How to care for curly hair

Owners of curly hair can be considered real lucky, who by nature got lush curls. Girls with curly hair find new tricks with regards to proper care, and this is not surprising. In most cases, this kind of hair is combined, that is, the tips are dry, the roots are fat. Hence, there is a need for a competent approach, which is far from all. Let us analyze important aspects in order.

How to wash curly hair properly

  1. Even if you have oily hair, do not wash your hair every day. Since the presence of curls suggests basal volume "by default", fat content will not be visible. Daily washing washes away the protective layer, badly affecting the work of the sebaceous glands. Perform the procedure no more than 2-3 times a week.
  2. To do the styling, use a special curly hair diffuser. It is a hemisphere with small “fingers” in length. They are located at a distance from each other, which allows for uniform drying. Turn the hair dryer on only cold airflow.
  3. In the process of washing, apply shampoo only to the roots in order to remove excessive greasiness. Perform manipulations in 2 repetitions. Distribute the caring balm for the entire length of the stacks. Never use the "2-in-1", they expose the hair dry and cut.
  4. After shampooing, do not brush your hair. Leave them to dry completely after a light towel. It is not necessary to strongly rub the strands, to collect moisture just enough to squeeze them into a fist. Do not lie down to rest with wet hair.
  5. After swimming in the sea, river or pool, rinse the curls with plain water. When visiting the thermal complex (sauna and steam room), wear a special hat.

The method of washing hair "Co-washing"

  1. Ko-washing is a gentle wash that uses only balsam-rinse (without applying shampoo). The technique is designed for very dry, thin and weak hair. Girls with a normal, bold and combined type can not wash their hair in this way.
  2. To begin the procedure, rinse the strands with cool water, squeeze, then distribute the conditioner in a thick layer. Massage the scalp and tips, wait 10 minutes, rinse. Repeat 2 times, then dry the hair with a towel.
  3. The method of washing can be resorted to no more than once a week, otherwise the shock is too much moisture and becomes sticky. Since the conditioner does not contain a foaming component, it is necessary to massage the hair for a long time.
  4. If you decide to co-wash your hair all the time, combine this method with a normal procedure. At the same time, professionals recommend changing the balm on a monthly basis in order to increase efficiency.

How to dry curly hair

  1. If possible, allow your hair to dry naturally. Thus you eliminate the severe damage that occurs when using a hair dryer.
  2. In rare cases, you can resort to drying the diffuser, exposing the cold airflow and weak power. Direct the jet not to the tips, but to the roots to create the maximum volume.
  3. If you need to do styling all the time, purchase thermal protection for hair in a professional hairdressing shop. It comes in the form of a spray, mousse and gel. When applied, the composition forms a film that prevents the scales from overheating and lifting.
  4. You can dry the strands by the combined method. To do this, after washing, collect moisture with a towel, then squeeze the curls into a fist, forming curls. When the hair is slightly dry (after half an hour), treat it with a diffuser at the roots.
  5. If you can afford to wash and dry your hair in a beauty salon, use this. Hairdressers are equipped with an ultraviolet cap, which precisely keeps the shape of curls. After the procedure, the curls are not divided into thin strands and hairs.

How to comb curly hair

  1. Get a hair comb made from tortoise shell or wood. Tools made from natural material do not contribute to the cross section.
  2. Comb strands, starting from the tips, gradually moving up. The procedure is carried out not on wet or dry hair, but exclusively on moisturized.
  3. To facilitate combing, pre-spray curls with directional spray. The composition unravels the hairs, not allowing them to weave together.
  4. If you have a dense and voluminous mop, the comb with it can not cope. In this case, perform the procedure with your fingers, imitate the movement of the comb after partial drying of the hair.
  5. Do not brush curly hair with a massage brush, even if it is made from natural bristles. After drying, the curls will start to push, the curls will lose their shape, you will look like a dandelion.

