How to disaccustom a dog to bark at home: useful tips

The owners of four-legged friends do not joke when they say that the family is considered inferior, if the dog does not bark in the house and the child does not laugh. This statement is believed to be true, as pets of this kind are trained to bark. But what to do in cases when neighbors start complaining about constant noise? Right! Adjust the behavior of your pet. In such a fine matter there are a number of features, let's talk about everything in order.

Why the dog barks

  1. The most harmless kind of woofing is considered to be a pet's playful mood. This behavior is considered from the point of view: "I want to break away from the full!", So it does not make sense to scold the pet.
  2. Many dogs are deprived of the attention of busy owners. They lack caress, care, games. For this reason, single pets howl and bark when a person is not at home. The situation is resolved by the fact that the owner must meet the needs of his ward.
  3. Another cause of woof is fear and stress. When a pet defends itself, it shows a voice. The same is true if the animal is being harmed. Self-defense is a natural reaction for both humans and dogs.
  4. Many animals experience fear when left in a confined space. Pet is not accustomed to be without a host society, therefore, it starts barking and whining tirelessly. To correct the situation, teach the animal to be alone with itself gradually, and not in one fell swoop.
  5. There is a type of dog that can start barking with boredom. Often, this behavior is observed at times when owners leave their pets for bail to friends or strangers. The dog longs for the owner, not knowing what to do with himself.
  6. Some animals show a voice when they have accumulated too much energy. Such a state is more like an unsatisfied arousal. To wean the dog to bark, you need to walk it on the street, which is called "before the loss of pulse."
  7. Especially temperamental individuals are in constant anxiety. When the pet hears extraneous noises behind the entrance door, picks up the loud ringing of the telephone or shouts, it starts barking. Extraneous irritants excite the protective instinct.

Dog Education Tips

  1. If the dog starts barking, keep your attitude neutral. Do not show aggression, pretend that you have not noticed what is happening. Any directional action, whether censure or praise, will encourage the dog to an even greater exclamation. Learn with the pet command "Place!" or "Quiet!".
  2. As mentioned above, dogs can howl and bark, lacking attention. This also can be attributed to self-doubt. To exclude animal complexes, spend more time at home and outside with your pet. Teach your dog to the manner of friendly communication with their relatives.
  3. In cases when it is necessary to wean a puppy from barking, and not an adult, act smarter. If the puppy starts to bark, wait for the moment when he stops. Only then go to your pet and show discontent. If you rush at all barking, the puppy will begin to use it as a means of attracting the attention of the owner.
  4. Dogs are extremely sensitive to humans. They easily adopt moods and emotions. Do not be angry or agitated, do not yell at the animal. Otherwise, you will make the pet bark even harder, experiencing arousal.
  5. Barking can be stopped with the commands "Place!", "No!", "Quiet!". Do not beat the dog or lock in the room. In a state of stress, the pet will start not only barking, but also howling with all his might.
  6. You do not need to scold the pet, if he begins to bark at people who have a duty. These types of personalities include pizza delivery men, postmen, taxi drivers. The dog warns of its intention to attack, but does not perform any actions, except barking. A person who has entered the “territory” has a chance to leave it intact.
  7. Many dogs begin to bark as soon as the owner leaves the threshold of the house. Such behavior symbolizes melancholy and inability to be alone. Never go back to the "call" of a pet. Listen, after 5 minutes the dog will be silent and go to its place.

How to wean a dog to bark at home

There are many ways to stop barking, which we will discuss below. Choose one method or combine several options with each other.

Method number 1. Touch the ears of the animal

  1. If you are faced with a problem in which the dog starts barking hysterically, proceed as follows. Suppress excitement by touching the tips of the animal's ears. Lightly rub the skin between your fingers until the cessation of the woof.
  2. If this option did not help, but you acted in the right direction (the barking became quieter), go below. Touch the ears so that the dog can hear nothing but its barking. The pet will be puzzled with regards to what is happening.
  3. This method is considered to be the most effective. However, before checking it on an excited individual, try the method on a calm animal. If a pet responds to actions, then you can stop barking if necessary.
  4. If the ward stops barking, be sure to compliment him with a treat. Repeat the manipulation each time until you impart the correct behavior to your pet.

