Acne before menstruation: why appear and how to get rid of?

Every beautiful lady is faced with a general deterioration of health in premenstrual syndrome. But such a state affects badly not only the activity of the internal organs, but also the hair and skin. You can find out what the critical days are about to begin by rashes on the skin. They may appear for various reasons of external or internal nature. Let's talk about everything in more detail, as well as consider the basic rules of acne control before menstruation.

Causes of acne in PMS

  1. Neoplasms on the skin do not appear immediately, but as a result of rebuilding the body in a new way. During menstruation, hormonal changes vary greatly, failures can begin 2 weeks before the expected date of the menstrual cycle.
  2. The general scheme can be described in several stages. First, increases the production of female hormones estrogen. From here the glands work no longer as intensively as before. They are blocked, traffic jams form in the ducts. On this background, the skin sprinkles acne.
  3. The synthesis of hyaluronic acid increases, the skin is excessively moisturized and looks oily. It is thanks to estrogen that the face is less susceptible to external stimuli, but acne appears from the inside (clogged pores).
  4. After some time, the level of female hormones drops sharply, but against this background, the amount of progesterone increases. This hormone is responsible for the work of sebaceous glands, provoking even stronger formations.
  5. Progesterone increases the body's susceptibility to external factors. We are talking about natural allergens (pollen, perfume, etc.), weather conditions (ultraviolet, frost, etc.), stressful situations, polluted conditions. All this is bad for the skin, and the hormone only exacerbates the already deplorable situation.
  6. Androgens are often the culprits of acne. They are synthesized presumably on days 19-21 of the cycle. At this time, the sebaceous glands multiply and show strong activity.
  7. In addition to the above reasons should not be excluded other factors. This number includes a large number of keratinized skin particles, immunity weakened as a result of the disease, psychoemotional stress, ailments of the digestive system (in particular the intestine).
  8. The culprits of the appearance of lesions can serve as endocrine diseases, increased humidity in the room, dust, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, taking strong antibiotics, the use of low-quality cosmetics (clogging pores) during the period of PMS.
  9. When self-squeezing acne neoplasms reappear, but in another place. To be sure that the rash is caused by fast menstruation, examine the zone of dislocation. Pimples in this case will be formed not only on the face, but also on the neck, chest, shoulders, back.

Methods of dealing with rash with PMS

Before applying means of the directed action (national or pharmaceutical), it is necessary to reconsider the daily habits and face care.

  1. The most important thing to pay attention to is nutrition. It should be as useful, balanced and regular. You do not need to lean on sweets, smoked foods, fast food, sweet packaged juices or soda.
  2. Visit the pharmacy and buy a multivitamin, aimed at improving health and replenishing valuable substances. They need to be taken every six months, no matter how you feel.
  3. To raise the body's protective functions, visit an immunologist. Perhaps he will offer you to undergo autohemotherapy. By this is meant the introduction of blood from a vein subcutaneously or into a muscle.
  4. If you notice that there is always a rash before menstruation, use salicylic acid. It quickly kills bacteria, removes congestion in the sebaceous ducts and does not harm the skin.
  5. 2 weeks before the expected day of menstruation, start making clay masks. Suitable composition of black, blue, pink. These masks prevent blockage of the glands.
  6. Do not squeeze the rash yourself. If necessary, contact your beautician or buy special ointments that are applied to acne and dry them.
  7. Approximately 2 weeks before the beginning of the month, refuse decorative cosmetics or apply it on the face for no longer than 4 hours. Otherwise, fat will accumulate in the pores, leading to acne.
  8. Do not sunbathe in the sun and do not go to the solarium, because ultraviolet radiation during the period of PMS is bad for the skin. Once a week, use acid peels for exfoliation.

Pharmaceutical remedies for acne with PMS

  1. Baziron AC. Everyone remembers the advertisement, in which the main slogan sounds something like this: "Baziron AU - from acne on the face!". Yes, the tool is aimed at removing lesions. Applied locally to the neoplasm. It penetrates deep into the inflammation and dries it from the inside.
  2. Ichthyol, Vishnevsky ointment. These drugs have a strong effect, so they must be applied according to the instructions. Suitable for the treatment of acne of different nature. Pull pus, promote the resorption of inflammation.
  3. Gel "Skinoren". The main positive feature of the drug is that the gel is suitable for systematic use. It suppresses pathogens, as a result of which acne disappears quickly. The tube lasts a long time, the effect is noticeable after 5 applications.
  4. Zinc based ointment. This tool is also called zinc ointment, the advantage is low price and high efficiency. For a couple of applications, you can achieve good results, but the ointment is distributed only to the affected skin.
  5. Zenerite. The tool is available in the form of powder, ointment, gel, serum. Due to the antibacterial effect, acne dries out and does not reappear. Includes zinc, which suppresses pathogens. Reception frequency - twice a day.

