How to treat a cold in early pregnancy

The first trimester is the period when the unborn child has internal organs. Early cold can cause hypoxia, heart or kidney failure, which will make the fetus unviable, and a variety of pathologies. Mom, who learned about the long-awaited pregnancy, is recommended to dress warmly, avoid large crowds of people and drink vitamins so as not to get sick. And at the first symptoms of ARVI, run to the doctor and select the treatment.

Rest and no infections


The common cold is a dangerous viral or infectious disease that cannot be carried on the legs. A woman's body, depleted of hormonal changes and toxicosis, needs rest and sick leave. The future mother stays at home until the symptoms disappear completely, as public transport, shops and even parks are sources of additional bacteria. Extra microbes worsen state of health and increase the risk of developing defects in a child.

It is not desirable to treat colds with drugs in the early stages. Most medicines have a number of side effects and negatively affect the unformed child. Before using herbs and other popular products, a pregnant woman should consult a gynecologist or a general practitioner. A doctor in the period of exacerbation of flu and viral infections is better to call at home. At the hospital, a pregnant woman may receive an additional dose of viruses, which will lead to complications.

If a visit to the clinic is unavoidable, the woman puts on a gauze bandage, lubricates the nasal passages with oxolinic ointment and takes a tube of antiseptic gel with her. Wet antibacterial gloves are also suitable.

The doctor will tell the pregnant woman what drugs beat the temperature, if she rises to +38 or more. Some therapists prescribe antibiotics, but they take potent medicines in cases where the common cold has complications. With the usual cough, runny nose and sore throat, such funds are not needed. They only destroy the intestinal microflora, and it is in this organ that immune cells are located.

Pregnant restricts communication with other family members. Husband and older children who go to kindergarten or school can be potential carriers of viruses. While the woman is sick, home follow a few rules:

  1. Do not make noise. A full eight or nine o'clock sleep speeds recovery.
  2. Independently prepare, wash the dishes, clean and bathe. The less a woman works, the more energy remains in the body to fight viruses.
  3. Do not upset the future mother and do not quarrel with her. Stress weakens the immune system, increasing the risk of complications and miscarriage.
  4. After each walk, wash their shoes, hands and face. Microbes accumulate on outer clothing and exposed skin. So that they do not get into the apartment, you need to follow the rules of hygiene.

A pregnant woman sleeps not only at night, but also after lunch. The body is restored during rest. When you have a cold, you cannot overstrain your eyes by reading books or working at a laptop. TV is allowed, but not for long. A cold passes faster if the expectant mother eats properly, drinks plenty of fluids and does not overwork.

Heat treatments

With symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections in the early stages can not be frozen. The house maintain the temperature from +20 to + 22-24 degrees. Air is constantly moistened, and the rooms are periodically airy. Oxygen reduces the concentration of microbes in the premises. It is harder for the body to fight viruses if it is stuffy and hot in an apartment.

Pregnant women are advised to wear woolen or thick terry socks, pajamas with long sleeves and trousers, but it is contraindicated to wrap up with several blankets. When overheating in the body, blood circulation accelerates, and uterine tone may occur, which will lead to miscarriage.

At a cold it is useful to warm up the maxillary sinuses with boiled eggs or cloth bags with red-hot salt. Potato and soda inhalations are allowed, with herbal decoctions or essential oils. The procedure with aromatic additives is carried out if the pregnant woman is not allergic to the components.

Herbal decoctions for warming the nose is prepared from medicinal plants:

  • oak bark;
  • calendula;
  • sage;
  • eucalyptus;
  • daisies;
  • birch buds;
  • strawberry leaves or currants.

Weak water herbal tinctures are used for gargling when crushing and separating pus. You can make a decoction of chamomile and sage, mixing 1 tbsp. l component with 500 ml of water, and then divide the natural medicine into two parts. The first is poured into a cup and cooled. Warm the infusion washed tonsils and nasal passages. The second portion, while it is hot, is covered with a clean paper cap. Nose or mouth gently inhale warm fumes.

In a similar manner, inhalations are carried out with essential oils. 5-6 drops of the additive are dissolved in a bowl of hot water. Insist 3 minutes, and then inhale ethereal vapors. Pregnant oil suitable rosehip, eucalyptus or thyme.

When carrying out inhalations it is better not to cover with a towel. Too humid and hot air leads to a lack of oxygen, dizziness and hypoxia of the fetus. The procedure is stopped for any uncomfortable or strange sensations.

Early colds are not treated with mustard plasters, banks, alcoholic compresses or foot baths. Maximum - a warm shower, which temporarily removes the swelling of the nasal mucosa and facilitate breathing.

Preparations: what can and cannot be

In the first trimester, a temperature in the range of 37-37.2 degrees is considered normal. Heat with a cold is not knocked down until the thermometer shows more than 38-38.5. The temperature is reduced by drinking abundantly: black or green tea with lemon, viburnum or cranberry mors, water. You can not use more than 2 liters of fluid per day. Water stagnates in soft tissues, causing swelling and preeclampsia.

