your child time to get used to, in order to be patient. Perhaps it will take from a few weeks to 2-3 months.

Should I punish for such a crime

We must constantly remember that we have to deal with a clever creation that is capable of ambiguous and, at times, quite sharply react to the comments of the owner. You need to try not to offend your pet and then he will be ready to respond positively to any requests from his master.

Seeing a puddle on the floor should not react sharply, you should just express your discontent. It is enough to change the intonation and strictly chide the dog for what it has done.

Finding that the pet wants to relieve the need, you must use the commands "Fu!", "You can not!". Soon your pet will learn that you are unhappy with his behavior.

Teaching toilet to adult dog

Situations when the dog is in a new family, with a new owner, are not uncommon. The newly-made tenant has no idea where he should go to the toilet. It takes him some time to adapt to the unusual environment.

There are certain rules, following which it will be possible to quickly accustom an adult dog to go to the toilet on the street:

  1. From the moment of the pet's appearance in the house, on the very first day, the owner must take him out for a walk, so that the dog will slowly get used to defecating on the street, not in the apartment.
  2. A special place in the process of schooling is given to the regime. Walks must take place at the same time. So the dog will quickly remember this schedule.
  3. As soon as the owner saw that the animal lifts its paw on the leg of a table, chair or sofa, it is necessary to immediately go outside with it.
  4. Walking a pet must take place under the constant supervision of the owner, otherwise he would not be able to see if his pet has done it or not.

The procedure of teaching a dog to relieve the need for fresh air requires considerable patience. One day this problem is not solved. It is not reasonable to hope that as soon as you leave the dog in the courtyard, he immediately rushes to the first post. You need to walk with him for some time, maybe even play a little. The manifestation of activity will only accelerate the desire of the four-legged friend to go to the toilet.

Any animal is waiting for its owner to show love, care and attention. Dogs - especially. If the pet feels that it is needed by someone, it will never do what can upset its owner. That is why weaning a four-legged friend to foul in the house for a loving owner will not be a difficult task. The main thing in this business is to show understanding and respect for the pet's needs and then there will undoubtedly be a success ahead.

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