Olive oil - the benefits and harm to the body

Olive oil is obtained by squeezing the fruit, this method allows you to save all the valuable substances in the product. Long since this type of oil is considered the most valuable. It does not evaporate when frying, pleasant enough to taste, does not settle in the body in the form of harmful carcinogens. This is not the whole list of useful properties, consider it in more detail. Also talk about the dangers and possible contraindications to the reception.

The benefits of olive oil

  1. The oil is extremely useful for people who have recently suffered a complicated surgical intervention or a protracted illness. The composition contains vitamin E - a natural antioxidant that strengthens the walls of the blood channels, prevents aging and improves the overall composition of the blood.
  2. Olive oil is useful for people who have a tendency to form tumors or suffer from cancer. The product contains substances that inhibit the growth of malignant cells.
  3. Raw materials are used to treat gastrointestinal diseases, such as ulcers or gastritis. Oil improves intestinal motility and enhances the absorption of food. It also reduces the frequency of painful cramps in the stomach.
  4. The product must be taken to cleanse the organs of toxins, salts of heavy metals, radionuclides. Oil effectively cleans the gastrointestinal tract from stagnation, is used to treat constipation.
  5. Incoming B vitamins are essential for the human nervous system. Pressing with systematic use normalizes the psycho-emotional environment of a person and eliminates insomnia. This product is indicated for use by people who often experience stress.
  6. Not without healing effects of oil on the brain. Composition stimulates neurons, improving all important functions (memory, visual perception and concentration). In children, the motor skills of hands improve and intellectual development is accelerated.
  7. Refined olive oil is necessary for the prevention of Alzheimer's disease, reducing the likelihood of gallstones. The product facilitates the work of the liver and kidneys, prevents early aging of body tissues, restores skin and hair.
  8. The oil is desirable to take people who are obese or keep the figure in good shape. The product fills the body with all necessary substances, thereby improving blood circulation and its composition.
  9. It is extremely valuable product for those who smoke or regularly relies on alcohol. Oil frees the respiratory tract from mucus and reduces the negative effects of nicotine on the internal organs.

The benefits of olive oil for men

  1. Since ancient times, the squeeze of the fruit of the olive tree is used as a true male remedy for various diseases. Oil is useful to take to increase potency, it increases blood flow to the groin area.
  2. Not without value for reproductive activity. If a couple plans to conceive a child, the head of the family needs to take oil to improve sperm motility and their "stinginess".
  3. For men who abuse alcohol, olive oil will help cleanse the liver. It quickly removes ethyl alcohol from the body, improves the condition after a feast (struggling with a hangover).
  4. Men aged 45-50 years automatically fall into the risk zone for the development of cardiovascular pathologies. The squeeze of olives will release the blood channels from cholesterol, carrying out the prevention of ailments.
  5. To increase the potency, it is necessary to mix olive oil with roasted garlic gruel. This tool is taken in a tablespoon twice a day before meals.

The benefits of olive oil for women

  1. Oil keeps youth of skin and tissues of internal organs. It is often used in cosmetology when added to masks for hair and face. The composition enhances the growth of shock and smoothes minor creases on the face.
  2. Olive product is shown to the reception of girls who are planning to become pregnant. The composition must be entered in the menu to increase the chances of conception.
  3. The product applied to the skin contributes to the rapid healing of wounds and microcracks. Oil can lubricate the epidermis with peeling, frostbite, obvetrivanii.
  4. The squeeze has a positive effect on the condition of the girl during the menstrual cycle. During this period, most of the iron is washed out with blood, the oil increases hemoglobin and helps to eliminate dizziness.
  5. During menopause, the composition must be taken to reduce the frequency of so-called hot flashes, eliminate irritability and pain symptoms, and prolong youth.
  6. Olive oil is widely used in cosmetology to combat pigmentation and freckles. To do this, lubricate the skin with a cotton pad, pre-moistened with oil.
  7. Doctors from the field of oncology recommend that women living in the southern regions, take 20 ml. pure olive oil every day. The product conducts prevention of breast cancer and skin.

The benefits of olive oil for pregnant women

  1. Olive oil normalizes the condition of a woman during pregnancy, eliminates gastrointestinal problems, in particular heartburn, constipation, gastritis. The product enhances the absorption of food and metabolism in general.
  2. Olive oil reduces the likelihood of detachment of the placenta, fights chronic fatigue, leads to the fact that the child will be formed in accordance with the term of gestation.
  3. Marc must be used in its pure form or when added to salads. Systematic reception ensures the proper development of the central nervous system and the brain of the child. The probability of congenital malformations is reduced.
  4. The composition stimulates intestinal motility and motility, reduces chronic fatigue. Due to the accumulation of iron, anemia is prevented in the child and the mother.
  5. Olive oil can lubricate problem areas on the body, which are most exposed to the appearance of stretch marks (stretch marks) after childbirth. Enough to rub the product into the skin and not rinse.
  6. In addition, it is allowed to take oil to women who are breastfeeding. The product accelerates recovery after childbirth, stimulates lactation, improves the quality (in particular, fat content) of milk.

