How a girl to pump up legs at home

Sometimes girls want to walk down the street in short shorts or tight-fitting skirts. But the outfits, barely covering the buttocks, look more aesthetically pleasing on young ladies with pumped legs. Ladies run for subscriptions to the gym to build muscle mass or, conversely, to reduce the volume of the hips and tighten the skin. To improve the appearance of the lower extremities is possible without leaving the apartment. The right load and constant self-control - that's all that is needed for pumped hips.

Aerobic exercise

The owners of plump legs recommended cycling or a special simulator, roller skating and swimming, running or skipping rope. Aerobic-type exercise makes the hips slimmer, and the skin is toned and smooth, without a hint of an orange peel.

Swim or skate should be in those days when the body is restored. To be engaged not too intensively, so as not to overload the legs. Running and dancing are contraindicated for slender girls, otherwise the calf and thighs will become too thin, and there will be no beautiful relief.

The legs are conventionally divided into three sectors, and each will have to be worked out separately. For muscular thighs, calves and feet, there are special strength exercises. They are recommended to perform 1-2 times a week. To overload the body does not make sense, because the tired legs do not have time to recover, the volumes remain the same.

The effectiveness of each lesson will increase if you get weighting: dumbbells, barbell, weights. Sold equipment in sports stores. If there is no money, it is recommended to use alternative weighting compounds:

  • Instead of dumbbells plastic bottles filled with water or sand.
  • The barbell is replaced with a backpack, in which books or other heavy objects are placed.

Girls who have not previously played sports or attended only fitness are recommended to gradually increase the weight of dumbbells, starting from 0.5-1 kg. Training should not be missed, the only good reason - the critical days when intense stress on the lower body is contraindicated.

It is impossible to pump up legs for 2-3 weeks, performing only squats. It will take at least 3-4 months of regular training. Some girls find it difficult to hold out and not abandon classes, so you should think up a reward system or find motivation not to stop.

Perfect legs with lunges and squats

Squats train the gluteus, as well as the four and biceps thigh muscles. Strengthens the back and press. Classic squats alternate with plie to develop the inner and outer sides of the thigh. Girls with slender legs are recommended varieties with heels joined together. They help build muscle mass and increase hips.

Classic Squats and Plie

  1. Armed with dumbbells, take the starting position: arms lowered at the seams, tightly clutching equipment, the back as much as possible straighten, and shoulders slightly back and straighten.
  2. Arrange the legs so that it is convenient to maintain balance when performing exercises. The feet are spaced shoulder-width apart, and the toes are slightly apart and look to the sides.
  3. Trying not to hunch, slowly lower the pelvis just below the knees.
  4. Chin pull forward and up, keep your arms straight and do not strain. Work legs and abs.
  5. Tighten the abdominal muscles by pulling in the abdomen.
  6. Buttocks slowly retract, trying not to sag in the lower back.
  7. From socks to the ceiling hold an imaginary line. It is impossible for the knees to go beyond this line, otherwise the main load will be on the joints, not the muscles.
  8. To stand on a complete foot, without lifting the front or back of the floor.
  9. Lowering the pelvis as much as possible, stay for 5-10 seconds in this position.
  10. Raise your body up, keeping your back straight. Hands hang along the body, tightly gripping the dumbbells. Only the muscles of the legs and abs work.

The plate is made in the same way, only the legs are placed at a width of about 1 m, and the pelvis is lowered to about the level of the knees so that they are in one straight line. Rising, you can not fully straighten the legs. They should be slightly bent so that there is a slight tension in the muscles, then the result of the exercise will appear faster. If in plié the legs are spread out as wide as possible, then in the third type of squat, the lower limbs are held together, the right heel touches the left.

Lunges and pistol
Instead of weighting, girls are recommended to use their own weight in the "Pistol" exercise:

  1. Go up to the wall, become sideways and lean with one hand on a hard surface. You can hold on to the back of a chair or table.
  2. Raise the right or left leg as high as stretching allows. Ideal when the limb is parallel to the floor.
  3. Transferring the weight to the second leg, sit down from 8 to 10 times, without bending your back or slouching.
  4. Do not forget about breathing and during the exercise to strain the press.

