How to choose a toaster for home

Each person has their favorite dishes: some prefer to start the day with a light cereal, others do not represent a full breakfast without a cup of aromatic coffee and crispy toast. Considering the moment that usually there is not enough time to prepare special dishes in the morning, the second option has more advantages compared to the first one. After all, following the well-known wisdom, it is breakfast that should ensure the performance of a person for the whole day. Therefore, a toaster is a very useful thing in household use.

This simple device helps the hostesses to leave adequately from any, the most unexpected situation, because the ruddy, delicious pieces of bread will appease the heart of the household. They will always please the guests. Toasts are an excellent base for making nutritious sandwiches. It should be on roasted bread, for example, spread, cheese paste and garnish with fresh herbs - and an exquisite snack is ready. Tasteful combination of toasted bread with ham, a piece of unsalted herring, amber honey. Harmonious duet to toast is easy to find, the main thing here is to choose the right home assistant. In this material we will study this issue.

Main selection criteria

Of course, any type of technology requires a competent attitude. Wanting to buy a useful unit for home use can not rely only on the visual impressions and feedback from colleagues. Household equipment, even the most primitive, requires respect for yourself. Therefore, before you go shopping, you need to study in detail the rules for choosing products in this category. And in order for this process to be fruitful and culminate in a successful purchase, here are a number of useful recommendations.

Criterias of choice
Let's start with the characteristics of the device, which should be guided in the selection process. They are few, so it will be easy to remember. So, in the list of main criteria:

  1. Unit dimensions (convenience of its placement in the kitchen depends on this indicator).
  2. The design is also an important characteristic, since complete harmony should reign in the interior of the kitchen.
  3. Power - on this ability of the toaster depends on its performance, as well as the amount of energy consumed.
  4. Additional features are always a bonus that is pleasant for any hostess, which allows you to turn the preparation of toasts into a creative process.
  5. Cost is a key criterion, as the price affects the family budget.

Armed with this list, it will not be difficult to navigate the abundance of the range of modern household appliances, even to a person without experience. Of course, the final choice will be influenced by which criterion for a particular buyer is of paramount importance. But we will tell you consistently about all the nuances, as well as the technical vicissitudes of this issue.

Types of modern toasters

For most hostesses, any appliance is considered, first of all, from the standpoint of its productivity. With regard to toasters, the performance of the unit is determined by the number of ready-to-eat slices of bread that the machine is capable of producing at the same time. Therefore, all modern devices are divided into three types:

  1. Automatic work independently. It is enough to provide the machine with the source material, that is, bread, and it fully controls the entire mode of operation. When the toasts reach the desired condition, the device will turn off the power and produce ready-made toasts. In some machines, there is an option that allows the unit to give an audible signal indicating a successful operation.
  2. Semi-automatic devices, too, almost the entire process is carried out on its own.
  3. Models with manual control make the hostess connect to work. Such machines need constant human control. He is forced to remove the finished toasts with a handle, monitor the roasting, and then turn off the unit. Of course, not very convenient, but such simplified options also have their advantages. If you raise the car a little, then the task is much simpler.

Analyzing the capabilities of each group of units, we can conclude that the most practical are automata. This toaster does not require much attention, and its price is not too different from the cost of simplified models.

Key Features

Now it was the turn to explore what abilities modern machines are equipped with that can feed family seven delicious toasters. To obtain a finished product, the unit must have many technical characteristics.

Power - This is the main parameter. From this criterion depends on the speed of work and time. True, the performance of the device also affects the number of useful departments, but the power is still in priority. In different models of domestic machines, this parameter varies from 600 to 1700 watts. It is clear that the higher the power, the faster the toast will appear on the table. But such efficiency is relative, because a large potential increases the amount of energy consumed, which will adversely affect the family budget. In addition, a powerful unit will give out toasted toast.

Therefore, when choosing the best to give preference to a device with an average power. A good option is a two-piece toaster, the power of which will be 800-1000 W.