The benefits of olive oil for the liver

  1. Herbal products are often included in the diet of a patient who has liver problems. The composition is an excellent prophylactic against the development of pathologies. Regular intake of oil allows you to clear the body of slagging and toxic substances.
  2. Observe the recommended rate, otherwise the effect will be negative. Raw materials can cause exacerbation of ailments. To clear the liver of heavy metals and impurities, it is recommended to take oil with lemon juice. This method can be resorted to after the approval of the doctor.
  3. Before the purification procedure, it is necessary to eat exclusively vegetable products during the day. It is recommended to drink natural apple juice. Meal should be completed 7 hours before the start of the procedure. Immediately after that, you need to put an enema.
  4. Connect in a total capacity of 140 ml. lemon juice and olive oil. Drink 30 ml. finished composition every 15 minutes. During the procedure, be sure to lie with a warm heating pad in the liver.
  5. If you do not want to carry out a hard cleaning, there is a more gentle way. To do this, every morning you need to drink 200 ml on an empty stomach. tomato juice, mixed with 40 ml. olive oil. Such therapy does not harm the body. As a result, you can fully heal the internal organs.

The benefits of olive oil with cholecystitis

  1. If you suffer from inflammation of the gallbladder, olive oil should be drunk strictly in limited quantities. For this there is a proven popular recipe.
  2. Within a week after waking up, you need to drink 30 ml. high quality raw materials. After that, immediately consume 200 ml. any citrus juice.
  3. As a result, the work of the affected organ is normalized. In conjunction with medications, you can improve the effectiveness of the procedure.

Olive oil for diseases

Proper reception of raw materials comprehensively improve health in the presence of any ailments. The result is felt after a few days.

Varicose veins
With varicose veins, the inclusion of oil in the daily diet is welcome. The raw material dilutes the blood, prevents the formation of thrombosis, making the blood vessels more elastic. Oil must be consumed in small quantities every day. As a result, most of the symptoms will go away. Do not forget to use a variety of creams with the addition of herbal product. If possible, rub the product twice a day.

Stomach ulcer
With proper use of olive oil will help get rid of the pain caused by the disease. The composition of high quality can be cured of the disease in the early stages. Wellness course is about 3 months. To do this, each time you wake up, drink 20 ml. plant materials on an empty stomach.

If you suffer from constipation, it is not at all necessary to resort to potent drugs. In the fight against the problem will help receive 30 ml. olive oil. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach 25 ml. raw materials. Herbal composition gently starts the digestive processes and smoothly cleanses the intestines.

In the case of pancreatitis, oil should be taken with caution. Drinking raw materials is allowed in the period of prolonged remission (more than 1 month). The amount of oil should be about 30 ml. per day. With such a disease is prohibited to take the composition in its pure form. Mix the oil as a dressing to various dishes. During the period of exacerbation of pancreatitis, the intake of olive oil is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, there will be severe pain and similar flowing symptoms.

If you suffer from a disease of the gastric mucosa, oil intake can be consumed as a therapeutic compound. Also, raw materials are combined with various dishes for an expressive taste. It is possible to treat gastritis with any acidity.
After waking up, drink 150 ml. clean water. After a third of an hour, consume 30 ml. vegetable composition. Wait half an hour, have breakfast. The course of treatment ranges from 2.5-3 months. The tangible result can be replaced after the first week of treatment.

When forming sand and gallstones, it is recommended to take a plant product. Oil relieves inflammation and breaks down all harmful compounds. As a result, you get a quick and gentle cleansing of the internal organ. Olive oil splits tumors in the bladder and ducts.

The composition with this disease can act as a primary or auxiliary therapeutic composition. Raw materials are recommended to take in conjunction with the healing fees. Carry out the procedure with extreme caution; if the recommendations are not followed, channel blockage may occur.

Olive Oil Harm

  1. Despite the enormous benefits of the product for the body, do not forget that the oil can cause harm. Raw materials have a high calorie content, so it should be taken strictly in a dosed quantity.
  2. It is forbidden to include the product in the menu of young children. Oil is contraindicated in case of allergies, last-degree obesity, diabetes mellitus, intestinal upset, intestinal obesity, the acute phase of cholecystitis and chronic bile duct obstruction.

Olive oil is a real find for those who wish to improve their health. The composition is aimed at the treatment and prevention of diseases of the heart, gastrointestinal tract, liver. It is useful to take the oil to all persons, but it is necessary to take into account contraindications. If possible, get expert advice in advance to eliminate side effects.

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