Experienced athletes are recommended to complicate the task, moving away from the wall and picking up dumbbells.

When lunge put the legs together so that they touch the heels. Put a barbell on your shoulders or hold water bottles in your hands. Falling down and rising, do not bend the back, abdomen and neck constantly strain:

  1. Take a step forward from the starting position.
  2. The knee joints are bent at an angle of 90 ?, the hips are parallel to the ground.
  3. Weight shifted to the front foot. Tear off the heel of the hind limb from the floor, resting it only with the toe.
  4. Having lowered down, to spring some seconds, and after to lift in a starting position. Only the leg muscles work, you can not push off or help with your hands.

Exercises for thin legs

How to make the hips more volume due to muscle mass?

  1. Stand in front of the chair, putting one foot on the seat. Fold your arms over your chest, put it on your waist or lower it. If it is difficult to maintain balance, dilute the upper limbs to the side. Squat, shifting your own weight on one leg. Try not to help the second rise or fall.
  2. Sit on a sofa or chair, legs apart. Feet to rest on the floor, and elbows on the knees on the inside. Interlace fingers to make a lock. Trying to connect the knees, and elbows, on the contrary, spread legs.
  3. One of the elementary exercises is to compress and unclench the ball with your hips. Squeeze when standing or sitting. Work intensively for 5-10 seconds, after taking a break.
  4. Do exercise "Scissors", lying on his back. Pressing the upper limbs to the body, lift the lower 10-15 cm above the ground. To cross and spread legs, trying not to lower. Gradually increase the number of repetitions.
  5. Sit a basin on the floor and raise the torso. Lean on hands, laid back. Legs, without bending in knees, to lift and cross. Dilute and put back on the floor.

It is necessary to work out not only the hips, but also the ankle, especially girls who love to walk on their heels. The upper part of the calf because of such shoes gradually thickens, but the bottom remains thin, which looks at least not aesthetically pleasing. Squats alternate with cycling and special complexes for the development of the ankle muscles.

Walking on the socks and working with dumbbells

Do representatives of what profession beautiful calves? The ballerinas, who spend most of the day on their socks. Girls wishing to have slender legs are recommended to borrow this exercise from them and start moving around the house on the fingers. It is impossible to bend the knees, and in order to complicate the task, they put on the weights the cuffs or the small weights.

Exercise caviar in another way:

  1. Standing straight with arms lowered along the body, slowly rise on toes, linger for 2-3 seconds and smoothly, without falling, sink to the heels. Beginners perform the exercise without weighting, experienced athletes with dumbbells or bottles.
  2. If you put a book or a bar under the socks, the task becomes more complicated. Calf muscles tense up stronger, therefore they become more prominent and fit.
  3. Pump not only the ankle, but also the hips with the buttocks can be jumps. First, from the starting position with legs wide apart, you need to sit down, holding the pelvis back. Hands to join the lock at chest level. Strain your legs and press, push off the feet from the ground and jump out of a sitting position as high as you can.
  4. Leaning your hands on the wall or simply setting them apart for balance, roll from heel to toe and back, joining the feet together.
  5. Sitting on the floor with your buttocks, straighten your legs and wind the ends of an elastic strap or elastic band on your palm. Choose a product from hard material. Throw a device on the foot and pull. Lower socks to the ground, overcoming the resistance of the belt.

Do you want the calves to become more prominent? Become on the outer side of the foot and squeeze, unclench the toes. Repeat daily or 4-5 times a week. Exercise duration 2-3 minutes.

To pump up the ankle muscles can be another way:

  1. Sit on a chair, legs apart, but not too wide.
  2. Place a block or a special platform under the socks, and press the heels to the floor.
  3. Put dumbbells on your knees, holding the weights with your hands.
  4. Straining the calf muscles, lift the legs, pushing their toes to the floor.
  5. At the top point linger on the score 1-3. Return to its original position, avoiding sudden movements and jerks.

You can not always do the same exercises, otherwise the muscles get used and stop developing. It is necessary to develop several complexes and alternate them in a week or two.

The owner of slender and taut legs can be any purposeful girl, regardless of her weight and age. Enough to follow a few simple rules: exercise, relax and follow the diet. And do not stop and wait for quick results, because the body can not change in just 3 weeks.

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