How to attract the attention of the guy you like

Wanting to attract the attention of the guy girls are capable of much. It is important to think through your own actions, otherwise you risk scaring away the object of passion. How to lure the young man into their own networks and keep him on the hook? Let's figure it out together.

How to attract the attention of a guy: step by step instructions

Step 1. Model a situation where you need to pass by it. Straighten up, do not take too wide steps, keep confident. No need to slow down or walk like in the army, walk calmly. The guy should appreciate you in all its glory, ranging from developing hair and ending with a beautiful outfit. Ideal: you go to meet your friend and sincerely smile at her (you can persuade a friend to make such a move with a horse).

Step 2. Now it is important to show interest. Catch his eyes, do not tear his eyes for a few moments. Know the measure, do not stare, smile discreetly and expect further developments. When the gentleman comes, say "Hi!", Continuing to smile modestly. Thus, you will make it clear that you want to start a conversation.

Step 3. Take care to create the right first impression, there will be no other chance. Stay friendly, but not intrusive, keep your distance. Make conversation easy and enjoyable without exhausting pauses. Relax it and make fun of yourself, but do not go too far so that it does not work out too hard. Create the impression of a pleasant and easy-to-communicate companion.

Step 4. Let the guy know that you are open to communication. Stay confident, don't slouch and keep your head straight. Do not close your interlocutor by folding your arms across your chest. Stop straightening jewelry or hair, everything is fine. Relax and enjoy the first contact with the object of adoration.

Use tactile contact, gently touch his hand, lean forward, as if you did not hear what he said. A start has been made, keep looking into your eyes, do not translate a look, it is a sign of disinterest.

Step 5. Go to a full-scale operation called "Flirt." Feeling calmer than a few hours ago? Great, now lightly make fun of your opponent and let him reciprocate. Show that you are okay with self-irony. Continue to touch his hand when you laugh, but do not squeeze, but just touch supposedly reflexively.

Lick your lips, play with your hair and make a languid look. You should not talk about sympathy, forbid yourself to come close to the guy, so that communication remains easy and unconstrained. Do not laugh loudly, speak in a soft and quiet voice, let him bend down to hear exactly what you have said.

Step 6. Work on the emotional state, the positive mood should continue throughout the meeting. Show your own uniqueness, remain natural and not defiant. Hold the conversation on a cheerful note, do not tell that you do not like, talk about pleasant things.

It is too early to share information about the deceased grandmother or the terrible route taxi. Discuss your favorite movies, hobbies and pets, infect him with enthusiasm. Do not argue, maintain a balance between the beginning of the conflict and the expression of their own opinions. Continue the positive dialogue, find common ground and similar hobbies.

Step 7. Now you need to make the guy invited you to a romantic meeting. In the course of the conversation, you have already identified common interests, it is time to use them. Report that the band (both of you should like it) gives a concert at the end of the week. If the guy said that his favorite dish is sushi, mention by chance the opening of a new Japanese restaurant. At this stage, you can compliment your interlocutor by showing your true intentions.

You can turn the situation differently and clearly hint that you do not know what to do on the weekend, but do not become too intrusive, leave the runway to break up. The object of adoration you noticed, you productively talked and entrenched in his memory. It remains only to wait for an invitation for a date, which will soon follow.

Can't get the attention of a guy who likes? Remain natural and relaxed, keep a confident and open smile. Show your individuality, share your impressions and look for points of contact. Start flirting only when you notice mutual sympathy. Keep the young man on a hook with a positive mood, discuss interesting topics and tactile sensations!

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