How to clean suede shoes at home

To look beautiful and elegant, you need to care not only for hair or clothes, but also for your shoes, especially if it is made of suede. This material is soft, subtle and velvety, it has good insulating properties, so it is used in the manufacture of clothing and fancy goods: bags, gloves, etc. Despite the capriciousness of suede, it is no less popular for leather products and should properly care for her.

Before buying suede products should consider its advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Elasticity and porosity prevent the penetration of moist air and moisture.
  2. Soft and malleable material helps to quickly get used to shoes for people with a wide foot or with foot diseases (formation of cones, non-standard bones).
  3. The deformation of suede products is almost invisible, there are no creases and excesses.
  4. The footwear is easily combined with both women's dresses and men's jeans, which makes it versatile to use.
  5. For physical properties: in cold weather in suede products warm, and in warm - cool.


  1. If protection against the ingress of moisture is created inside such a product, the outside of the shoe quickly becomes dirty.
  2. Regular and thorough care.

As you can see, there are more benefits, so after making such a purchase, check out the care recommendations.

Preparing to wear

In fact, any shoe needs to be cared for - both textile and leather, but the means and methods of cleaning should be different. At the time of purchase of shoes you need to pay attention to the accompanying care products: brushes, sprays, creams, impregnations. The seller can advise you on when and how to apply a cleaning agent and will provide you with a full range of products for the care of suede.

Even in spite of the fact that the shoes are new - they need to be prepared for wearing. Brush off dust with a rubberized brush or clean small dirt, if any. Next, apply a layer of water-repellent aerosol and wait until it is completely dry. After applying another one, this creates protection against street dirt and getting wet. Such preparation will allow to avoid problems with cleaning in the future, since the pollution will not be able to penetrate deep into the material.

Recommendations for the care of suede products

  1. This material (like velor, nubuck, etc.) should be cleaned only in a dry state, otherwise it will not only be a useless task, but may also lead to even more pollution.
  2. To speed up the drying process, you can fill the product with paper. Dry shoes only in a natural way. From direct sunlight, gas, heaters and batteries, the material coarsens, cracks and warps.
  3. Dry shoes with a special brush. If not, then you can use an ordinary office eraser. Removing dirt and dust with a special foam cleaner will give the pile a more attractive look.
  4. If the pollution enters the pile, the shoes need to be held over boiling water, the material will be cleaned from the steam and it will be easy to remove the dirt. Make sure that the suede is not very wet, but only slightly moistened.
  5. Apply on a dry and clean surface shoe care products. The presence of lint in suede causes the susceptibility of the material to dust. Even if you wear suede shoes only in dry and sunny weather, dust particles will be clogged between the fibers, spoiling the look of the shoe. So make it a rule to clean your shoes every time you return home.

The most malicious enemies of suede material are street dirt and various types of stains. To bring them out and return a beautiful look to a shoe, you need to know a few tricks.

Tips for removing stains

  1. Fatty stains, oil droplets, or frozen spots can be removed with ammonia. It is necessary to wipe the stain with a cotton pad or a soft cloth moistened with alcohol. Saltwater will help remove traces of mold.
  2. Spots from drinks (juice, wine, etc.) and ink marks should be removed as soon as possible after they have fallen on the material. You need to gently wash the stain with vinegar.
  3. Salt is quickly absorbed into the material and leaves white stains. Wipe the problem area with a regular soap solution, sometimes it is enough. If the stain does not help, try to wipe it off with a stiff brush. White solutions must be washed with vinegar.
  4. Strongly rough traces of dirt will help clean the milk. You need to mix half a glass of milk with three drops of ammonia, add one spoon of soda. Apply the solution to a dirty place - the stain will disappear.
  5. To clean the suede shoes light colors, you can use talc, potato starch. If there was no brush at hand, use foam rubber.
  6. To give shine, moisten a sponge in castor oil and process the outside of the shoes.

In addition to thorough cleaning, the material must be impregnated. Special impregnations will create protection against active precipitation. At home, to prepare such a composition is easy. To do this, mix the lard with pure fish oil. Put on the fire and cook until smooth. After the mixture has cooled, it can be carefully applied.

Proper storage

Store suede products in a dark, dust free and ventilated place. Shoes are pre-dried, cleaned and impregnated. Process the sole with soapy water. After you put the shoe pair in a spacious box, you cannot store such items in a plastic bag. In the shoes, you can insert special pads to maintain shape or fill with paper.

Such material as suede gives its owner a presentable look, a sense of luxury and style. If you still have doubts about purchasing shoes made of suede material, you can safely refuse it and choose, for example, leather. But no skin can please you with such softness and such saturated colors.