Beet juice - the benefits and harm to the body

Beet juice is very popular among people from different countries. This is not surprising, because the drink concentrates a fully formed list of chemicals. Today, there are more than 15 types of beet, each variety is distinguished by positive and negative qualities. Beetroot dining is considered the most popular. Most often, the juice is made from a red vegetable. Consider the benefits and harms of the drink.

The composition and caloric content of beet juice

A rich list of mineral compounds and vitamins allows you to use beets in the treatment of many ailments. The drink concentrates all the same elements as beets, only in a more concentrated form.

So, the root is rich in vitamin PP, retinol, ascorbic acid, tocopherol. Particular attention is paid to B-group vitamins, such as riboflavin, thiamine, pantothenic and folic acids, pyridoxine, nicotinic acid and others.

As for macro-and microelements, fluorine, potassium, sodium, iron, zinc, calcium, copper, magnesium should be distinguished from them.

As part of the beet a lot of carbohydrates and proteins, but a little fat. Vegetable concentrates coarse dietary fiber, organic acids, pectin, water, ash. However, the caloric content of the composition is 42 Kcal. on 100 gr.

The benefits of beet juice

  1. Most often, the root-based juice is used to treat and prevent diseases related to the liver, kidneys, bile and bladder, lymphatic system. Systematic consumption cleans the blood and gently opens the blood channels.
  2. There are a lot of pectin compounds in beets. These substances cleanse the liver of toxic substances, ethyl alcohol, heavy metals, radionuclides. Also pectin fills the voids in the liver and removes excess bile. It is useful to drink juice to people who are undergoing chemotherapy.
  3. Fresh juice contains a lot of iron. This element is needed for full blood formation, prevention of anemia, increase of blood glucose level, normalization of arterial and intracranial pressure. Fresh enhances memory and concentration by stimulating neurons in the brain.
  4. Beauticians recommend their customers to consume beet juice to improve skin condition. It is all about the ability of the drink to smooth wrinkles, improve the complexion, level the relief. The composition also prevents hair loss and dandruff.
  5. Beet juice before consumption, you can provide a pinch of salt. So you will improve the work of the digestive system, will lead to the rapid absorption of valuable elements by blood, remove excess water and urea. Against this background, puffiness of tissues is eliminated.
  6. Fresh must be taken during the spread of viral infections in the offseason, after protracted illnesses or operations. Drink helps to recover faster, strengthens the protective sheath.
  7. The composition of the juice from the beet includes nitrites, which control intracranial pressure, thereby preventing migraines and headaches. Vasodilator properties encourage people with heart disease to consume juice regularly.
  8. Fresh is used to cleanse the intestines and all internal organs. Laxative properties quickly eliminate even the oldest congestion. Juice is needed by men for the treatment and prevention of prostate diseases.
  9. When receiving fresh, serotonin is produced, which regulates the psycho-emotional environment of a person. The drink is shown to receive categories of people who often face stress and nerve loads. Juice copes with insomnia, apathy, unwarranted anxiety.
  10. The composition of the drink a lot of iodine. This element is needed for the prevention and treatment of diseases associated with the thyroid and the entire endocrine system. Low calorie allows you to use fresh in the diet. Slimming is achieved by splitting fatty plaques, cholesterol output, cleansing the entire body.

The benefits of beet juice for diseases

  1. If you have pathological changes in the gallbladder, liver or bladder, prepare the juice from beets, carrots and cucumber. Take an equal ratio of vegetables. Drink three times a day, 200 ml. before the meal.
  2. Beet-based juice is an alternative to hormonal drugs. During menopause or menstruation, use each day several times a half cup of freshly squeezed fresh juice. Mix beets with carrots.
  3. The drink has a pleasant feature to reduce blood pressure. If you have vascular spasms or hypertension, consume 180-200 ml. beet juice with a spoon of honey 2 times a day.
  4. The composition is indispensable for constipation and general disorder of the digestive system. Take ½ cup of freshly squeezed beet juice immediately after waking up on an empty stomach in the morning.
  5. The valuable qualities of the drink encourage many people to use beet fresh juice for the treatment of angina. To prepare the composition, rub the root, pour a spoonful of vinegar and wait for the juice to appear. Rinse the obtained substance throat.
  6. A large accumulation of iron in the composition of the drug allows you to use the drink for the treatment of anemia. In this case, you need to take 1 time per day for a glass of juice made from apples and beets (3 to 1 ratio).
  7. Doctors recommend that patients with lung cancer drink juice based on green apple, carrot and beet. The ratio is equal. Additionally, the drink is supplied with lemon juice and ground ginger.
  8. Shows the composition of categories of citizens who are obese or are overweight. In such cases, fresh beetroot is mixed with the juice of grapefruit, plum, cucumber, celery, carrots and apples. Against the background of systematic intake, there is an increase in metabolism and the breakdown of fats.
  9. Beetroot juice is often treated with a runny nose. In this case, the composition is diluted with water in a ratio of 50:50, after which 2 drops are dropped into each nostril.

