Avocado face masks: 6 recipes

The presented fruits grow on an evergreen tree, are used everywhere and possess a number of irreplaceable qualities. Specialists in the field of cosmetology recommend the use of natural products to improve the condition of the skin. Often, avocado is a fundamental component in the creation of masks and other means of such orientation. Chemicals present in the composition, eliminate many problems. In a short time, you can remove the peeling, smooth the relief and clean the pores.


Evergreen gives fruits that differ in pigmentation and their qualities. Avocado belongs to the family of laurel, is included in the genus Perseus. He is otherwise referred to as an alligator pear due to interesting external qualities. The tree itself is up to 20 meters. It is straight, branches at the top. The foliage is elongated, the inflorescences are stained with a light greenish pigment.

As for the fruits themselves, they differ depending on the variety. So, there are about 400 species of this plant. All varieties differ from each other in pigmentation, overall characteristics, skin structure, etc. However, one variety is usually supplied to stores - dark green, resilient and useful.

There is a bone inside the fetus that accumulates a toxic substance called persin. This compound should not enter the body, and therefore in the process of receiving the bone is removed. However, persin do effective drugs. Basically, they are all aimed at combating cancer diseases.

Recipes means

It has already been mentioned earlier that the presented fruit is widely used in the fight against skin problems. It is advisable to use it when the first age changes appear. Also, the means of personal preparation will be counted as a plus for those who want to maintain beauty and youth all the time. In any case, such procedures will not be superfluous.


  1. This composition is designed to eliminate creases of varying complexity, starting with fine wrinkles, ending with strong sags. Suitable for owners of dry epidermis, devoid of moisture. Struggles with peeling, prevents negative environmental effects, restores the relief and pigmentation of the dermis.
  2. To prepare the composition, you need to stock up on components and follow the recommendations. Take half or whole fruit, remove the bone and chop into cubes. Load the blender into the cup, scroll and enter 18 ml. olive oil. Pour half a spoonful of loose yeast, leave for a quarter of an hour.
  3. When the allotted period of time comes to an end, it is necessary to stir the ingredients again and proceed with the distribution. So, steam the face by holding it over the bath. When the pores open, apply the composition and massage your face. After 12 minutes, get rid of the contents.


  1. Means possesses the drying and clarifying impact, it is usually used for elimination of pigmentation and other imperfections of this kind. Softens, fits all, without exception. The main thing is to make sure that there is no allergic reaction to the presented beekeeping product.
  2. If there is no prohibition to use, it is worth starting. Combine in equal ratio the oil obtained from avocado, as well as honey. Warm over steam, then rub into the skin. Do not allow runoff, after a third of an hour remove.

Sour cream

  1. For the categories of people who are tired of fighting with the vascular network, constant peeling and acne, this tool has been developed. To increase the elasticity of tissues, to restore the water balance, you need to use high-fat sour cream, avocado oil and potatoes.
  2. Mix the ingredients presented to obtain a homogeneous mass. Potatoes can be used both raw and boiled, removing the peel. Instead of butter, it is permissible to use fruit chopped into a mush. After applying the mask should hold a quarter of an hour.


  1. This composition is more suitable for people with fat or problem epidermis, because it concentrates drying and rather aggressive components. If you need to get rid of greasy shine, traffic jams in the ducts, then adopt this composition.
  2. Squeeze the lemon juice in such a way as to get a full spoon. Enter the same amount of avocado gruel, whipped chilled egg white (or two quail). Apply evenly and leave for 7 minutes.


  1. The tool is considered the best of its kind. With it, some managed to cure serious rashes without going to the professionals. The composition is made on the basis of high-fat kefir, it is desirable to take all-natural farm products. If there is none, the store will do.
  2. If you follow the reviews, then this mixture perfectly restores the water balance and fights fat. That is, it is completely universal, suitable for everyone. To make a mask, you need to scroll the whole fruit with a blender, after having pulled a bone out of it.
  3. Further, kefir drink is introduced into this slurry in an amount, which is called, by eye. Usually the ingredients are taken equally. To make the density poured starch or flour. When the product is mixed, distribute it and do not forget about the short-term massage. Wait a third of an hour, then delete.