Folk remedies for acne with PMS

  1. Chamomile decoction. Drug chamomile is useful to brew and use as a tonic for wiping oily skin. The composition is also taken orally to increase immunity and reduce susceptibility to changes in hormonal levels during menstruation. The tool is prepared from 2 handfuls of dried raw materials and 0.4 liters. hot water. After two hours of infusion, the finished product must be drained and poured into a dark container. Begin to use 2 weeks before menstruation, the frequency of wiping - 3 times a day.
  2. Aloe vera. It is allowed to use both the juice of the plant, and its gel, as well as the pulp. Due to the excellent antiseptic properties of aloe, it quickly eliminates rashes, even of a purulent type. Need to apply before and during menstruation to prevent repeated inflammatory processes. Juice is easy to prepare: wash the stems, scroll through a blender, squeeze the liquid. Wipe her face after waking up in the morning and before bedtime. Half an hour after the procedure, wash.
  3. Lemon juice with yogurt. Stir in 100 ml. natural yogurt 20 ml. fresh citrus juice. Stir the ingredients thoroughly. Means is recommended to be applied locally, on inflammatory sites. Wait about a quarter of an hour. After that, wash with cool water and repeat the procedure after 1 hour.
  4. Hydrogen peroxide with apple cider vinegar. Combine the components in equal amounts and moisten with a cotton pad. Thoroughly wipe problem skin. The tool effectively protects the epidermis from external environmental influences and restores the acid balance in the tissues. Use the composition twice a day.
  5. Tea tree oil with orange ether. Combine components in equal amounts. For convenience, use a cotton swab. Apply the product locally to inflammatory points. Use the composition several times a day. Every time wash with cool water.
  6. Persimmon with egg. The procedure will require ripe fruit, from which you should remove the shell. Turn the pulp into a homogeneous mush. Add egg yolk to the composition, 50 gr. day cream and 20 ml. rustic milk. Re-stir the ingredients until smooth. Clean the face in the usual way and apply a mask with massaging movements. After one third of the hour wash.
  7. Tomato with soda. To cope with the inflammatory processes on the face and get rid of the black spots, you should use a simple folk remedy. Remove from the ripe tomato skin, turn the flesh into mush. Mix 10 gr. drinking soda. Apply the product on the face with a thick layer and wait half an hour. After that, wash in the usual way with cool water.
  8. Blue clay with salt. Connect in a common cup 30 gr. blue clay, 20 ml. mineral water without gas, 6 oz. table soda and 5 gr. finely ground sea salt. Dry components are first mixed, then liquid is injected. As a result, you should get a creamy gruel. Apply the composition with massaging movements. As soon as you feel that the epidermis is tightened, wash your face.
  9. Carrots with starch. Grind a small root crop through a small grater. Stir in 30g. raw materials the same amount of starch. Introduce gruel from 1 clove of garlic, 15 ml. lemon juice and beaten egg white. Spread a homogenous product over the face. Wait for about 30 minutes, then wash.
  10. Badyaga with clay. To get rid of acne and blackheads, it is recommended to resort to using a mask on the basis of badyagi. Such an agent is obtained by extracting algae. Connect in a common cup 10 gr. the main component, 20 gr. white cosmetic clay and 55 ml. filtered water. Distribute the homogeneous composition to the inflammatory areas. Hold the mask for 25 minutes, wash with hot water. Moisten the epidermis everyday cream.
  11. Shaving foam with soda. The mask is quite interesting because of the components. The composition has proven effectiveness. Mix in a container of 20 grams. shaving foam, 10 ml. hydrogen peroxide and 12 g. drinking soda. Before the procedure, it is imperative to clean the face by steaming. Spread the product in a thick layer. Wait about half an hour. After that, wash with any herbal decoction. The tool effectively tightens inflammation and cleans the pores of acne. Apply the compound regularly.

Acne before menstruation is a common phenomenon that has its own causes. Take a look at them, take action. Adjust drinking mode, do not use makeup. Use pharmacy and home remedies.

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