Physalis preserves: 5 recipes

Physalis hails from America was loved by many for its variety of varieties and, as a result, its rich taste. Sweet berry is used to decorate cocktails and desserts. It is often dried and canned, we are interested in the last option. Experienced housewives adapted the fruits of Physalis for cooking treats. The delicacy is suitable for stuffing pastries, and also used when drinking tea. There are many recipes for jam, which we will talk about today.

Confectionery Physalis Jam: Classic

  • beet sugar - 1.1 kg.
  • Physalis confectionery - 950 gr.
  • drinking water - 470 ml.
  1. First, prepare a sweet base, which will be soaked berries. Combine the water with sugar, send it to the stove and cook until smooth. When the syrup is ready, cool it.
  2. At this time, do sorting Physalis. Remove the boxes, wash the raw materials under the tap. Dry laid out on towels. Now boil the usual running water, scald the fruit and immediately cool it.
  3. Chop into 2 parts, send in a container for cooking treats. Pour sugar base here, mix well. Wait 4-5 hours, this time is set aside to evenly soak the berries.
  4. When the named term comes to an end, put the composition on the burner. Tomit on medium heat before boiling, then reduce power to minimum. Boil treat 8 minutes.
  5. Remove from heat, allow to cool to room temperature. Repeat heat treatment for 10 minutes after 6 hours. In hot condition, pack the contents in cans, cork.

Physalis jam with pear and apple

  • granulated sugar - 2.8 kg.
  • lemon - 55-65 gr.
  • Physalis (vegetable or confectionery) - 980 gr.
  • Apple (sweet and sour variety) - 900 gr.
  • pear (moderately mature) - 900 gr.

  1. Free physalis from the bolls, place in a sieve and rinse in a basin with cold water. Transfer to a cloth for thorough drying. At this time, take a pear with an apple. Peel the fruit from the seed and tails, leaving only the pulp.
  2. Now cut all the raw material into bars, slices or plates of relatively equal size. Dip citrus in boiling water, remove the bones, chop the peel with pulp into slices.
  3. Pear, Physalis and apple move to the refractory container for cooking. Sprinkle with sugar, mix gently with your hand. Soak in the kitchen for 4 hours. Then move the bowl on the fire, boil until boiling at an average mark.
  4. After this period, reduce the power of the burner, continue to torment and remove the foam. The duration of heat treatment depends on the degree of maturity of the fruit. Jam should be thick and uniform.
  5. 10 minutes before the process is complete, add lemon slices. When the treat gets a bright honey hue, and the fruits with berries become translucent, turn off the heat. Stir, pack and roll up the roll.

Physalis jam with ginger

  • Ginger root - 40 gr. (about 3 cm.)
  • refined sugar - 1.3 kg.
  • Physalis - 1.1 kg.
  • drinking water - 260 ml.
  1. Make a selection of Physalis, eliminating all damaged and badly crumpled specimens. Clean healthy raw materials from bolls, tails and foreign debris. Rinse in a basin with warm water, sprinkle with boiling water, and dry.
  2. Now in each berry, make 3 holes with a sewing needle or toothpick. Take the preparation of ginger: clean the root, wash, chop into thin slices.
  3. Put the ginger in the pan, add water according to the recipe. Turn on the burner to the middle mark, wait for the first bubbles. Boil a lot for another 3 minutes, start to pour sugar granularly.
  4. Simultaneously stir the composition so that the sweetener dissolves completely. When the syrup is smooth, add the whole fruits of Physalis to it. Remove from the burner, hold it under the gauze for 2 hours.
  5. Due to the holes, the berry is soaked with a sweet mass evenly. After the allotted interval, place the dishes with Physalis on the stove, boil down until you get a thick consistency.
  6. Get rid of the foam in time, it will ruin the look of treats. When the fruits become translucent, pack the jam in jars. Spend closing tin.

Physalis jam with lemon

  • sugar - 800 gr.
  • Physalis - 0.85 kg.
  • lemon - 1 pc.
  • Table water - 230 ml.
  1. After cleaning Physalis, the fruit should be dipped in a basin of boiling water and wait 1 minute. Next, the raw material is dried and punctured with a toothpick in several places. Such a step will provide a quick and uniform impregnation of the syrup.
  2. Rinse the citrus under the tap, rub with a foam sponge to remove the scurf. Scald the lemon with boiling water, chop up and remove the bones.
  3. Send citrus to the pan with drinking water according to the recipe, cook for 5 minutes. After this time, add portioned sugar, continue to simmer over low heat.
  4. When the syrup becomes homogeneous, boil the mass for 8 minutes, turn off the hotplate. Add whole Physalis to the sweet base, wait half an hour.
  5. Place the dishes on the stove again, wait until the boiling begins. Boil down the treat for a quarter of an hour, get rid of the foam and stir the contents of the pan.
  6. After the named interval, remove the treat from the stove, cool for 10 hours. Spend a second heat treatment for a third of an hour. This time is necessary for the acquisition of Physalis translucency.
  7. When the syrup becomes amber, remove the jam from the hob. Immediately pour into sterile containers, do not wait for cooling. Conduct blockage, cool under a sweatshirt, transfer to cold.

Physalis Jam with Plum

  • sugar - 2.4 kg.
  • Physalis - 1.7 kg.
  • citric acid - in fact
  • plum (mature and dense) - 800 gr.

  1. Clean the Physalis, wash the berries, lower in boiling water for half a minute. Then chop the raw material in halves or pieces of arbitrary shape.
  2. Rinse the plum by removing the white residue. Get rid of the bones, cut into segments. Now prepare the base (syrup): combine granulated sugar with water, heat until homogeneous.
  3. When the crystals dissolve, remove the mass from the plate. Add plum and pieces of Physalis to the pan, wait 3 hours. After a period of time, bring the jam to a boil, stew on low power for 15 minutes.
  4. Remove the foam, stir the contents with a wooden spoon. Fruits should acquire translucency and become practically invisible. After reaching such a state, pour in the lemongrass, stew for a dainty for 8 minutes.
  5. Take care of sterilization of containers in advance. The container must be washed with soda, sterilized and dried. The lids are boiled for 5 minutes. Perform bottling and closing treats.

If you want to preserve the original form of Physalis during heat treatment, scald the fruits with boiling water and make needles with a needle. Combine berry with lemon, cinnamon, apple, pear, plum. Add spicy herbs, taking into account personal preferences of the family, combine sugar with honey.

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