How to make a temporary tattoo at home

Not everyone is ready to decorate his body with ink, which is firmly pushed under the skin. Tattoos are a matter of taste, some prefer to be "hammered" for life, others - to get a drawing for a day, a week or a month. Consider the possible ways to create a temporary tattoo in order, highlight the main aspects, we give a step-by-step instruction.

Method number 1. Eyeliner

Create a sketch. Before you draw a tattoo, you must consider its design. Try to create a sketch on the paper, which will later be transferred to the skin. To translate the idea into reality, an ordinary eyeliner is suitable.

Adhere to clear lines of medium thickness. Do not try to draw a pattern with thin intricate curves, after the expiration of the term they will be lubricated, the contour will cease to look out.

To get a tattoo that looks like a real one, select the optimal thumbnail size. A large picture will look unnatural, while a smaller pattern will look real to others.

Pick an eyeliner. Visit the cosmetics store, pick up eyeliner with a sharpener. Do not buy oily or shiny foods, give preference to matte lead, it lasts longer on the skin. Refuse to purchase liquid liner. It is stable only on the eyelids, in the case of other parts of the body, cosmetics quickly spread and crack.

The most optimal is a black pencil, the final pattern will be similar to a permanent tattoo. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to use bright saturated colors, it all depends on individual preferences. The following colors are perfectly combined with black: magenta, mauve, emerald, violet, red.

Draw a sketch with eye pencil. After the selection of cosmetics work out the sketch bought a pencil, bring the pattern to the ideal. Practice smooth lines and curls until you achieve the desired result. After that, make sure that the sketch with an ordinary pencil coincides with the drawing with the help of cosmetics.

You can make a temporary tattoo with eye pencil on any part of the body. However, it is better to give preference to the skin covered with vegetation in minimal quantities. At the same time, you need to paint on a clean, pre-fat and dry surface.

Cosmetic sponge will help you create shadows. It can also be used to shade borders if the sketch involves a transition from one shade to another.

Cover the skin with hairspray. For a temporary tattoo to last about 7-10 hours, you need to use strong hold hairspray. Sprinkle the pattern with the composition, but do not "pour" it heavily. Wait until it is completely dry, then evaluate the result.

If you don’t wet the tattoo, it will last all day. It is advisable to wash the pattern before going to bed so as not to stain the laundry. To do this, it is enough to rinse the skin with warm water and apply facial wash, then gently massage the treated area.

Method number 2. Temporary tattoo paper

Get paper in the shop for needlework. Many tattoo paper is known since childhood. Chewing gum and candy are wrapped in it. The composition is a combination of a paper backing and a self-adhesive film.

In order to use the paper for its intended purpose, the top layer with the picture is separated from the substrate and applied to the skin with a pattern downwards. You can buy paper in the shops for needlework or on the Internet.

Create a sketch. Since paper is a clean canvas, you will have to create the drawing yourself. Use the graphic editor "Photoshop", think through every detail. If you are a happy owner of a color printer, the sketch may include many bright colors.

Choose colors based on skin type. In the process of creating a picture, it is important to remember one feature - the final result will look like a mirror (in an inverted state). If you want to create a sketch with the inscription, set the letters back to front.

Print the drawing on the printer. After creating a sketch, you need to print a future tattoo. The procedure is simple, the main thing is to insert a sheet of paper correctly. The final design should not be printed on the matte side of the paper, but on the self-adhesive film. After printing, cut tattoo manicure scissors.

Glue the tattoo. Select the most even area of ​​skin, then attach the paper to it with a pattern down, evenly press it with your palm. Smooth the pattern with a soft towel, press again, leave for half a minute.

Pull the free edge of the paper. If the picture does not remain on the skin, lubricate the outer side with water, wait for it to dry. Gently remove the film, evaluate the result. Tattoo will last 5-7 days. To wash it, use a washcloth, liquid soap and water.

Method number 3. Stencil

Make a stencil. People who by nature do not know how to draw, will suit the way using a home-made stencil. To begin with, select the size and shape of the tattoo, then draw it on the album sheet and cut out the inside with nail scissors. With the help of this technology it is convenient to draw volumetric sketches like a diamond, cube, ball or other geometry figures.

Get permanent markers. To make a temporary tattoo look like a real one, use a black marker. Complement it with other shades as desired.

When choosing markers, be careful to look for the mark "for applying on the skin." Such accessories are harmful to humans, so you can not use industrial products.

If you can not buy permanent markers, use the usual markers. In this case, the tattoo will last less.

Apply a tattoo. Choose a flat surface for the tattoo. You can remove excess vegetation on the body, if the situation requires. Defat skin with vodka, medical alcohol or antiseptic.

Attach to it a stencil, fix on all sides with adhesive tape or tape, hold the inside with your fingers. Start painting the pattern with felt-tip pens, then remove the paper, leave the drawing until it is completely dry.

An alternative to markers is paint for seals and stamps. If you want to use this kind of ink, it is enough to moisten a cosmetic tampon in them, and then apply it with the abrasive movements on the skin.

Method number 4. Permanent marker "Sharpie"

  1. Purchase the necessary materials. Creating a temporary tattoo using the marker "Sharpie" is the simplest and most advantageous method. You need to pre-purchase baby talc (powder) without fragrances or with chamomile, strong hold hairspray and the pen itself. You can buy "Sharp" in any office supply store or on the Internet.
  2. Create a sketch. Draw the future pattern in one or more colors, first on paper, then on the skin. Wait for the ink to dry, then sprinkle the area with talcum powder. Rub the baby formula with a patting motion, shake off leftovers.
  3. Fix the tattoo. Apply hairspray on the pattern from a distance of 20-25 cm., Do not completely "fill in" the skin, 2-3 sprays are enough. If you have applied too much varnish, moisten a cotton pad in cold water, process the drawing with wetting movements, removing the excess. The tattoo lasts about 3 weeks, in some cases longer.

Practical recommendations

  1. It is important to remember forever that the "Sharpie" marker is not designed to work with human skin. It contains many chemicals, so the composition must be applied in minimal quantities.
  2. If you fix the tattoo with hairspray, do not touch the pattern until it is dry. Wash the sketch with running water.
  3. To increase the duration of exposure of the tattoo on the skin, sprinkle hairspray baby talc without fragrances. However, in this case, the picture may become dull.

You can make a temporary tattoo at home, using the already available improvised means or special purchased materials. Optionally, combine several ways with each other, create a pattern at your discretion. For example, the stencil can be combined with pencil technology, having drawn the outline with the "Sharpie" marker.

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