Method number 2. Answer the dog with a funny bark

  1. Not all dogs react to touch their ears. You can use another effective, but short-term method. When the dog starts to bark, stand up to face it.
  2. Look at the animal with cheerful eyes, smile, then expressively start to bark in response. At the same time you can copy a children's or cartoon voice. The main goal is to confuse the dog.
  3. Once the animal is silent, try to quickly switch it to the game. In such a simple way you suppress barking without harming the psyche of your pet.

Method number 3. Teach your favorite team "Ko me!"

  1. The dog must be trained in commands, regardless of age. When the first successes appear, do not skimp on the praise, let us pet treat.
  2. When you catch a pet on the barking, order him to come to you. Give the command until the animal executes it. The dog can not simultaneously bark and follow to the owner.
  3. When submitting a dog, always encourage it. When the pet gets up at your foot, rub the tips of your ears. So you combine the two ways with each other.
  4. It is important to let your pet know that no woofing inside the house is allowed. At will after the order "To me!" Give the command "You can not!". Only constant practice will allow you to achieve results.

Method number 4. Get food supplements

  1. There are veterinary pharmacies in big cities that sell over-the-counter dietary supplements for dogs, cats and other animals. Many of the drugs have a sedative effect.
  2. If you are the happy owner of a constantly agitated pet, you should use this method. Buy supplements in the form of a suspension or tablets, read the manufacturer’s recommendations and follow them strictly.
  3. Soothing compounds do not have a negative effect on the nervous system of dogs, because they consist of natural ingredients. This option is an approach when you do not have time to train your pet.
  4. Carefully study the sections "Application" and "Contraindications". There are a number of drugs that in no case can not give a pet constantly, only courses.

Method number 5. Eliminate annoying factors

  1. As mentioned earlier, dogs negatively relate to the harsh sounds of a mobile phone or loud conversations from neighbors. To cope with barking, eliminate irritation factors.
  2. Make the call on the smartphone quieter. Take the door, pasted over its sound insulation if necessary. Agree with your neighbors that your dog will not bark if people in the general vestibule start to behave more quietly.
  3. Of course, in all you need to know when to stop. If the dog reacts even to the rustling of the leaves outside the window, it is worth using other options for stopping the barking.
  4. It is important to correctly identify the annoying factor and eliminate it completely. If the animal does not shut up, teach him the command "Quiet!" or "Place!".
  5. Some owners for many years use a great way of weaning a dog to bark at rustling outside the door. When a pet gives a voice, go to another room and make some noise with a ball. Translate the bark to the game.

Method number 6. Walk with animals

  1. Regular walks are considered a sure and safe method of education. Often bring your pet out, highlight running or training the team "Aport!" at least 1-1.5 hours a day. Allow the dog to bark on the street, that is urine. Upon arrival home, she will eat and fast fall asleep.
  2. The method of "exhausting" is especially relevant in cases where the owner cannot be close to the dog all day long (work, study, etc.). Take the habit of conducting active walks in the morning so that the dog can rest.
  3. Active games in nature exhaust even a healthy body. For this reason, use this option as the main or auxiliary one.

Method number 7. Buy a collar with the STOP Lai function

  1. Today, the leading manufacturers of ammunition for animals have developed several types of collars that help prevent barking. These include electroshock bezel and tape impregnated with essential oils.
  2. ESHO allows weaning the dog to bark by the use of physical force. Ammunition is a bezel with two attached electrodes. When the dog barks, the vibration from the larynx is transmitted to the collar. He, in turn, produces an unpleasant discharge. The dog does not hurt, but it is uncomfortable.
  3. If we talk about the collar with essential oils, it is completely safe. Wearing a ribbon, light soothing impulses enter the dog's brain due to aromatherapy. Wear ammunition only when you are at home. The collar will calm the dog, but then you should give it the opportunity to frolic in nature.

Find out the true reasons why a dog barks at home. Eliminate irritation factors, consider options for collars with a function that controls the woof. Purchase food supplements, carefully study the section "Application". Walk with your pet in nature, exhausting him by studying teams and running. If the dog continues to howl, touch its ears, or sweetly eat it in return.

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