How to quickly peel the garlic at home

Garlic is a versatile and very useful condiment for many recipes. Scented and appetizing spice is added to hot and cold dishes: salads, sauces, stewing and first courses, as well as marinades and winter preparations. He is not at all afraid of heat treatment, retaining many of his beneficial properties. In some dishes, garlic is laid with whole teeth; for some, it is chopped, but without which you can’t just do it - cleaning garlic. Here are some interesting recommendations on how to process garlic quickly and effortlessly.

How to dry garlic

Probably many in the kitchen faced difficulties trying to peel the garlic. Sometimes the problem is that the films are too tight to the pulp and not lagging behind. This happens when garlic is badly dried.

Each summer resident knows that for long storage and maintaining a spicy aroma, the young crop needs to be dried. Then the garlic heads will not sprout, rot, and safely winter in stores. If you bought badly dried garlic, you can always fix it yourself at home.

To dry garlic at home, you can use the oven. To do this, it is heated to 40-45 degrees and spread on a baking pan whole heads. The temperature should not be higher. It is advisable to leave the door open so that the garlic does not wilt. Dry the heads for several hours, it will depend on the size of garlic and its juiciness. Large bulbs are best periodically turned over in the process. Readiness is checked by the condition of the outer husk: if it crumbles into dust, you can get garlic.

If you have an electric dryer, you can do the same with it. In addition, garlic can be dried in the open air. They do it in heat, then the heads dry out faster (but it is such garlic that can be badly cleaned afterwards). A bunch of garlic is placed on a draft, and if one of the sides of such "beads" is attached to the surface, they are turned over from time to time so that the garlic dries out evenly.

You can dry in the oven or microwave and divided into cloves garlic. But such a product will need to be consumed immediately. For high-quality and long-term storage of garlic heads do not disassemble.

How to peel dry garlic

From the dried teeth the peel lags easily. In order to remove films and get whole beautiful teeth, you can resort to 3 methods:

  • shake up;
  • piller;
  • kitchen knife.
  1. In the first case, you will need a jar with a lid or two pialik, bowls, mugs of the same format. This method will help to quickly clean a large amount of garlic. Place the disassembled slices in a container, close it tightly and shake for 30-60 seconds. Most cloves immediately become bare. For effective results, garlic is placed on about half the volume of the tank so that there is room for heavy traffic. If some teeth are not cleaned, you will have to use the manual method.
  2. In the second case, buy a cheap silicone piller or make it yourself. This device in the form of a tube allows you to clean the garlic quickly and do not get your hands dirty. Place 2-3 cloves at a time in the cylinder and roll over the table or cutting board. The husks go away by themselves. You can peel the garlic in this way without special tools. Just roll the clove on the table with your palm.
  3. In the third case, you will need a knife. If the integrity of the lobules is not critical, you can immediately cut off the root bed, and the skin will follow. You can also try to gently pry the film on the other side. When the "clothes" does not give in at all, the lobules are crushed in the peel to a characteristic crunch, after which the pulp is removed and the waste is removed.

How to peel raw garlic

If the garlic is damp and hardly amenable to classical cleaning, there are a couple of secrets with water. Soak the teeth in cold water for 30-45 minutes, then the films will be soaked and peeled off. You can use boiling water. For this, garlic is poured on boiling water for 3 minutes or poured for 30-60 seconds. The peel will leave without problems. But with this method, it must be borne in mind that garlic will lose some of its useful components or the sharpness characteristic of a young vegetable, and will become spicy.

Another quick cleaning method using heat treatment is a microwave. Put the teeth in the microwave for half a minute, then let cool and try to clean. Remember that in such conditions, garlic can bake in its own juice, so do not overdo it with time.

When the preservation of the lobules is not important, you can simply cut the teeth in half and extract the pulp.

Do you always need to peel the garlic

Films that protect garlic cloves are not harmful, and even rich in beneficial trace elements and spicy flavor. In some dishes, garlic is usually laid along with the peel. For example, they cook pilau or stew meat with vegetables. True, such skins are too hard and are not digested, so when serving dishes they are extracted. The teeth themselves in such situations are also often removed from the dish: when the garlic gives up all its juices, it becomes tasteless, so large pieces are removed and not put in plates.

Throwing peeled husk is not worth it. It insists antibacterial lotions that help cleanse the skin from acne, as well as improve the hair with dandruff. Even dry garlic waste helps deter parasites, so they are often left in barns on grocery shelves for prevention.

Is it possible to store peeled garlic

It is advisable not to store the peeled slices for a very long time, otherwise they will dry out and lose their pleasant aroma and beneficial properties. Peeled cloves are placed in a closed container so that the moisture does not evaporate, and the garlic smell does not stick to other products, and put the garlic in the refrigerator for 3-5 days.

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