How to diversify family relationships: 5 ways

It often happens that in the eyes of strangers the couple looks happy, but the husband and wife do not feel that way. Difficulties in the service, domestic affairs, material well-being - all this affects family relationships. Spouses are moving away from each other, so there is a need to introduce diversity in everyday life.


Some men do not want to share the bed with a single partner, so they are in constant search. They often want to experience the new and the unknown, which is pushing for active sex. Men from meetings are waiting for bright and passionate sex. Intimacy with one woman seems to them a chore. In order to avoid such an outcome, you need to make a variety in the sexual life of partners.

  1. No graphics and tables. Intimacy should be desirable, you can not engage in sexual intercourse on a schedule. Sex is governed by the feelings of partners. It is not necessary to allocate a certain time, everything should not go according to plan. Only then making love will certainly please both of you.
  2. Quick sex is good in its own way. Such sexual intercourse is not only an opportunity to get pleasure, but also a way of improvisation, because it happens suddenly. Quick sex will warm up the excitement in a man, from now on he will always have to be on the watchman. This kind of act is good because it can be practiced not only in the bedroom.
  3. Memories of the first intimacy. You can warm up the feelings that you experienced at the beginning of a relationship, recall the first intimacy and repeat. Perhaps you were in nature or in the back of a car. This method is useful if the partners are tired of the routine, so that they want to feel the former attraction.
  4. Time pranks. The man and the woman, who have long-term connections, have already perfectly learned each other's passions. Couples are encouraged to experiment by exploring new orgasmic methods. Sometimes you can play role-playing games, discovering something new and exciting for yourself. Turn on the imagination and invent the conditions, for example, stripping or fulfillment of desires. Look through the "Kama Sutra" or watch an erotic video.

To bring a companion to orgasm by simple manipulations is a great way to decorate the routine. Ladies should not be ashamed of their own desires, learn to guess the fantasy of a gentleman. Observing simple manipulations, the husband will look forward to the evening.

Travel together

Visiting new places and cities raises morale and gives positive emotions for six months ahead. Get a three-day tour to Egypt or stroll through the narrow streets of Spain.

It is not necessary to spend fabulous money, especially if the funds are limited. Go with tents to the bank of a river or lake, go on an excursion to a nearby city, see the sights of their native places. Opportunities mass, most importantly, to find time for their implementation.

Once a year, try to visit new countries, get a two-week trip and forget about working at this time. The days spent together diversify family relationships. Leave problems and worries, enjoy your rest. Do not forget to take a camera with you, take a lot of pictures, then to view them and revive the resulting emotions.

If there is no possibility for the above-described ways of rest, arrange a picnic in your hometown, turn off the phones and recognize each other with each passing minute. Take a soft blanket, a grocery basket and a bottle of wine.

Family traditions

Joint meal. If you eat breakfast separately, fix it. In cases where it is difficult to find time because of the difference in the service schedule, arrange to see for lunch or dinner. Delicious food is associated with pleasant memories, communicate, learn each other's news, spend more time together.

Movie time. Agree with your husband that on a particular day of the week you will go to the cinema or arrange a home viewing. In the first case, buy tickets in advance so that both of you do not have excuses or imaginary fatigue. In the second case, order delivery of pizza, sushi or any other food at your discretion. Turn on an interesting movie, buy a bottle of good wine or champagne, enjoy the evening. Get in the habit of spending time together in a similar way at least once a week.

Camping. Create a weekend tradition. In warm weather, go to the park more often or leave the city, look for new places of interest, barbecue in nature. In winter, go skiing or skating, spend the weekend with benefit, time is transient.


Common interests bring together spouses, look for points of contact. Of course, evening gatherings on the couch while watching TV is an exciting activity, but it is important to find something more worthwhile.

Summer is coming soon, and you have not yet shaped your body? Sign up for a gym and buy a subscription for a spouse. Modern fitness clubs offer discounts for couples, so you will save money and tighten the body. It is not obligatory to lift dumbbells all day long, three visits per week are enough.

Pay attention to extreme hobbies. Recently, the trend in motor sports is gaining momentum, go to a moto school at a trial lesson, under the guidance of an experienced instructor, you can easily master the basics of riding a two-wheeled vehicle.

Dance studios recruit groups for learning salsa and tango. Two directions are inextricably linked with the sensuality of partners, for this reason, such dances are very popular among couples.

Not everyone can ski and snowboard. Learn about the ski slopes in your city, then proceed to learn. You can buy your own equipment, but many companies give it for rent.

For quiet people suitable photographers courses that last 1.5-2 months. Now you will have something to discuss over dinner, talking about the direction of light and make-up models. Also consider exhibitions of photographs of famous photographers who are held several times a month.

An excellent option would be to study the language. Learn to speak English, French, German or Spanish in just a few months. Practice with your spouse at home, communicate in a foreign language. A useful and necessary skill in modern society.

Surprises and Gifts

It is not necessary to give her husband gifts only on holidays, buy presents for no reason. Go to the spa and learn about the procedures for couples. Spend time as a king and queen, enjoying aromatherapy or a massage.

For courageous couples a parachute jump with a safety net of an experienced instructor would be an excellent option. There is an alternative to this extreme sport - aerotube. Within minutes you will fly in zero gravity, holding hands.

Go shopping, buy a husband a couple of new shirts and his favorite perfume. Prepare a delicious dinner, pour a hot bath with foam and rose petals. Turn on romantic music, dim the lights and call your spouse. Give him the gift you bought, which you presented absolutely for no reason. Such a romantic gesture will encourage the partner to respond.

You probably know her husband hobbies, push off from them. If he watches football with friends in the evenings, buy tickets for the match, a scarf and a T-shirt with the logo of your favorite team. In cases where a man is interested in cars, consult with the seller and purchase a navigator, radar detector or good speakers. You can also order a photo mug at the photo studio, accompanying it with gentle words. Show your imagination!

In summer or spring, you can visit the equestrian school and book a three-hour horse ride around the neighborhood. You will be accompanied by an instructor, so there should be no unforeseen situations. After that, order dinner at your husband's favorite restaurant, spend time together in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

Family life needs a variety. Take initiative in sex, create your own family traditions that will pass on to the next generation. Look for points of contact, communicate more, engage in a common cause. Allocate time to travel and field trips, give gifts to your husband, he will respond with a mutual gesture.

Watch the video: Why cultural diversity matters. Michael Gavin. TEDxCSU (December 2019).