How to switch to vegetarianism: tips

In today's world, people are increasingly thinking about how to start a new life. The first manipulation affect health. Humanity seeks to spend a long life in harmony with itself. People resort to the use of gyms and proper nutrition, some completely refuse animal food, becoming vegetarians.

How to switch to vegetarianism

  1. When you go for a similar lifestyle, you should understand that the process is considered to be quite long. If you follow all the rules of nutrition, the body needs at least 20-25 days to rebuild to a new mode.
  2. Do not try to stop taking meat dishes overnight. You have to make a three-week diet to adapt the body to the absence of animal products. If you decide to immediately switch to a new regime, your digestive tract will be difficult for such a diet.
  3. Carry out the refusal of meat should be gradually. To begin, make the usual weekly schedule of receiving animal products. Based on this scheme, gradually reduce the days of eating meat. Replace cattle and chicken products with fish and legumes.
  4. A week later, eat milk proteins, but gradually move away from eating seafood. Replace them with soy, cereals, mushrooms and nuts. Useful trace elements can be obtained from seaweed and cabbage.
  5. Prefer Japanese cuisine without meat components. If you decide to refuse animal milk, it is worth remembering that there is coconut and almond. An alternative to butter can be peanut butter.
  6. Also, do not give up bread at all. You should know that in modern pastries do not use chicken eggs. It is not profitable for an enterprise to add such products to its composition.
  7. Consider the fact that if you are serious about switching to vegetarian food, you should prepare yourself for this morally. If you simply feel sorry for animals, remember that they are specially raised for this, they will not escape such a fate.
  8. In case you decide to lead a healthy lifestyle, consider a thorough balanced diet. Identify which micronutrients and vitamins you need. Find out what is included in the meat, replace these elements with similar ones.
  9. Vegetarians stabilize their weight, improve the overall condition of the body and sleep. People with this way of life claim that they get everything they need. They begin to feel much more energetic and more cheerful than before. It is scientifically proven that vegans live longer.

The rules of the transition to vegetarianism

  1. Forget about junk food. Many people think that when switching to vegetarianism, they will use only healthy food. If you have a weakness for fried potatoes or fast food, this does not mean that the products bring clear benefits. Therefore, do not get carried away with soy patties in sandwiches. If you decide to improve your health, forget about such food.
  2. Cook the usual food without meat. It is necessary to go deep into vegetarian foods, otherwise the daily consumption of the same food will adversely affect your body. Read more information on how to diversify the diet. Try to cook the usual products, but without meat, replace it with legumes. Fry vegetables in olive or corn oil.
  3. Replace meat with similar products. Do not give up your favorite dishes, you can add only vegetables to the pilaf, cheese, cottage cheese or berries to the dumplings. If you belong to pasta lovers, learn how to make them without adding eggs using a special machine. When cooking, pay great attention to spices and spices. Thus you diversify food taste.
  4. Eat porridge. A common mistake of most vegetarians is that by consuming various vegetables and fruits, they forget about simple healthy cereals. Fully discarding meat products, you can replenish the necessary elements with the help of cereals. You will also receive minerals and vitamins that help improve the condition of the skin; you can grow healthy hair and nails without harm.
  5. Do not panic. Consider the fact that when you switch to a new lifestyle you will feel uncomfortable for a while. Do not suppress the desire of the body, if it requires meat, try to eat more protein foods. If you have the usual concern, it is necessary to reconsider the diet. Replace products with similar or approximate composition. Also completely new dishes can be alarming.
  6. Stew vegetables. Do not confuse vegetarianism with diets on raw vegetables. Eating fresh salads is not a new way of life without animal products. Diet will be a big stress on the body. If you are determined to become a vegan, in the first months of a new life you should pay attention to steamed vegetables and baked fruits. Do not rush to use only fresh produce. Accustom the body gradually, since the digestion of raw products takes a large amount of enzymes.
  7. Increase the amount of food. Starting a new life without animal products, do not hesitate to increase the portions of food consumed. If you feel hunger, such a signal can only indicate one thing - you really eat a little. Consider the fact that the volume of a vegetarian dish should exceed the portion of food with meat by 1.5-2 times.
  8. Visit a nutritionist. If possible, consult a professional nutritionist before switching to vegetarianism. The specialist will refer you to certain tests, identify diseases, eliminate them. After that, prescribe a diet for the first time, or prescribe a complex of vitamins and minerals.

