How to open champagne: useful tips

Champagne is considered to be the guest of honor at the festive table. It is usually opened to celebrate victories, to celebrate a birthday or any other significant event. However, not every person, especially a woman, can uncork a bottle correctly. With improperly performed manipulations, champagne will lose some of its taste and the sparkling for which it is valued. In order not to fall into the dirt face, consider the basic subtleties of opening a festive drink.

Preparatory activities

Before you think about ways of uncorking a bottle of champagne, you need to prepare this drug for manipulation. The actions include cooling, which will determine the taste of the drink.

  1. Sparkling wine can not be cooled excessively, otherwise you will get the opposite result. Get a temperature of about 6-8 degrees. This indicator will allow you to get delicious champagne after opening.
  2. The drink should not be cooled in the refrigerator. For these purposes, a bucket with crushed ice and water is used. First fill the cooler with cold water, then send 1/3 of the ice inside. Only after that you can lower the bottle for cooling and carefully monitor the temperature.
  3. When cooled in a bucket, champagne reaches the desired temperature in literally 40-50 minutes. If you will carry out manipulations without water only using ice, the cooling will be delayed for an indescribably long time.
  4. Optionally, you can cool the sparkling wine with a refrigerator by sending the bottle to the bottom container for storing vegetables or on the shelf of the door. In this case, the champagne will reach the required figure in 6 hours.
  5. The preparatory activities include the removal of foil from the neck of the bottle. To make it look aesthetically beautiful, cut the foil with a knife under the cork, keeping a straight line. Then shoot.

How to open champagne correctly

After cooling, sparkling can be served at the table. Leave it in a bucket, but do not send straight to the tablecloth. Place a plate under the cooler so that there is condensation on it.

A person who plans to open a vessel with a drink, must perform the following manipulations in turn.

  1. Take a bottle in hand and tilt to get an angle of 45-50 degrees. Support the vessel from below with one hand.
  2. To correctly determine what should be the slope, focus on the champagne inside. It should be at a distance of 1 cm from the neck.
  3. Hold the cork so that it does not fly off. Gently unwind and remove the wire from the cover.
  4. Now, attention! Hold the cork and start scrolling the bottle clockwise. The lid should come out of the neck slowly.
  5. When cotton happens, pour out the noble potion and enjoy the result. Properly cooled and open champagne will be very tasty!

How to avoid pressure inside the bottle

  1. Initially it is necessary to ensure proper storage of the bottle. Try to avoid shaking champagne. If you want to get an effective opening of the drink with cotton, you can shake the container a little before the event.
  2. After you get rid of the wire, take a jar of alcohol in your hands. You must hold the cork and the bottom of the bottle. Press the container tightly to the chest. The neck should not be directed to the guests. Gradually relax the cork, you can scroll the bottom of the bottle or gag.
  3. It is easy to get the cork from the bottle, the increased pressure will do all the work for you. If you practice the necessary number of times, then in the future you will be able to open the drink without spilling alcohol.
  4. When opening champagne in some cases, the pressure rises. To cope with this phenomenon, it is enough to attach a cold spoon to the neck of the bottle. The problem will be solved immediately.
  5. After you have successfully opened the champagne, you need to properly pour the drink into glasses. Do not trust the procedure to someone else. In this case, you yourself can pour the required amount of alcohol. Perform the procedure slowly and carefully.

How to open champagne with a knife

  1. Such a method of opening sparkling wine requires special skills and experience. As a result, you can make an unforgettable impression on friends and family. Over time, almost everyone gets tired of opening champagne in a banal way.
  2. New impressions will be provided to you. For the procedure, prefer a large kitchen knife. Consider, the device must be impressive size. Also, do not forget to prepare a drink in advance.
  3. After the champagne is cool, remove all excess from the bottle so that only the cork remains. After loosening the wire, the plug will come out without problems. If you are not confident in your abilities, do not even try to do a similar trick.
  4. Tilt the container at an angle of 45-50 degrees. Remember that the bottle can not be sent to those present. Cork under pressure can cause quite serious harm. The holiday will be irrevocably spoiled.
  5. Holding the bottle in your hands, look at it with two stitches from different sides. Such "notches" will help you to open champagne as safely as possible. Sparkling wine should be opened along these seams. Now you can act.
  6. Hold tight the container and the knife. The tip of the device should look at you, this is important. You need to open the bottle with a blunt end. Concentrate and run the knife several times from one stitch to the next. This is the place where you must strike with force. If you do not succeed, repeat the procedure.

Before opening you need to cool the sparkling to an acceptable temperature. Manipulations for the preparation are carried out using a bucket (cooler), crushed ice, cold water. Then use the above methods for uncorking champagne.

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