How to make a protein cream at home

Traditionally, protein cream is prepared to decorate desserts. The composition has gained popularity due to the unforgettable taste and relative simplicity of the recipe. Protein cream is widely used in the confectionery art. It can be used as an independent snack or added to cakes, puff tubes, cakes and other pastries.

Milk protein cream

  • purified water - 250 ml.
  • sugar - 550 gr.
  • egg whites - 7 pcs.
  • Cognac - 17 ml.
  • citric acid - 4 gr.
  • vanilla powder - 15 gr.
  • butter - 300 gr.
  • condensed milk - 150 gr.
  • Instant gelatin - 25 gr.
  • lemon juice -25 ml.
  1. Put gelatin in a small container with warm water. Wait for the swelling of the product. In parallel, pour drinking water into the pot, add sugar. Simmer over low heat until a uniform, thick syrup is formed.
  2. If necessary, dissolve the gelatin in a pore bath, then mix it with the resulting syrup. Heat up a little. Beat the condensed milk with soft oil until smooth, send in the refrigerator.
  3. Pound cooled proteins to a thick foam, slowly pour in gelatinous syrup. Do not stop beating the composition until it cools. Then carefully break the creamy mass with a mixer.
  4. At the exit you should get a lush cream. A couple of minutes before full readiness, mix in vanilla powder, alcohol and lemon juice.

German custard

  • purified water - 160 ml.
  • gelling sugar - 320 g.
  • egg white - 3 pcs.

  1. Beat the protein in the usual way with a mixer to thick foam. Put the gelling sugar in a saucepan, pour in water, send it to the stove. Turn on the burner to maximum power. With the advent of the first bubbles reduce fire to a minimum.
  2. Tomit composition about 10 minutes, stirring constantly. The liquid in the pan should evaporate approximately twice. Make sure that the mixture does not turn into porridge. In another embodiment, the cream will not work.
  3. Next, gently begin to pour the mixture into the whipped foam, constantly stirring the composition until it cools. The output is a high-quality cream that does not sink and does not float. Also, at its discretion, you can add to the composition of various food flavors and dyes.

Cream oil-protein

  • protein - 5 pcs.
  • Butter - 480 gr.
  • citric acid - 5 gr.
  • filtered water - 150 ml.
  • sugar sand - 140 gr.
  • vanilla - to taste
  1. In a dry low-fat container, carefully beat the chilled proteins to a thick foam. At the time of mixing the mass, pour in citric acid.
  2. Gradually add half the total amount of granulated sugar to the cup. Continue to beat the mixture to the desired consistency. If you stick to the recommended proportions of ingredients, the cream in the end turns out not very sweet.
  3. Vary the amount of sugar depending on your preference. In parallel, start cooking the syrup. Combine drinking water and remaining sugar in an enamel saucepan, send the container to the stove.
  4. As soon as the composition begins to boil, reduce the heat, roast to the desired consistency. Then slowly pour the syrup into the protein mass. At the same time the speed of the mixer should be set to maximum power. Beat until the cream cools.
  5. Beforehand, the butter should be left for a while to melt. Chop the composition into small cubes. It is highly recommended to use a natural homemade product. Send oil to the general container, bring the mixer to readiness.

Sour cream protein

  • vanilla sugar -12 gr.
  • homemade sour cream - 270 gr.
  • granulated sugar - 260 gr.
  • egg white - 4 pcs.
  1. Animal products must be chilled. Pay attention to the dishes in which you are going to prepare the cream, it should be dry, defatted and clean.
  2. Combine sour cream, vanilla and granulated sugar in a separate bowl (the last ingredient is taken in an amount of 50 gr.). Mix need to beat 12-15 minutes until pomp. Next, separate the yolks from proteins, get from the last lush foam.
  3. Do not stop whipping protein, gradually pour the remaining sugar. Process the mixture to a dense, stable foam. Then add to the composition portioned cream.
  4. Beat it with a mixer until smooth. Treats should be consumed as soon as possible. The cream is not intended for long-term storage.