The benefits of beet juice for pregnant and lactating girls

  1. It is proved that beet juice is useful for women during pregnancy and lactation. The drink has a positive effect on the mother's body and the proper development of the fetus. Root crop inhibits the activity of pathogenic microorganisms in the intestine.
  2. Juice is an excellent tool for the prevention of infectious diseases, helps to cope with chronic constipation. The composition is rich in a subgroup of vitamins B and iron. Enzymes prevent the development of anemia. Pregnant girls are often prone to such a disease.
  3. Beet juice perfectly prevents the development of rickets in a child. Positive property is due to the presence of phosphorus and zinc in the product. In addition, the drink perfectly cleans the blood from toxic compounds and normalizes blood pressure.
  4. Juice has proven itself as a means to prevent and normalize the activity of the liver and kidneys. Consider, drinking beet fresh during pregnancy should be with caution and after consultation with the doctor. It is forbidden to consume juice in diabetes and hypotension.
  5. Experts recommend drinking fresh pregnant women with various skin lesions, regular constipation, high blood pressure, seasonal colds, overweight, edema, and iodine deficiency.
  6. As for the lactation period, in this case it is worth refraining from a drink. To replenish vitamins in the body, 50 ml is allowed. beet and carrot juice in the aggregate per day. Check with your doctor.

Beet juice for weight loss

  1. The beet-based diet is more often used not only to reduce excess weight, but also to completely cleanse the body of slagging. Keep in mind that juice is prohibited to drink in the presence of duodenal ulcer, acute inflammation, kidney ailments and an allergic reaction.
  2. Without fail before a diet of this kind, consult a nutritionist. Observing all the rules, you can achieve the desired result in a short time.
  3. Fresh is best to drink for a quarter of an hour before the meal. After cooking, leave the juice in the fridge for 2 hours so that the harmful compounds evaporate from it.
  4. When you are on a diet, it is better to mix beet juice with apple, grapefruit, orange, celery, cabbage, carrot, pumpkin. In parallel, you can dilute the finished drink with water in equal amounts.
  5. Throughout the course of losing weight, eliminate baking from the diet. Discard fatty, pepper, salty, fried foods. Cook food in a slow cooker or oven.
  6. Take care that the diet is accompanied by intense physical exertion. For example, you can jump on a rope, run around the stadium, twist the hoop, swing the press, crouch.
  7. Do not completely abandon the bread. Use fresh beet sugar with natural black bread (1 slice per day). Also eat boiled beets.

The benefits and harm of beet juice for children

  1. Experienced pediatricians advise parents to inject juice on the basis of beets, starting from the first year of the baby’s life. However, many moms go ahead and feed the child 1 drop of juice after the onset of six months. Such a move will save from problems with the chair in the future.
  2. In most cases, the reception is carried out in 1-2 drops of juice, diluted with water in an equal amount. After the time the proportions increase to 1 dessert spoon.
  3. During feeding it is necessary to monitor the reaction of the body of the child. In violation of the chair, redness on the skin, vomiting, it is necessary to exclude juice from the diet.
  4. If the baby responds well to a drink, treat him with fresh juice 1-2 times a week. After the onset of the year, the number increases to 2 dessert spoons.

Harm of beet juice

  1. If you have not drunk juice before, start your acquaintance with 50-60 ml. Otherwise, allergies may develop.
  2. With individual intolerance beet fresh juice is contraindicated. The same applies to people who suffer from urolithiasis.
  3. Since the composition lowers blood pressure, hypotension should be more careful. And it is better to completely abandon the product.
  4. It is extremely undesirable to take the drink to patients with duodenal ulcer and stomach.
  5. In case of overdose, the product may cause headache, nausea and vomiting, chills, allergies, and gastrointestinal disorders.

Natural beet juice is indicated for people with high blood pressure, kidney and liver pathologies, constipation and other diseases. The undeniable value of the composition carries children. But familiarity with the new product should be metered, before taking it is important to exclude all contraindications.

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