Body material also essential to the quality of the toaster. Although the life of the unit is completely independent of this criterion. Here is a purely aesthetic side of choice. The body can be of two types:

  1. Metal looks more presentable, but it significantly raises the cost of the unit. But on the surface of the metal is not so noticeable traces of human activity: handprints, all sorts of heel and drips. The listed advantages make devices with metal cases much safer and more practical.
  2. Plastic is several times cheaper than metal, but it is also much lighter, which makes its use convenient. After all, if necessary, the unit can be moved to another room, or to take to the cottage. Another advantage of plastic cases is the variety of color solutions. This quality allows you to choose a device for the interior of the kitchen room.

Camera capacity, as noted above, directly affects the amount of toast received at a time. In different models, the number of sections is not the same: there can be only one compartment, there are devices for sale, with 4 sections. At the same time, sometimes two bread slices will interfere in the same department. Therefore, evaluating this criterion, one should proceed from the needs: if the family is large, then it is necessary to acquire a device with a large number of departments.

The best option is a two-cell toaster. Such a device will fully satisfy the needs of a family of 2-3 people.

Section width - this parameter is not so significant, it is more dependent on the personal preferences of the acquirer of equipment. After all, some people adore thin, translucent light toasts, others like a full-bodied chunk of bread. There are models of units in which adjustment of this parameter is provided.

Cord length also different in different instances, although there are standard versions. Before going to the store, it is necessary to measure the distance from the outlet to the intended installation location of the device. And then when choosing to come from this indicator. But one thing can be recommended immediately: a short wire is inconvenient in the operation of the machine, and a long one creates an additional risk of accidentally tilting the unit. This thoroughly reduces work safety.

A suitable option when it interferes with the frame is from 70 to 100 cm. If the toaster is equipped with a special compartment for the cable, then you should pay attention to this model.

Features of loading bread also not particularly critical. There is a rule: who needs it. Some consumers like the horizontal loading system called the sandwich toaster. In a machine of this type, small pastries, sandwiches, buns can be prepared without problems. The vertical loading system allows you to cook only toasters. To warm up the buns or croissants, you will need to install an additional grid.

Heating elements do not play a special role, so this point should not be particularly focused on choosing a good car. Most manufacturers equip toasters with electric heating elements that do an excellent job with their functions.

In the line of modern devices there are advanced models with quartz elements. Such toasters will be more reliable in operation, because they take less energy, but are able to evenly distribute the temperature. Due to this feature, toasters are well fried on all sides. Of course, such a model will cost more.

Useful functionality

From the main characteristics by which the practicality and convenience of the household unit is evaluated, we will switch to the functionality of the devices. For the acquisition will be promising devices with the following functions:

  1. Heating is a very convenient option, allowing you not to fry, but only to warm the product if necessary.
  2. Toasting on one side only - this feature is useful when slices of bread with a crust.
  3. Obtaining images can be done by frying toasts with the use of special plugs. In this way, you can get interesting pictures that children really like.
  4. The functional defrosting of bread is carried out when heated. This option is very useful when toasts are prepared from frozen bread.
  5. Automatic centering of the bread harvesting allows the slices to be evenly spaced from the heating elements. With such a dislocation, the bread is roasted evenly from all sides.
  6. Overheating protection occurs during automatic shutdown of the device. This feature prevents damage to the unit and prevents accidental fire.
  7. Turning off the heat in case of an accidental fall of the device is a feature similar to the previous function. If the family has small children or animals, then it is worth buying just such a model.


Additional features of the device ensures the presence of various devices in it. Among them:

  • removable pan, where the crumbs get in the process of frying bread crumbs;
  • lattice;
  • automatic mechanism for raising toasts;
  • option to regulate the degree of roasting slices;
  • backlight that facilitates the operation of the device;
  • thermal insulation on the body, protecting hands from possible burns;
  • The display provides information on the operating mode of the unit.

Recent, more advanced models of toasters can also be equipped with other elements that provide the most convenient working conditions with this type of equipment. Any additional function only increases the capabilities of the machine, and the owners gives even more comfort. Now, knowing the subtleties of choice, it will be easy to get a really decent unit, both in price and quality.

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