Protein Custard

  • purified water - 75 ml.
  • egg white - 3 pcs.
  • citric acid - 4 gr.
  • granulated sugar - 220 gr.
  1. Defat dishes in which you will shake up the protein. Otherwise, the egg composition does not acquire the desired consistency. Before cooking the syrup, boil a small amount of water in a saucepan.
  2. Wipe the bowl and whisk with a waffle towel dry. Add sugar and filtered water to the sterilized pan, send the container to the burner at maximum power.
  3. After boiling the composition turn down the heat to a minimum, continue to boil down the syrup. The consistency is checked by a drop of the composition on a saucer with cold water. If the mixture is not spread and rolled into a caramel ball, the mass is ready.
  4. You can also check the readiness of the syrup by using caramel yarn. Pour a small amount of the composition on a plate and tilt it. When fully prepared, the syrup will drain without interruption.
  5. If you have achieved the desired consistency, feel free to pour citric acid into the general composition. Stir the syrup to a smooth consistency. Yolks are not required, use only proteins.
  6. Place them in a non-fat and dry bowl. Mix with a mixer until smooth. Get from the composition of the thick foam. Raise the whisk; the mixture should hold well on it.
  7. Now gently begin to pour into the cream of hot syrup thin stream. In doing so, you should slowly stir the composition with a mixer. Be careful, the composition should not fall on the parts of the household appliance when infusing, otherwise hot spray will fly in all directions.
  8. Once you have fully poured the syrup, place the cream bowl in the cold water basin. Continue to beat until cool. Otherwise, the protein may curl, the cream will permanently deteriorate. After cooking, use the mixture at its discretion.

Fruit Protein Cream

  • drinking water - 80 ml.
  • sugar - 100 gr.
  • fruit jam - 70 gr.
  • instant gelatin - 12 gr.
  • egg white - 3 pcs.
  1. Pour gelatin into warm water, wait for swelling. Next, send a small saucepan to the stove, stew the composition until the product is completely dissolved. Make sure that the mixture does not boil. The procedure should be carried out at minimum heat, stirring the mixture constantly.
  2. Achieve a uniform, dense foam from cold proteins using a whisk or a mixer. Pour the jam into the skillet and heat slightly, then pass the mixture through a sieve. After that, add sugar to the sweet composition. Tom mass of about 10 minutes, do not forget to stir.
  3. Combine the gelatin and jam mixtures in a total container, mix thoroughly. Then start slowly pouring the resulting syrup into the protein foam. Continue to beat the mixture with a mixer at maximum power.
  4. The procedure is carried out in such a way that the protein composition does not curl. The cream should be used in a short time while it is still warm. Otherwise, the substance will turn into a jelly.

Air Protein Cream

  • granulated sugar - 200 gr.
  • citric acid - 8 gr.
  • egg white - 4 pcs.
  1. Separate the proteins, send in the refrigerator for 1 hour. After that, mix all the ingredients in a common bowl. Bring the protein mass to homogeneity using a mixer.
  2. Put the composition on the steam bath, warming up for about 8 minutes, beating in parallel. After the time expires, remove the cream, continue to mix the mass with a mixer for another 4 minutes.
  3. Use the finished cream as intended. If you wish, you can add any food coloring, the composition will get the desired color.

Coconut Protein Cream

  • coconut flakes - 90 gr.
  • egg white - 2 pcs.
  • sugar sand - 140 gr.
  • purified water - 75 ml.
  • lemon juice - 12 ml.
  • corn syrup - 85 ml.
  1. The preparation of the cream is carried out by means of a steam bath. Put a pot of water, bring to a boil. Choose the appropriate size of the metal bowl so that it is obsessed with boiling water.
  2. Combine squirrels, lemon juice, syrup and filtered water in a bowl. Place the bowl of ingredients in the pan so that the container does not touch the boiling water. Beat the mixture on the minimum power with a blender until the sugar is completely dissolved.
  3. After that, add momentum, continue to beat another 5-6 minutes. The mixture should increase in volume. Remove the bowl from the steam bath, stir in the coconut shredded in a coffee grinder. Continue whipping the cream until it cools.

Useful recommendations

  1. Always cool eggs before making the cream. This criterion is the key, thanks to him the protein is quickly and easily whipped. Carefully ensure that the yolk does not get into the total mass during separation.
  2. Take the habit of degreasing and wiping dry household appliances and containers that will be used in the preparation of the cream.
  3. To avoid the development of bacteria, the eggs should be washed in soda solution. The shell on its surface contains many harmful microorganisms.
  4. If you are making custard, it is important to ensure that the sugar syrup is not digested. With the addition of the remaining ingredients, the product should not get a caramel color. This shade indicates the unsuitability of the cream.
  5. In order to avoid the formation of caramel balls, warm syrup should be infused very slowly with a thin stream. In this case, the composition must be thoroughly stirred with a whisk. Otherwise, the desired consistency of the cream will not be achieved.
  6. If you decide to give color to protein cream, it is prohibited to use alcohol-containing dyes. Otherwise, the finished product will not be able to keep the shape that you gave it. The cream will begin to swim. For such purposes, suitable dyes based on natural ingredients.
  7. In case you do not plan to use the composition for desserts as soon as possible, put the cream in the food container. Leave in the refrigerator for up to a day. Before aging, make sure that a specific recipe is suitable for preservation.

To please loved ones and relatives with a delicious cake or pastries, you need to make the appropriate cream. The product is easy to prepare and requires minimal expenses. Consider the popular variations of the cream of eggs and butter, condensed milk, coconut, fruit jam, brandy.

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