Garlic during pregnancy - the benefits and harm

The gastronomic desires of a woman in that period when she is pregnant are peculiar. Sometimes she wants something that, in her normal state, will never come to her head. Sometimes they want to try yogurt in combination with pickled cucumbers. And some ladies terribly want to eat garlic. Many of them are very cautious about this product, because when they talk in forums, they read a lot of bad reviews about this product. In part, this is some truth in the statements there. Despite the benefits of garlic, pregnant women should not use it.

Harm of garlic for a pregnant woman

When a woman is pregnant, she, more than ever, should take full responsibility for her diet. It is necessary to do everything possible so as not to harm the unborn child. There will be nothing terrible if the expectant mother begins to use one clove of garlic per day. This fully applies to the marinated product. But, if there is no special need for it, the girl simply does not want it, then it is better to completely abandon this product. So it will be safer and quieter for the woman herself.

Habit is second nature, so says the famous wisdom. If a woman is accustomed to the daily intake of garlic, then still it is necessary to gradually refuse from it. In the third trimester, it should be completely excluded from the diet. Special attention to this circumstance should be paid to women who have an individual intolerance to this product. If nosebleeds often occur, then garlic should be completely eliminated from its diet.

The use of this product may cause the development of allergic reactions and colic in the abdominal cavity. If a woman still uses garlic, it is better if it enters the body not in its pure form, but as part of various dishes. As an example, some recipes.

Garlic benefits

It is confirmed by scientific data, and as you know, you can’t argue with science. Introduction to the diet of garlic is associated with a number of positive points:

  1. It will regulate peripheral arterial pressure. For pregnant women, this circumstance is extremely important, since in many women at this time the pressure often rises.
  2. Garlic has antibacterial properties. It is qualitatively different from antibiotic drugs. It does not disturb the balance of the intestinal microbial flora. Vitamin composition of the product can have a positive effect on the body. There are many different active substances in garlic, which are useful not only for the mother, but also for the fetus.
  3. Aplicin, contained in garlic, leads to the strengthening of small blood vessels. It helps to stimulate blood circulation. As a result, the nutrition of the fetus is enhanced and improved.
  4. Some substances contained in this product can stimulate the production of insulin, which is involved in carbohydrate metabolism.

Opinion of experts

Some experts do not advise women to eat this product when they are pregnant. They explain this with the following reasons:

  1. The abundance of the active components contained in the product can act as provocateurs for the occurrence of allergic reactions. Allergy appears even if it did not exist before. Discussions on this issue have not abated until now. There is no consensus on this. Some believe that it is possible to use garlic, others categorically deny this possibility, considering that the baby is able to acquire a tendency to allergies.
  2. Frequent use of garlic adversely affects the condition of the digestive tract. Pregnant women often have heartburn. From eating garlic, it can increase.
  3. Garlic contains various active ingredients that can lead to an increase in uterine tone.
  4. Garlic thins the blood. This factor is undesirable if there are uterine bleeding.
  5. Garlic affects the taste of breast milk, making it bitter. In this regard, the child may reluctantly take the breast.

How much garlic can I eat?

Pregnant women with this product must be extremely careful. If you eat a small clove of garlic a day, then there will be no harm. It is quite another thing when a woman consumes it too much. It will not lead to anything good. Anything can be expected, including the development of ulcerative processes in the digestive tract, not to mention heartburn.

It is better to abandon the use of garlic whole. You can enter it into the composition of dishes or rub them with a crust of bread. This method of use is associated with greater safety.


Carrot Casserole With Garlic
Algorithm of actions:

  1. The oven is heated to medium temperature.
  2. In the pan, boil one potato and carrots in the amount of 8 pieces.
  3. Boiled vegetables must be grated.
  4. Beat eggs in the amount of 5 pieces and add to the resulting mass. There is also added flour in the amount of 4 spoons and garlic in the amount of three cloves, which should be chopped.
  5. Salt and pepper are added to taste, while not forgetting the status quo in which the woman is located.
  6. Portions are formed from the prepared composition and are placed on a pan, previously sprinkled with semolina.
  7. The exposure is 45 minutes.

Gooseberry berries, dill and garlic
It will take half a kilogram of gooseberry. The berries are crushed with a blender. To the resulting mass is added chopped dill and garlic, which are taken in equal volumes of 250 g. Everything is thoroughly mixed. Seasoning is decomposed into banks and stored in the refrigerator. It will be a great addition to meat.

Cheese and garlic sauce
For its preparation will require:

  • fat cottage cheese - 250 g;
  • yogurt - 1 cup;
  • chopped garlic in the amount of 4 cloves.

Salt and pepper are added according to taste preferences. Optionally, you can add sugar or green onions.

The role of garlic in the prevention of colds

Garlic contains substances that can fight bacteria and viruses. About these properties is known for a long time. Garlic plays the role of a natural immunomodulator. Hence the conclusion: garlic in small quantities will serve as a good prevention of colds. There is no need to saturate your body with chemistry in the form of synthetic drugs. If you use 1-2 cloves of garlic a week, there will be no harm, but it is quite possible to provide support to the body in preventing colds.

You can simply spread the garlic on the saucers, which should be evenly distributed throughout the apartment.

First trimester of pregnancy

At this time, you can safely eat 1-2 cloves of garlic a day. Of course, we are not talking about the presence of contraindications to its use. The product will fill the body with vitamins and minerals, and destroy the bacteria that happened to be in the body. In this case, you can be absolutely sure about the state of immunity. He will be at the proper level. The use of garlic can prevent many colds.

Second trimester

It is necessary to use garlic at this time already more carefully. The fact is that together with its use uterine activity is stimulated and blood flow is activated. If you eat a small amount of garlic, it will not bring harm, but it is better to refuse to conduct various experiments.

Third Trimester Pregnancy and Completion

The closer the term of labor becomes, the higher the risk of various complications of garlic consumption. At 7 months it is better to forget about this product. Garlic significantly enhances uterine activity and at the very end of pregnancy can provoke premature labor.

In addition, the product is able to thin the blood, and the use of garlic immediately before birth can cause it to provoke strong uterine bleeding. But at the beginning of pregnancy, it is not only possible to use garlic, but it is also useful for the future mother. This fully applies to her child, since the future mom should now take care of not only her health, but also the condition of her future baby.

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