Lime - the benefits and harm to the health of the body

Lime refers to the lineup of citrus fruits. Externally, it looks like a lemon, only has a smaller size and a different color, and also varies in taste. The difference lies in the fact that the lime pulp has a stronger acidity and spiciness. Citrus fruits are similar in terms of accumulation of valuable substances, but there are a few more vitamins in lime. Consider its benefits and harm to the human body.

Calorie and composition

Lime is a citrus fruit with a relatively low calorie content. 100 gr. The fetus focuses only 17 Kcal. And it is interesting that not only the pulp is beneficial, but also the peel.

Lime is considered to be the champion in the accumulation of vitamin C, 100 gr. already 29 mg. this item. Malic and citric acids are also present.

In addition, the composition of the fruit concentrates vitamin K, nicotinic acid, retinol, tocopherol, the whole (or almost all) B-group. The latter includes riboflavin, thiamine, pyridoxine, pantothenic and folic acids, and other substances.

It makes sense to distinguish calcium, iron, manganese, sodium, selenium, zinc, phosphorus, and magnesium from mineral elements. A lot of potassium and copper. In combination, these minerals ensure the correct functioning of the heart and kidneys.

Lime is almost devoid of carbohydrates and fats. However, this is offset by the presence of dietary fiber, organic acids, other substances that enhance the digestive processes and break down fats.

In the peel a lot of essential oils, they are responsible for the characteristic aroma of lime when cleaning it. During this process, aromatherapy is performed, the psycho-emotional environment is normalized, and the hormones of joy are produced.

Lime benefits

The usefulness is caused by a large accumulation of minerals and vitamins, which have the following actions:

  • red blood cell production, improved blood circulation;
  • mild dilation of blood vessels, their cleansing;
  • increase the body's defenses;
  • improvement of the digestive system, increased craving for food;
  • tissue renewal at the cellular level;
  • removal of radionuclides, heavy metals, toxic substances;
  • slowing premature aging of the skin;
  • bowel cleansing and weight loss;
  • confronting stress, control over the psycho-emotional environment;
  • giving strength and vigor for the whole day;
  • stimulation of brain neurons;
  • improved memory and vision;
  • fight with a smell from a mouth and a stomach;
  • treatment of bleeding gums, stomatitis prevention;
  • prevention and relief of serious diseases such as cholera;
  • increased blood pressure (valued by hypotonic);
  • treatment of respiratory ailments, tonsillitis, flu.

The benefits of lime peel

  1. The rind of citrus fruit includes in its chemical list of minerals, pectin, coarse dietary fiber, essential oils, flavonoids.
  2. Esters are responsible for the pleasant aroma of lime. On their basis, oils are made, which are subsequently used in cosmetology for the treatment of acne, purulent acne, and skin and hair treatments.
  3. The peel has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. If you pre-dry it and then add it to tea, you can greatly strengthen the immune system during the off-season period.
  4. Dietary fiber is responsible for carbohydrate metabolism. These substances do not allow glucose to transform into fat and be deposited in secret places.
  5. In fresh and dried form, lime peel is used as a spice for culinary purposes. Seasoning increases appetite and normalizes natural digestion.

The benefits of lime juice

  1. In fresh juice, there is much more vitamin C than in the pulp or peel. This feature gives fresh special qualities: bactericidal, anti-inflammatory.
  2. In folk healing, the juice is smeared with warts and papillomas to eliminate them. Composition treat viruses and colds.
  3. Fresh lime-based pulp is an excellent laxative. It clears the intestinal tract from stagnation, removes toxins and heavy substances and the cavity of the stomach and liver.
  4. The diuretic property allows for the intake of fresh lime to combat the edema of the tissues of internal organs and limbs.
  5. A low calorie drink is responsible for losing weight. If you drink it on an empty stomach in the morning, you recharge your energy and vigor for the whole day. A cold fresh besides refreshing and quenches thirst.
  6. Like all citrus juices, a lime drink whitens the skin. Due to this property, it is used for cosmetic purposes to remove freckles, age spots, and red marks from acne.
  7. You can add citrus juice to the bath during water treatment. At 200 liters. enough 0.5 liters. fresh So you rejuvenate and tighten the skin, start the fight against cellulite, spend aromatherapy.

Lime for children

  1. Lime saturated with microelements is not recommended for children under 3 years old. After reaching this age, in the absence of allergy and contraindications, citrus is necessary for good development.
  2. Lime is rich in calcium and vitamin D, enzymes are essential for building bone tissue. A subgroup of vitamins B and magnesium are actively involved in the development of the central nervous system. Normal heart activity.

Lime in cosmetology

  1. Cosmetologists value citrus for its high content of ascorbic acid and flavonoids.
  2. Active substances protect the skin from oxidation. As a result, the dermis becomes velvety, gains shine, sweating decreases. Thus, the skin cells are protected from all sorts of infections.
  3. Fruit acids have proven themselves as a composition for peeling. Enzymes peel off and clean the epidermis from dead cells. Cosmetic shampoos with citrus extract eliminate dandruff.
  4. One of the most pleasant procedures can rightly be considered a relaxing bath with lime juice. During the manipulation, tissue rejuvenation and disinfection of the skin occurs. The probability of developing infections decreases, the aging process slows down.

Lime instead of salt

  1. Modern products are crammed with sodium (edible salt). Such compounds are potentially harmful to the body. The problem is that a person does not even know how much harmful substances he consumes when cooking his favorite dishes.
  2. If you completely or at least partially abandon the salt, you can improve your health and prolong life. Proved that lime is an excellent alternative to table salt.
  3. When cooking your favorite dish, add juice instead of salt. The finished product will find a new flavor and unique taste. In this case, human receptors do not understand that the dish does not contain the usual salt.

Lime while losing weight

  1. Among the fair sex is very popular lime juice. The composition is mixed with warm purified water. The drink is enriched with antioxidants and acids.
  2. The latter substances normalize and accelerate metabolism, as a result of which fat layers are burned. Low-calorie drink, pleasant to the taste, refreshing. Juice needs to be drunk twice a day.
  3. The visible result is achieved in just a week. In the diet, lime can be used instead of various sauces. Citrus goes well with white meat and fish. Thus, you are depriving yourself of the possibility to consume harmful sodium.

Lime harm

  1. Unfortunately, the use of lime is not available to everyone. Remember, babies have a high probability of developing an allergic reaction to the product. It is worth knowing that lime bones are poisonous and in most cases cause poisoning.
  2. Citrus, saturated with essential oils and organic acids, often provoke exacerbation of existing gastrointestinal ailments. Therefore, the reception is contraindicated in nephritis, hepatitis, enterocolitis, ulcers, etc.
  3. If you have the above diseases, consult your healthcare professional. In some situations, lime can be helpful. In any case, this citrus is less dangerous than lemon. The latter is oversaturated with natural acids.

If there are no diseases of the chronological type, which appeared on the background of exposure to acid, lime is safely used to treat and prevent most ailments. In order to extract only benefit from consumption, it is necessary to exclude contraindications before taking and make sure that there is no allergy to citrus.

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