Tomato Neptune F1 - description and characteristics of the variety

Hybrid tomato varieties are popular with gardeners and vegetable growers. The grade the Neptune differs in good productivity and unpretentiousness in leaving. Compact shrubs are excellent fruit in greenhouses and garden beds in the garden.

Variety description

The plants grow strong, of small growth, reach a height of about 70 cm. The leaves on the bushes are light green in color. Variety refers to the early ripening variety. The bushes begin to bear fruit in about 80-100 days after the first shoots appear. The first ovaries are formed after 5-6 leaves, repeated every 2 leaves.

The shape of the fruit is flat-round; when fully ripe, the tomatoes become red. Tomatoes are not large, the weight of one tomato varies from 100 to 120 grams. The skin is strong and smooth, not prone to cracking. The variety has excellent transportability in other regions without loss of presentation. Up to 7 kg of ripe tomatoes can be harvested from 1 square meter, the yield in the greenhouse can be 2 times higher.


The beds for planting should be in a place well protected from wind and sunlight. It is necessary to exclude the possibility of flooding. For a richer harvest, a place for planting should be prepared in the fall. Humus and additives containing potassium and phosphorus should be added to the soil.

Planting varieties
Grow tomatoes by seedling. To do this, in a specialized store purchase seeds. Soil for sowing can be prepared independently. Land from the garden mixed with peat and humus. In order to get rid of harmful insects, the soil should be calcined on the stove or in the oven, you can pour it with hot water. Crates are harvested in a warm, well-lit area. It should be watered daily with warm water.

As soon as 2-4 leaves are formed on the seedlings, the seedlings dive into separate containers. Before planting in the soil should be tempered plants. Approximately within 10-14 days, containers with seedlings are taken out for a few hours. Planting in the ground begin to make in 55-60 days after the emergence of sprouts. On 1 square meter planted 8-9 seedlings. The distance between the holes should be 40 cm. Add 500 g of wood ash and 1 teaspoon of superphosphate to each well. Low-growing plants do not require tying up, the lower leaves and stepchildren should be cut off. In early ripe varieties, fruits are harvested until early August. Tomatoes survive in the home for 10-15 days.

Grade Care
During the summer season organic fertilizing should be made several times. Loosening the soil and removing weeds will help get rid of insects - pests and infection by fungi. Watering the tomatoes should be once a week with warm water. You should not allow dryness of the soil, but you should not over-wet the soil, otherwise the root system of the bushes may begin to rot. Despite the high resistance to many diseases, in order to prevent bushes tomato must be sprayed several times with special preparations.

If you follow all the rules of growing and caring for the Neptune variety, the resulting crop will please with its high rate. Tomatoes are great for fresh consumption, they are used to prepare a variety of dishes, as well as make all kinds of preparations. Not one full meal is complete without ketchup, tomato sauce or pasta. Many gardeners say that the variety does not cause problems during cultivation, and the taste and the resulting crop are always top notch.

Reviews gardeners

  1. Sergey Mikhailovich, 51 years old: He planted tomatoes in his plot varieties Neptune. Liked the simplicity of the plant and high yields. Low-growing bushes do not need to tie up, stepchildren and lower leaves tore off. Tomatoes turned out shiny, red, almost the same size. My wife prepared delicious ketchup and rolled up the cans for the winter. Tomatoes are very tasty and juicy.
  2. Amalia Petrovna, 49 years old: Sort Neptune saw in the store, and decided to try to plant at his dacha. I liked the fact that the bushes are compact and they do not need to be tied up. Tomatoes are all smooth and even, taste is excellent. Almost all summer, my family ate fresh tomatoes. It is required to feed plants at least 3 times per season. This has a positive effect on the yield and size of the fruit. Next year I want to grow this variety again. There is not enough space in my garden, so compact and low bushes that do not take up much space are suitable for growing. In the greenhouse, the result will be better if I install the greenhouse structure, then I will plant tomatoes there.

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