Tomato Pandaroza F1 - description and characteristics of the variety

It is impossible to imagine a modern land plot of a summer resident without tomatoes. This culture is very widespread. To date, a huge number of hybrids, each of which exceeds its predecessors.

Tomato "Pandarose F1" refers to the new generation of hybrids. He is surprised by his performance, characteristics. It has strong protective properties. In addition, the fruits have amazing delicate taste.

Variety description

The variety of tomato Pandarose F1 refers to the indeterminant type. It can grow up to 1.8 meters in greenhouse conditions and without pruning. The ripening period is very short: on the 70th day full fruits appear.

The shape of the fruit is round and slightly flattened. The mass of each tomato is about the same, and varies from 200 to 250 grams. Color - pink. The flesh is thick, thick consistency. The taste is sweet.

Tomatoes have a smooth, even, pleasant to the touch peel. Despite its softness, it protects the fruit from damage. They are able to endure long-term transportation, retaining the original fresh look and taste.

The fruits are beautifully stored in proper conditions. In this regard, the variety is grown for sale.

Cultivation and care


Variety Pandarose F1 is grown through the most common method among tomatoes - seedlings. It is necessary to do the calculation, taking into account that the seeds for seedlings develop 2 months. Only then can they be planted in a permanent place to grow. During this period, it is especially important to monitor the level of humidity, the sufficiency of light for each future plant, the temperature. Experienced gardeners are advised to introduce stimulants for faster seed growth, as well as to form a strong root system and abundant, dense foliage.

When a pair of full-fledged leaves is formed, they pick a seedling, planting the grown seeds in individual containers or pots. Each tank must be filled with nutrient, fertile soil. In the future, this procedure will allow the plants to become more stress-resistant when planting in the ground for continuous growth, to quickly adapt to the changed environmental conditions.

Before planting, quenching is carried out to a permanent place, bringing the plant to fresh air. It should start from 20 - 30 minutes, increasing the time gradually to 8 hours.

On one square place easily fits up to 4 plants. After a week, fertilizer is applied. The following dressing is carried out only at the moment of the beginning of the setting of the buds and the ripening of the fruits.

It is mandatory to loosen the soil, weeding. Retain moisture in the ground will help the process of mulching. You can use peat. This will protect the plants from pests. Watering is carried out with water at room temperature, in the evening. It is important to comply with the measure.

Plant immunity

The hybrid has an excellent immunity, so that it is not afraid of any diseases that are common among tomatoes. For example, rot of roots, leaves, wilting, Fusarium, nematode and others.


The uniqueness of the variety lies in the ability to set fruit in absolutely any conditions, which guarantees a constant harvest. With one bush really get 3 kg of fresh and juicy tomatoes.

Fruits are used both fresh and processed. In any case, they remain tasty and enrich the dishes prepared with his participation.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The variety has both advantages and disadvantages, despite its stability.


  1. Constant level of promised crop yield.
  2. Fruits are resistant to external mechanical damage.
  3. Subject to long-term storage and transportation over long distances, while maintaining a fresh, presentation.
  4. Excellent resistance to diseases and pests.
  5. The formation of ovaries occurs in absolutely any conditions, which, again, guarantees the harvest.
  6. Sweet taste.


  1. Hybrid seeds cannot produce offspring, new plants cannot be planted.
  2. Be sure to form a bush, make garters to the supports, otherwise the plant will simply break under the weight of the fruit.

Tomato has much more advantages, which makes it a favorite of vegetable growers.

Variety "Pandarosa" - a modern hybrid that combines all the best qualities of a family of tomatoes. Breeders did their best. The variety feels great in any conditions, and always gives the promised harvest. He has an excellent immunity to pests and viruses, bacteria, fungi. The occurrence of the disease in plants is almost impossible. Tomatoes have a sweet delicate taste. Good for creating simple salads from fresh vegetables, as well as useful for making various pickles and other culinary delights, for an amateur. The variety will be appreciated by all: and supporters of a healthy diet.

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