Eggplant jam: cooking recipes

Eggplants are not always cooked fried or salted for salad. Such a dish as eggplant jam is also called dessert with a surprise. This Armenian recipe shows how delicious the cooking can be made if you include a little imagination.

General instructions

Each ingredient must be washed and prepared in advance. Please note that according to the recipe, it is important that only small vegetables are present, because even at the stage of their preparation they will be put into the syrup as a whole, only without the peel. It is removed carefully so that the insides are soft.

Note! Removing bitterness is the most important point in all recipes.

First, the vegetables can be soaked in cold water. And if you burn it, the effect will be much better. In some cases, the hostess resort to slaked lime or soda.

After all the eggplants will be cooked in a very sweet and thick syrup. It can add citrus fruits and nuts. As for spices, many hostesses prefer cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom or vanilla. If they are needed only for syrup, then it is necessary to cook in a special gauze. It is folded into a bag, and then squeezed out well, it remains the taste and smell.

Making eggplant jam according to the Armenian recipe

This nation has its own special flavor. Therefore, their jam contains citric acid and cardamom. It all starts at the stage of purchase. If you can find very small and soft fruits, you can leave the peel on them. Medium vegetables are equally cut and stacked in syrup.

From the ingredients you will need:

  • Eggplant - 3kg.
  • 1.8 liters of water.
  • Asterisk cloves.
  • About 5 kg of sugar.
  • A teaspoon of cinnamon, the same amount of cardamom and citric acid.

Water is required for the syrup, so it is sweetened to obtain the necessary consistency.

Cooking process:

  1. Vegetables for a few hours poured cold water. And they are covered with a thin cloth, which is covered with a layer of limestone. Two hours later, the bitterness is removed completely. In the absence of limestone in the water add baking soda.
  2. After the vegetables are thoroughly washed and boiled in boiling water for more than 5 minutes. Then everything merges into a colander, and medium and large fruits are cut into small pieces.
  3. Syrup is prepared according to the above recipe. At the time of readiness, eggplants are added, and everything is cooked for half an hour. After it is covered with a lid and cooled. When the temperature reaches room temperature, you need to add citric acid, cinnamon and cardamom. A clove must be crushed into powder in advance.
  4. The finished jam is adjusted to condition, which takes about 40 minutes. After laid out carefully in the banks and clean in a cold place.

Lemon Recipe

This jam is fragrant and not very sweet. Fruits used should not exceed 10 centimeters in length.

The following ingredients are required:

  • 10 non-solid eggplants.
  • A pound of sugar.
  • One 200 gram glass of water.
  • Lemon.
  • A teaspoon of cinnamon.

Cooking process:

  1. Eggplants need to be prepared before soaking. So, the tips are removed. Also, each vegetable is pierced through the center. Cutting is not necessary, and the hole can be made small. At the end, each eggplant should be laid right in the pan. There is also added one tablespoon of salt. Everything is filled with water and remains so for one hour.
  2. The next step will begin with washing the fruit off the salt. Better even a few times to squeeze them under cold water. At this time, in another pot, water should already boil under the process of short-term processing of eggplants. It lasts only a minute, after which the vegetables get out.
  3. Syrup is prepared according to the technology described at the very beginning. At the end, cooked eggplants and a little zest are added to it. Within 15 minutes everything is boiled. After everything is cool, boiling is repeated again for 10-15 minutes. Next, cool the syrup.
  4. The next step will be squeezing the juice from the lemon. It is better to use a juicer, but you can cope with this task and hands. This juice is poured completely into the already prepared jam. Next, cinnamon is poured and all cooked for 20 minutes. By readiness can be eaten.

Armenian recipe with nuts

This method includes the presence of walnut kernels. There is nothing even worth trying to add.

From the ingredients you will need the following:

  • a kilo of eggplant and the same amount of sugar;
  • 200 grams of walnuts;
  • two tablespoons of lemon juice;
  • a teaspoon of cinnamon and cardamom.

Cooking process:

  1. Each eggplant is cut into large pieces. One side should not exceed two centimeters. Ready vegetables are laid out in a saucepan and soaked in cold water. Moreover, the fluid is replaced several times in all time. After each piece is carefully pressed.
  2. To make a syrup, half a liter of water is poured onto the entire amount of sugar. It should be rich and slightly thick. When the water boils, add eggplant slices. All cook for 30 minutes. If foam is formed, it is immediately removed.
  3. The next step is to cool the finished jam. And it should stand at room temperature for at least 5 hours. Each eggplant fruit should be saturated with quality. As long as everything happens, the preparation of nuts begins.
  4. Each core is moved. Garbage should not be! All the pieces are neatly crushed. The condition should be average. If there is an appropriate experience, they are also dried in the oven. In no case do not overcook.
  5. Nuts are poured into jam, and then cinnamon, lemon juice is added. If there is no lemon, then citric acid will do — enough teaspoon. At the end of the delicacy will languish for 30 minutes.

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