Vegetarian menu

  1. Take the habit of eating porridge in the morning. Add spices, dried fruit or pieces of fresh fruit. Also do not forget the nuts. Porridge should be prepared on a water basis or on non-animal milk (soybean, coconut, etc.). A healthy breakfast will enrich the body with all the necessary elements, will give vigor and strength.
  2. At lunchtime, give preference to thick dishes. Learn to cook mashed soups. Do not get used to one recipe. Change ingredients and spices. If possible, start to use those products that have never been tried before. Consider the fact that only cabbage has 8 species.
  3. The second is recommended to use potatoes, pasta or brown rice. Add vegetables (boiled, steamed, grilled). As a salad dressing, use natural oils or vinegar.
  4. For dinner, prepare a hearty, low-calorie meal. This will help you legumes, lentils, mushrooms. It is enough to fry the products in olive oil and season with spices. Dessert can serve as an apple pie or biscuits.
  5. People leading a vegetarian lifestyle attract more and more like-minded people every year. This kind of food makes other people have a controversial opinion on whether animal products can be dispensed with. A man who has gone over to the side of vegans, after a while begins to look better than those who eat meat.

American Potatoes

  • young potatoes - 10-12 pieces
  • fresh dill - 40 gr.
  • olive oil - 260 ml.
  • garlic - 5 teeth
  • fresh parsley - 35 gr.
  • salt - to taste
  • Tabasco sauce (red) - 15 gr.
  1. Rinse the potatoes, do not remove the peel. Chop into large slices, send in a container with salt water. Place the container on the fire, wait until the first bubbles appear.
  2. After that, boil the product for about 3 minutes. Drain boiling water, let the potatoes cool. Then combine the olive oil with chopped garlic, herbs and sauce.
  3. Take a baking sheet, cover with parchment paper. Dip each slice of potato in the sauce, put in a baking dish.
  4. Send the baking tray to the oven preheated to 200 degrees. Wait 20 minutes. The dish is ready to eat.

Tomato Cream Soup

  • garlic - 6 teeth
  • basil - 25 gr.
  • salt - to taste
  • tomato puree - 950 gr.
  • wheat bread - 280 gr.
  • olive oil - 110 ml.
  • vegetable broth - 1 l.
  • granulated sugar - 12 gr.
  1. Cut the bread in the usual way for you, put it on a baking sheet, send it to the oven. Set the temperature to 190 degrees, dry the product for 4 minutes.
  2. After that, rub the rusks with garlic, place in a saucepan. Pour in the broth from the vegetables, frayed tomatoes, add sugar.
  3. Tomit on low heat until a homogeneous mass, do not forget to stir. Then add the finely chopped basil and butter.

Spaghetti with vegetables

  • Eggplants - 180 gr.
  • spaghetti - 190 gr.
  • fresh tomato - 110 gr.
  • garlic - 4 teeth
  • olive oil - 50 gr.

  1. Place the spaghetti in an enamel container, pour in the required amount of water, salt it. Send to the stove, bring to readiness.
  2. In parallel, chop the eggplant in long sticks. Fry in a pan with butter until golden. After that, put them chopped tomato. Add spices to taste.
  3. Soak under a lid over low heat until fully cooked. Then put the spaghetti on the dish, next place the vegetable stew. Grate the garlic, decorate the cooked sauce.

Without eating meat, vegetarians get closer to nature and are cleaned from the inside. Before abandoning animal products, think carefully. Evaluate the pros and cons, learn the diet and try to follow it at least 1 week.