In case of heat, dressings are applied to the wrists and forehead and moistened in vinegar. If all else fails, take paracetamol preparations. Instead of pills, buy syrups or suppositories that work softer.

Permitted antipyretic include:

  • Paracet;
  • Tylenol;
  • Efferalgan;
  • Panadol

Runny nose and edema of the mucous membranes are cleaned with drops with vasoconstrictive properties: Sanorin, Naphthyzinum or Otrivin. In the early stages of pregnancy, Pinosol is discharged. The drug is expensive, but safe and effective. Vasoconstrictor drops are used up to 4 times per day, but not longer than 3 days. When abused, they impair blood circulation and lead to oxygen starvation of the fetus.

At the head cold, the nasal passages are washed with sea water spray. They moisturize the mucosa, soften and soothe inflammation. Suitable Aquamaris and Humer. Sprays replace inexpensive saline. The drug consists of purified water and salt, so does not harm the child.
Sore throat removes "Faringosept", "Lizobact", "Stopangin".

Immunomodulators and antipyretics with acetylsalicylic acid are contraindicated. The first cause arrhythmia and hypertension. The latter thin the blood, increasing the risk of rejection of the placenta and miscarriage. Preparations "Biseptol" and "Bactrim" provoke the development of the wolf's mouth. Indomethacin is the cause of pulmonary hypertension and embryo rejection, and Citramon causes uterine bleeding. Alcohol tinctures of echinacea, eucalyptus, calendula and other plants are also prohibited. Herbal preparations can not gargle or flush your nose.

Select a remedy for colds specialist. Any pill taken by a woman without a doctor’s permission can cause abnormalities or fetal death.

Diet for a cold

Immune cells responsible for the destruction of viruses are produced in the intestine. The task of the pregnant woman is to restore the microflora of this organ and start the production of leukocytes. The body during a cold is not able to digest heavy food. The future mother removes from the diet sausage, butter, pork and lamb, smoked meat, lard and ham, fried potatoes and fast food.

Marinades and foods with a large amount of salt retain fluid in the body. Edema creates an additional burden on the kidneys and the heart of a pregnant woman. Pickles and tomatoes, canned mushrooms, crackers, herring and dried fish disappear from the menu.

The composition of a balanced and healthy diet includes:

  • vegetable soups;
  • mucous porridge;
  • steam or boiled chicken meat;
  • baked sea fish;
  • fresh vegetable and fruit salads;
  • berry jellies;
  • fermented milk drinks;
  • cottage cheese.

Pregnant women who are not allergic to citrus fruits should eat oranges, grapefruits and tangerines. Exotic sources of vitamin C replace the decoction of the hips. In red berries there is a lot of ascorbic acid, but in order to preserve it, the billet is poured with hot water and insisted. Boil broth from the hips is impossible.

Cold symptoms removes warm milk with honey and soda. Butter is added to the drink when crushed and coughed, it can be badger or fish oil. Honey is a universal remedy for rhinitis, tonsillitis and bronchitis, but the bee product should not be abused during pregnancy. During the day, eat up to 60 g of natural sweetener, so as not to provoke allergies.

Honey is dissolved in herbal broth and fruit drinks. Vitamin dessert prepared from bee product and chopped lemon. Citrus medicine is prohibited for women with gastritis, heartburn or ulcers.

Herbal Recipes

Healing plants help to strengthen the immune system and eliminate the symptoms of a cold in the early stages:

  1. Linden flower tea is drunk at elevated temperatures and chills. Mix in equal proportions with elderberry blossoms, measure 1 tbsp. l brew and add a cup of boiling water.
  2. A decoction of sage gargle with a sore throat to prevent a sore throat. Combine 30 g of chopped herb with a glass of hot water. Strain the drug cooled to room temperature. Inside the infusion is not taken, it affects the hormones of the pregnant and leads to the death of the embryo.
  3. Raspberry tea strengthens the immune system, accelerating recovery. Leaves and twigs do not use plants, only dried or fresh berries. The product is mixed with hips and currants. Take 1 tbsp. l berries, brew 0.5 liters of boiling water. In this drink add 35 ml of honey. All 500 ml of medicine is drunk per day.
  4. The cough, even dry and barking, is treated by the leaves of the mother and stepmother. The plant does not affect the development of the fetus and has no contraindications. A pinch of herbs is mixed with a cup of water, heated plate or a water bath. Insist warm for half an hour, drink with honey or without.
  5. Useful infusion of 12 dates and 500 ml of water. Dried fruits boil for 30 minutes. Fruits are eaten, and tea is divided into 2-3 servings and drunk with strong bouts of cough.

Pregnant women often experience cold symptoms in the first trimester. But more than 80% of moms who have had ARVI give birth to healthy and strong children. The main thing is to follow all the instructions of the gynecologist, to eat right and not to worry. And then the cold will pass quickly and does not harm the child.

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