How to learn to flirt with guys

Sometimes there are girls who have perfect looks. The chiseled figure, long beautiful hair, elegant dress and natural makeup. But something does not stick in his personal life, and after talking with such a girl I want to run away from her, because it blows from her cold. At the same time there are girls who do not differ in special external data, but there are always a lot of guys around them. They are mysteriously smiling, flirting and flirting. How do they do it? What is it - flirt? How to learn to flirt with guys?

What is flirting

In ancient times, seductive women were called witches. And this is not surprising. Such a woman could make any man crazy with a look, word and touch. Modern women are not deprived of this art. Only in a world where the line between a man and a woman has disappeared, where women occupy leading posts and drive planes, they gradually forget about their natural essence.

As you know, a man is a hunter. But we, girls, know that a woman chooses her life partner. It is important to make him understand that he is interesting to you, and only then he begins to “conquer” his lady. Men think that they chose their victim and made it. Well, let them think, right?

Flirting is a subtle art of seduction. It should not be intrusive, otherwise the man just run away from you. On the other hand, it should be clear, because men often do not understand vague hints. How to make your chosen one notice you?

Art to draw attention to themselves

  1. Contact with a look. This is the first and most effective way to attract attention. It is necessary by chance to imperceptibly look into the object's eyes and hold the view for a few seconds. As if trying to say something. This method can be used for a familiar man, and for a stranger. You will introduce a friend to confusion, and a stranger will certainly want to get to know you better.
  2. Smile. Another powerful weapon. With the help of a smile, you can make a person understand that you like him, that you feel good-natured feelings towards him, and even that you want him. A smile should be fleeting, so that no one except the guy can see it, let it be your little secret.
  3. Gesture. An unforced gesture can also tell a lot. You inadvertently touched his hand, touched his shoulder and smiled sweetly with the words of apology. After that, you flew away like a bird, and the man certainly remains in thought, was it an accident?

How to flirt with a familiar man

You have known each other for a long time, you communicate as close friends, he trusts you all, but he doesn’t realize that he is interesting to you as a man. How to let him know?

First you need to find a reason to get into a movie, cafe or club. This can be motivated by the fact that it was a difficult work week and you need to unwind. Come to the meeting beautifully and elegantly dressed. If you work with this man and he saw you only in worn jeans and a stretched turtleneck, you need to change his view of himself. Put on a dress, heels, loose your hair. The image should be nice, but not vulgar. Let him see a woman in you, not a friend.

After that, you need to go to the planned event. Be light, mysterious and seductive. Men are far from fools, your object will quickly understand what you are driving at. And then you can dismiss all your secret female charms.

How to flirt with an unfamiliar man

Imagine the situation - you are sitting in a cafe, at the next table is a nice man and you really want to get his attention. You remember that men are hunters, so we only need to lure him and let us catch ourselves. Let him think that he picked you up.

You sit alone, he sits alone - this is a reason for dating. Take a look at the man, and after he notices your gaze, look off in confusion. So you can repeat a couple of times. It works flawlessly, the man will certainly talk to you. If you caught eye contact, mutually smiled at each other, then you can sit down yourself. Drop the unobtrusive "Are you bored? Can I sit down?" And then the conversation will start by itself.

How to look while flirting

To flirt with guys, you have to be completely confident. Therefore, before you leave the house, you should always look well-groomed, even if you leave the house for a couple of minutes to the store. The man of your dreams can meet you at every turn!

Manicure and pedicure is a natural attribute of any woman. Nails should always be groomed, filed and painted with at least colorless varnish. When leaving the house, put on a light natural make-up, pick a simple but neat haircut. Clothing should reflect your inner state. If you are going on a date, give preference to light womanly dresses and heels. You can not dress very openly, it is ugly, vulgar and not at all attractive.

It is very important to pay attention to their flavor. This should be a light unobtrusive smell, which will leave behind a subtle train. Do not forget about your figure. Every day, pay attention to her to remain irresistible. It is important to monitor nutrition, exercise and monitor the condition of your skin, nails and hair.

Notice how you hold on. If you walk down the street, the step must be confident, your posture is proud, and your head is up. After all, if a girl walks in small steps on shoes with a flat sole, always looks at the floor and hides in the collars of her jacket, there can be no question here. When talking, do not interrupt the man and chat without ceasing. Do not gesticulate excessively; this may scare away the object of your liking. Good looks will give you confidence in their female charms and then natural magnetism will certainly manifest.

Some more ways to flirt with a man

  1. The most unobtrusive but effective way to attract the attention of a guy is to wink at him. Do not hesitate, because this is a game!
  2. Do not cross your arms over your chest. This gesture subconsciously says that you do not want to communicate and close from the interlocutor.
  3. A good way to attract the attention of a man is to shake his hair, play with his jewelry.
  4. If a guy does not make contact for a long time, perhaps this is the reason for taking the first step? Do not hesitate to speak first, perhaps the guy also drew attention to you, but hesitated to come first.
  5. Do not be afraid to search for meetings with your subject of adoration. If he likes to run every day in the park, go for a walk with the dog along this route.
  6. When talking, try to be flirty and mysterious. Do not answer specific answers to his questions. Say "Maybe" or "What do you think?"
  7. When talking, try to transfer the topic to it. Be interested in his hobbies, work or study. People like to talk about themselves.
  8. When laughing or talking as if by chance, touch the guy. Touch creates an atmosphere of trust and sincerity.
  9. Call it by name. This makes the relationship more intimate and trusting.
  10. Find a reason to dance with your man. This can be a club, a disco, a party with friends or even a dance club. In the dance, meet your partner with your eyes, give him a hint of a closer relationship.
  11. Do not think that men do not like compliments. Only here the compliment should not be explicit. Say something like "I would like to be able to play volleyball too." A man will like it.
  12. Do not impose that a man would like to meet you again. Slip out secretly from a meeting or gather at the most unexpected moment. And if a man, when parting, bends over to you for a kiss, smile at the very last moment and say that the evening was beautiful. This will further encourage any guy and he will look for meetings with you again.

Flirting with guys is a difficult science, but it is not taught anywhere. To learn to flirt and be attractive in the eyes of guys, you need to feel your feminine strength and charm. And then your natural magnetism will tell you what to do in a given situation. Be natural and do not overplay. And then any man will submit to you!

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