Tomato Thick neighbor - description and characteristics of the variety

Hybrid tomato varieties are very popular. Gardeners love to grow large-fruited species. Tomato variety Thick Neighbor entered in the State Register. It is great for growing in greenhouses and in the open field. Mid-season variety begins to bear fruit 115 days after sowing the seeds.

Variety description

Plant bushes reach a height of 2 meters. Be sure to need tying to the trellis or supports. Inflorescences tied tassels. The first brushes are formed in 8-10 tomatoes, the subsequent ones contain 5-6 tomatoes. The shape of the fruit is round, the flesh is juicy and dense.

The mass of one tomato is 190 grams. In a section 4-6 chambers for seeds are observed. The skin is thin, but despite this, the tomatoes can be kept fresh for a long time. If tomatoes are grown in greenhouse conditions, the fruits have a sweetish taste, on the open ground - there is a slight sourness. When grown on beds from one square meter you can get up to 12 kg of ripe tomatoes, in greenhouses - up to 23 kg.

Features of growing

Tomatoes are grown in a seedling way. For sowing seeds need to prepare the fertile land. They lay at a depth of 0.5 cm, sprayed on top with warm water and put in a warm place. Be sure to cover the container with film. The optimum temperature in the room should be +22 - +25 degrees. If not enough sunlight, you should resort to additional lighting.

As soon as the sprouts are full, the film must be removed. After the appearance of 2-3 leaves, seedlings dive into separate pots or cups. In the store you can buy special peat cups. Seedlings can be planted in a permanent place right in them.

Planted in a regular place bushes in rows. Between seedlings there should be a distance of 40-50 cm. A metal or wooden crossbar should be installed near each well, to which the plants will become attached as they grow. Lower leaves and stepchildren should be cut off in time.

Care rules

  1. Be sure to loosen the soil and regular weeding. This will help get rid of larvae pests that can be on the roots of plants. To prevent infection with dangerous fungi, bushes should be sprayed with special insecticides.
  2. Approximately 3 times per season it is necessary to feed the bushes with organic and mineral fertilizers.
  3. To water it is required tomatoes not often. Watering is carried out in the evening with warm distilled water.
  4. Constantly required to conduct a visual inspection of plants for the presence of infected leaves or the invasion of harmful insects. If problem areas are noticed, measures are taken urgently. Leaves with lesions need to be torn off, and the bushes treated with chemicals.

Tomatoes Fat neighbor is very fond of many gardeners. They make delicious preparations: lecho, ketchup, sauces, tomato juice. Tomatoes are large, so pickled them marinated. Taste varieties simply excellent. If you want to get more sweet fruit, it is best to plant seedlings in the greenhouse. Tomatoes are unpretentious to temperature extremes and to care. If you follow the rules of agricultural cultivation, you can get a very rich harvest of high-quality red fruits.

Reviews gardeners

  1. Sergey Viktorovich, 61 year: Grade Thick neighbor has long attracted all members of my family. I have been growing tomatoes for more than a year now. Only this variety has a high yield. The larger tomatoes we use for making sauces and juice, small fruits are great for pickling whole. My family loves fresh tomato salad, so we usually keep them for a long time. Although the fat neighbor has a thin peel, it can be kept fresh for a very long time. I recommend everyone to grow such tomatoes. Care does not require additional knowledge.
  2. Varvara Timofeevna, 59 years old: I liked the Fat Neighbor variety. Very tasty tomatoes. I love juicy and fleshy fruit. This is the perfect variety for making homemade blanks. All summer I fed the bushes, loosened the soil and watered. The result was stunned. Tomatoes hung in bunches on high tied bushes. Very high-yielding variety. Tastes excellent. By the way, the bushes never got sick with fusarium and tobacco mosaic, although I didn’t spray it.
  3. Tamara N., 45 years old: I want to recommend everyone a variety of tomatoes Thick neighbor. The harvest is very rich, the fruits are dense, the pulp is juicy, the taste is excellent. Suitable for all types of processing. It can be kept fresh for a long time.

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