  1. Another universal remedy that can be used with strong dryness or oily shine. Also developed composition for categories of persons with mixed epidermis. As a basis it is necessary to take high-fat mayonnaise. If you can make it yourself, use it.
  2. Carefully work with an egg whisk, then add a spoon of honey and mayonnaise to it. Pour the starch in such a volume that the composition has gained density. Leave for a while to insist, apply and hold for a quarter of an hour.

Fruit selection

  1. Depending on the variety of the product presented, it may have a different skin color. For example, if you take the Californian fruit, its color will be mostly brownish. Often it is these fruits are used in the preparation of various beverages.
  2. Also from the California fruit get excellent cream soups. If you grind the pulp with a blender, you can simply spread it on bread. In most cases, this is what real gourmets do. As for fruits with green skinned, the flesh is usually hard.
  3. Such fruits are used to make salads and rolls. The question is different, how can we still determine the ripeness of the product. Do not be afraid, it is quite simple to do. It is enough to put pressure on the fruit. Moreover, if you see a small cavity, which almost immediately leveled out. This indicates the maturity of the product.
  4. In addition, you can purchase and unripe fruit, there is nothing to worry about. Leave it for a few days at room temperature and it will mature. If you want to speed up the process significantly, it is enough to place the alligator pear in one container together with bananas and apples. Do not take too soft avocado. The problem is that it can be rotten.

Impact on the female body

  1. It is noteworthy that not many have heard about the unique qualities of the fruit in question. With its systematic consumption significantly slows the aging process. A positive effect on the body is achieved due to the abundance of fatty acids.
  2. Therefore, systematic consumption of the product will also have a positive effect on appearance. To improve the condition of the skin, it is strongly recommended to use the oil of the fruit in question. It is widespread in the world of cosmetology.
  3. In addition, you can prepare various tools yourself. They will help eliminate various skin lesions and inflammatory processes. Due to the active composition, it is even possible to cope with some dermatological pathologies.
  4. Along with this, regular eating of the fetus will allow to normalize the hormonal background. The result is the prevention of infertility and other serious health problems. The menstrual cycle is also restored, severe pains pass during menstruation.
  5. In addition, the presented product is a powerful natural aphrodisiac. At the same time, the representatives of the weaker sex significantly increase their libido. This product is also recommended for girls who are in an interesting position. Fruit should be added to various vegetable and fruit salads.
  6. The fruit will be an excellent snack between meals. To suppress hunger, it is enough to eat half an avocado. Take into account, before you start to enter this product into the diet, you must consult with your doctor in advance. Sometimes an allergic reaction to the fetus occurs.
  7. To ensure there is no allergic reaction, eat a small piece of the fruit. Wait about 1 hour. If you have not noticed any changes, then everything is in order. Consider, in this case, it is allowed to eat no more than half a fruit per day.

Impact on the male body

  1. As for the beneficial qualities that the fruit has on the male body, there are quite a lot of them. Such a product will be an excellent prophylactic against impotence. As mentioned earlier, the fruit in question is the strongest natural aphrodisiac.
  2. A positive effect on the male body is due to the abundance of folic acid. It is thanks to this enzyme increased sexual desire to the opposite sex. Loss of various problems with men's health, which could occur throughout life.
  3. However, there is always the other side of the coin. This fruit is forbidden to consume too often. The problem is that due to the content of a special substance, it suppresses testosterone in the human body. The rest of the fruit is recommended to use in case of prostate adenoma and low potency.
  4. Fruit is actively used by athletes. The bottom line is that the product helps you gain muscle mass quickly. Therefore, if you often visit the gym, you should pay attention to the considered fruit. Avocados are high in vegetable protein.

To improve the appearance, you can use not only the flesh of a fresh fruit, but also oil based on it. Use the above recipes to achieve the desired result. To improve performance, systematically include fruit in the diet.

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