Schnauzer - description of the breed and character of the dog

The breed of schnauzer is descended from large risen dogs and small tsvergov. Therefore, the representatives of the breed are medium-sized dogs. Translated from the German word "Schnauzer" can be translated as "a dog with eyebrows and a beard." At first they were not a separate breed. But later, organizations recognized that they need to be distinguished among the Pinschers to whom they belonged.

If you ask the master schnauzer about what his pet is by its nature, you can get an answer that the dog is very capricious. But asking the question - what breed of dog would he like to have in the future, the answer would be “only a mitt-schnauzer”. These dogs have a special charm, thanks to which even the most unpleasant traits of their character are forgiven, and only touches all members of the household.

Breed history

The history of the origin of this breed begins approximately in the 15-16th century. It is important to note that the schnauzer is very similar to the peat dogs that lived in antiquity. The ancestors of the breed did not have a beautiful exquisite appearance. But they had positive traits, such as perseverance and endurance, as well as a strong build. Neither had a very tough coat. The color of these dogs has a yellow-gray tint.

The jaws of these dogs were very powerful, strong and well developed. People used these dogs for various purposes. They were called stable Pinschers at the time. Dogs were used as exterminators of various rodents, and were also guards. For a long time, schnauzers were not an independent breed. They were attributed to the pincers. They are very similar to each other, but still some differences have led experts to recognize that schnauzers are a separate breed. This is due to tougher hair, as well as some structural features of the body that distinguish schnauzers.

In those days, representatives who had pepper color were more appreciated. There were many dogs that had other colors, for example, red-yellow or brown. Even then, dog breeders selected dogs that had no white spots on their bodies.

Data! Schnauzers were popular in Germany. Representatives of the breed are often depicted by artists and sculptors of the time. On one of the squares there is a sculpture that depicts a watchman. Next to him is his faithful dog Schnauzer.

To date, scientists can not reliably say from whom the schnauzers originated. There is a possibility that their ancestors were affenpinchers who have hard wool. It is also assumed that spitz and poodles participated in the formation of the breed. And the unusual color of the representatives of this breed gave reason to believe that the breed was descended from pugs. But it was established that the main ancestors of this breed were stable dogs. They were distinguished by unpretentiousness. These dogs coped well with the task of catching rodents, and were also great accompanying horses.

Dog breeders began to actively engage in breed only by the end of the 19th century. During these years, the breed was given the name Schnauzer. For the first time a breed club appeared in Germany. It was in 1895 at the same time the standard was defined and described. In Russia, this breed has not been for a long time. Breeding began only at the end of the 20th century.


Representatives of this breed are medium sized dogs. Their features of appearance are strong bones, hard wool. When dogs participate in various contests, attention is paid to the character of the dog, as well as its stature. A thoroughbred representative should have a big head. The dog must be heavy.

Schnauzer famous for its noble behavior. With all his appearance, he shows that he is not afraid of any competitors, because he is the best. Therefore, the dog usually does not pay any attention to other representatives. If the dog is a true mittschnauzer, then at the first communication with it a special charisma will be felt. This immediately causes sympathy and captivates everyone around. Another important feature that should distinguish a dog is the quality of grooming. He makes the dog look more elegant and proportionate. Much attention is paid to the size of the dog. A small difference even half a centimeter can spoil the harmony of proportions.

If a dog at least in something does not meet the accepted standard, then it will not be able to claim victory in any competition or exhibition. Males and bitches of breed a schnauzer should weigh from 12 to 20 kg. Their height should be 45-50 cm. In addition, the dog must meet these criteria.

  1. The head is wide, has an elongated wedge shape.
  2. The jaw is U-shaped, and the back of the nose is rather wide. The transition between the frontal bone and nose is deep. The presence of superciliary arches emphasizes it even more. The schnauzer has black, tight-fitting lips.
  3. The teeth of these dogs are even. The bite should be correct, the teeth close tightly.
  4. Nose large, black. Eyes oval.
  5. The ears are hard at the bottom, and at the top are triangular.
  6. The body is square. Representatives of the breed have developed protruding chest with powerful muscles. The neck is medium and the back is powerful. The belly is taut.
  7. Limbs strong, paws have a rounded shape.
  8. The tail of the representatives of the breed saber.

Wool coarse, straight hair, not wavy and not curly. It has an average length. The tips of wool at mittelschnauzer is somewhat softer than at the base. The undercoat is thick. A feature of the appearance of these dogs is the presence of eyebrows and beard. Near the eyes the wool is shorter.


To date, representatives of the breed can have two primary colors. But shades can be different.