How to cut curly hair

  1. Owners of curly hair need to pick up "their" master, who is familiar with the nuances of cutting curly curls. It is categorically not recommended to mill strands or remove the top layer of the stacks of the barber shop with a razor.
  2. A competent specialist knows that curly hair cut only on dry strands. Work requires attention to detail and patience, the newcomer can not afford such manipulations.
  3. To date, there are many options for haircuts curly mounds. To simplify styling and add volume to thin hair, shorten them in a cascade or with a ladder.
  4. If you have a round or oval face without distinct cheekbones, do not make a straight bang. You can give it a different shape, for example, cut diagonally or in the form of steps. It is important to note that the bang on curly hair needs constant straightening.
  5. Beautiful styling can be done by yourself. To do this, it is necessary to treat the parietal and occipital zones with mousse, then moisten them with water and dry with a hairdryer with a diffuser. This will make an impressive amount, which is sufficient to fix the varnish.
  6. Curly hair needs a constant haircut. Visit the hairdresser when you see the tips begin to split. In this way you will accelerate growth, if possible, make a hot hairstyle with scissors.

How to style curly hair correctly

  1. Use products with thermal protection. Distribute them to wet or damp hair, but in any case not to dry. Products must be applied before drying hair dryer or other styling using thermal devices.
  2. Do not overdo it with the amount of the composition. It makes the hair coarse and "wooden", the curls will look untidy. You can combine a protective spray with tip serum with the same properties.
  3. If you need to fix the already formed strands, use the mousse for laying. Spread the foam over the surface of your palms, rub it into a thin layer. Begin to curl fists, rising from the tips to the roots. After that, dry your hair, sprinkle with varnish.
  4. To refresh the hairstyle, use the spray of its own production. Mix 150 ml. drinking water with 3 ml. burdock oil, add 10 ml. pharmacy vitamin A in ampoules. Pour into a bottle with a spray, shake before spraying.
  5. Do not pinch the hair with hairpins with iron teeth. They injure the structure, as a result of which the hair is severely injured. Buy magnetic hair accessories, use crabs.
  6. Girls with curls often want to straighten strands, but such a move is considered a colossal mistake. After a certain period of time, the curls will curl again, but their structure will be lost. We recommend to completely eliminate the use of ironing. Better do keratin straightening.

Firming masks for curly hair

  1. Honey and egg. Separate the yolks from three chicken eggs, we do not need proteins. Refrigerate for 20 minutes. After the time, rub the yolks with 35 gr. honey, pour 15 ml. vegetable oil, 20 ml. castor oil Add 40 ml. pharmacy "Aevita" in ampoules or vitamin E in the same quantity. Spread the composition with a fork until smooth, spread it over curls. Wrap your head with a film, wait half an hour, remove with water.
  2. Vinegar and gelatin. Dissolve 30 g in warm water. gelatin, leave until the mass swells (about 30 minutes). Then pour 25 ml. apple cider vinegar concentration of 6%, 1 ml. almond or ginseng ether, 20 ml. olive oil. Stir the product until smooth, spread it over the hair. Try not to fall on the root area. Wash off the mask with warm water after 20 minutes.
  3. Sour cream and gelatin. In a small container, combine 45 ml. warm water and 20 g. gelatin, mix with a fork, let it swell. After about 20 minutes, add 40 grams. fat cream, 10 gr. rye bran, 15 ml. corn oil. Moisten the hair, apply the product to the wet strands, without affecting the roots. Wrap yourself in plastic and a towel, wait half an hour. Wash off with shampoo and balm.

Curly Hair Care Tips

  1. In order not to disturb the structure of the curls, do not do tight hair (braid, tail, etc.). Otherwise, the curls will lose their shape, hair will look untidy. Completely give up the shooters, make the bottom volume a diffuser.
  2. Properly care for your hair in summer. Wear a hat with a wide brim or cover your hair with a cap. Be sure to apply a spray that has SPF protection. During tanning in a solarium, ask the administrator to provide a disposable medical cap.
  3. Use professional makeup. In particular, it is important to obtain a dry tip serum that will prevent cross-section. Rub the tool every day 2 times. An analogue is a caring spray conditioner.
  4. If you dye your hair, rinse it once a week with a homemade solution. It can be prepared from 2 liters of warm water and 75 ml. Table vinegar concentration of 6%. This way you save color and strengthen strands.
  5. When choosing a cleansing and caring cosmetics, pay attention to the mark "for curly hair." Shampoos, sprays and balms of this kind give shape to curls, not allowing them to push. Purchase a diffuser for a hairdryer in advance so that drying and styling are carried out at the same time.

Care for curly hair is not particularly difficult, if you adhere to an integrated approach. Dry the strands with a hairdryer with a diffuser, use the "Co-washing" washing method, prepare nourishing masks. Comb the curls with a comb of natural material, get a tool with a thermal protection effect.

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