  1. Black representatives of the breed have the same black undercoat. At an early age, their color is red or gray, but the older the dog is, the cleaner its color becomes. This is also due to the grooming.
  2. Pepper with salt - this color is one of the shades of gray. In appearance, it resembles mixed salt and pepper, from which this name appeared. Possible shade options. The lightest is light gray, and the darkest is black.

The presence of white spots is an undesirable sign of representatives of this breed, but sometimes they are still present. They can be on the sternum, limbs or head.


Schnauzers are moderately active dogs. Sometimes they have a playful mood. Often their behavior causes affection. But sometimes the dog may be in a very serious mood. This further gives them a special charm. Few can resist the special charm of these dogs.

The process of training representatives of this breed is not very complicated, as the dog, by virtue of its nature, tries to please the owner. But often the dog can be stubborn. Therefore, the one who has a certain experience and some firmness of character will achieve greater success in education and training.

If you want to buy a representative of the breed of a schnauzer, then you should think in advance about whether you will have time to pay proper attention to your pet. With such a dog you need to communicate a lot, spend more time. A dog must be provided with both physical exertion and mental exercises. If you do not have time to properly engage with your pet, the dog will be bored. This can lead to emotional and even physical disorders. It is important to remember that these dogs are touchy. Therefore, even if the pet has committed any prank, you can not treat him rudely. An impressionable pet can hold a grudge against you. This does not mean that there is no need at all to respond to manifestations of bad manners and inappropriate behavior. Such attempts should be stopped, but everything should be in moderate form. The owner must show the dog that the leadership belongs to him. If you are from an early age to be engaged in the upbringing and socialization of a schnauzer, then a dog will treat strangers calmly enough. If proper attention was not paid to education, the dog may be aggressive with people he does not know.

It is important to note that representatives of the breed get along very well with children. But this does not mean that you can leave them alone. Situations may be different. For example, a dog will not allow even a baby to his place or food. Representatives of the breed have developed hunting instincts. Therefore, with other animals, such as cats, the relationship they will develop difficult. This applies to both domestic and foreign street cat. Also, in Sioux of the fact that earlier these dogs hunted various rodents, relations with them also did not develop.

With other dogs mittelshnautzer may well live together. But it is important that the other dog does not show aggression and attempts to dominate. The schnauzer will perfectly protect both the house and its inhabitants. He can fight with the enemy, even if he is bigger and stronger than him.

If the dog is brought up correctly, he will become your true friend. If you have a big family that likes to relax actively, then a dog of this breed is perfect for you. A dog will happily play, go hiking and relax with the whole family. If in your free time you pay enough attention to your dog, then she will calmly wait for you from work.



If you live in an apartment and you want to buy a schnauzer, but you are not sure if such a dog can be kept in these conditions, then your fears are groundless. This breed is great for an apartment. Representatives of the breed do not have an unpleasant smell. If you get this representative, then there will be almost no problems with moulting. But, to ensure proper care of the dog, you must still give him time.

These dogs have a rather coarse coat, and their undercoat is thick. Therefore, the guard hair is easy to care for, but the undercoat often becomes tangled. For this reason, it is necessary to brush it as often as possible with a metal comb. Such combing should be done every 2-3 days. If you follow this rule, your dog will look well-groomed.

Often the owners cut their pets to look after the coat was easier. This should be done 2-3 times a year. So that the long hair on the dog’s face does not irritate, it can be cut off. Wool on a beard tends to get dirty, so it should be wiped regularly.

Although the breed is quite suitable for an apartment, the pet will still feel better in a private house. There he will have more opportunities for movement.

Every day, the dog must provide at least one long walk. If you run in the morning or like to ride a bike, be sure to take the dog with you. He will gladly make you company. If the family goes camping, be sure to take the pet with you, he will get a lot of pleasure from it. But, unfortunately, these dogs often suffer from diseases of the joints. In this case, the dog will not be able to lead such an active life.

Puppy price


You can buy a representative of the breed for about 6-12 thousand rubles. Often puppies are sold without any documents. Therefore, it is very difficult to find a purebred representative of the breed. In addition, you can often encounter problems caused by improper education of the dog. Therefore, it is better to buy a puppy more expensive, but from professional breeders. A dog with good instincts will cost you 18-30 thousand. But if it is a small city, then you can find a good representative and cheaper.

Breed mittelschnauzer not for everyone. These dogs require not only good care, but also a warm relationship. They need to provide active walks. If you give your pet enough time and properly educate him, in the end you will get a loyal friend and a good guard who will protect the house and its inhabitants.

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